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I'm vegan
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Ecopolitan in Twin Cities, Minnesota
May 31 09

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When I went here, I thought the concept was great, but the food was average. The entrees were really rich, which I was not used to nor was I expecting. The atmosphere was quiet and relaxing.. just something to note if you are up for a more energetic dining experience.

Fluid Ink in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jun 17 09

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The artists at Fluid are awesome! I got a Monroe piercing with Skot a month ago and am so happy with it. He explained everything and I barely had any swelling or redness.

My friend has had Benny do three of her tattoos and they are beautiful. So, I went in for a consult with Benny and he is the coolest, most down to earth artist I have ever met- pretty much up for anything. I was pretty nervous since this is my first tattoo but he was really professional and laid back. It turned out beautifully across my back and healed very quickly with good aftercare.

Just let him know you are vegan- he's got the inks (or can get them if he is out) and there is a huge variety of color!

The Wedge Co-op in Twin Cities, Minnesota
May 31 09

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The selection of fresh, local products is awesome, especially in the bulk and spice sections! I go there at least once a week and the staff has always been friendly and never disappoint when I have questions. In the deli, the ancho black bean salad is a favorite of my vegan and non-vegan friends alike.

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