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True Thai in Twin Cities, Minnesota
May 4 09

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As I am not a vegetarian, I cannot give True Thai your top rating but for non-vegetarians it clearly ranks as one of the best Thai restaurants in town. As for the remarks about curries, all curries are made "fresh" from prepared stock and yes, Thai curries invariably contain fish sauce. It's in microscopic proportions, but it is there. Reading these comments has been eye opening and I will tell Anna about the concerns vegans have with her food. The servers are young people and you cannot trust them to know what they think they know. If you have concerns do ask to talk to Anna as she is a Public Health nurse and has a very detailed knowledge of their recipes. For a restaurant catering to a general audience, they work very hard to comply with special requests. The other owner is pretty much exactly as described and would give the Soup Nazi a run for his money, but he is the minority owner and contributes little other than surliness.