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La Casa Del Pan in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas
Mar 22 09

rating star

Best Nachos Ever! (and just about everything else too)

La Casa del Pan is a vegetarian paradise located a short walk from the very nice artisan's market. The interior design is layered with beautiful fuana and murals mixing Mayan and Buddhist motifs. the nachos...they come out and I jokingly say to the waiter...are these for 10 people? It looked huge. And then we started digging in. We could have eaten one each between the two of us! The nachos are like no nachos that you encounter in the Super Mercado Americano! These are home made with locally grown corn. These things all SOUND nice but really there's a difference. Layered, almost luxuriously on these king nachos...were delicious beans, cheese and the freshest salsa that we've had...both sweet and spicy. Who'd imagine we'd go on so much about nachos...but these were divine.

We had yummy lemonade. My girlfriend was falling in love
with the empanadas. It was a sensual experience! There
were three kinds...potatoes and cheese, spinach and subtle
curried vegetables inside a flaky pastry. Heaven! I had
wonderful veggie fajitas with tofu, seitan and deliciously
prepared veggies.

La Casa del Pan was really a wonderful experience and so worth supporting. This place was obviously a big hit for us. We only wish we had more time to work through the entire menu!

Madre Tierra in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas
Mar 22 09

rating star

So nice we went there twice...once for dinner and
once for breakfast. Madre Tierra has a great vibe in a
beautiful, old building with a small but good veggie selection.

We had the nut pate appetizer which was both surprising and delicious.
We also had a chile stuffed with rice and veggies. The other
entree was quesadillas with small baby mushrooms that
grow on corn. Both entrees were wonderfully satisfying.

The next morning, we found an excellent breakfast with good selections
for huevos eating vegetarians. We ordered the breakfast
combo with bread served with marmalade and butter, delicious Huevos
a la mexicana with wonderful black beans on the side. The coffee
was a bit rich and strong for us...but I'm sure would be
delightful for more serious coffee lovers. The fresh squeezed
orange juice was sweet and refreshing. A fantastic way to start the day!

We definitely enjoyed this restaurant a great deal.

Restaurante Maya Pakal in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas
Mar 22 09

rating star

A good place for lunch

Not our favorite restaurant that we found in San Cristobal, but
definitely good for lunch and worth supporting. They feature
a vegetarian meal of the day. We had a very nice vegetable soup and
good bread with fantastic basil and cilantro oil spreads. My
quesadilla verde was just ok to be honest. The other entree, stuffed
zucchini, was good but nothing memorable. The chocolate cake was
edible but forgettable. Nice decor, decent food AND inexpensive.

Flor de Loto in Oaxaca, Oaxaca
Mar 22 09

rating star

A rotating veggie menu of the day. Absurdly inexpensive. Soup, bread, salad, entree, dessert and drinks. Attentive service by an efficient, polite but never chatty waitress.

We liked the lentil soup we had. The salad was very basic and didn't necessarily come with any dressing. The mushroom tostados entree was very good too. Not the very best vegetarian food we encountered in Oaxaca (that would be La Olla) but a fine place for lunch.

La Olla in Oaxaca, Oaxaca
Mar 22 09

rating star

We found the downstairs on this two level restaurant to have a
more homey, quieter interior. The menu has a good number of
vegetarian options. The interesting food we had was deliciously
prepared with quality ingredients.

We had crunchy tortillas filled with delicious Oaxacan cheese, avocado and lettuce. For our other entree we had a chile also with Oaxacan cheese and surrounded in a tomato and green pepper mole. It was tasty and surprisingly filling.

We found that you have to be specific about the order you want
food brought to you. We weren't in our home country after all.
We ordered a salad and two entrees. They brought out one of the
entrees and the salad first. They were planning to bring the
second entree out after we finished the food. Of course, we
intended to split the salad and eat our entrees together. A very
small thing but worth noting.

A very satisfying dining experience for very little pesos!

Restaurant Manantial Vegetariano in Oaxaca, Oaxaca
Mar 22 09

rating star

We had two meals in the beautiful courtyard restaurant that is called Manantial. One we ordered from the menu and the other was the lunch buffet. The restaurant is located in a beautiful Mexican interior under a tent. We joyfully noted that the entire bill for our first meal with two beers...cost as much as two beers in NYC where we live.

We had...A fabulous mushroom casserole appetizer. Entrees...Tasty and sweet (mmmm...chocolate) Mole with Soy protein. 'Swiss' style quesidillas with salsa verde and lovely, delicious Oaxacan cheese. Excellent service.

The buffet was a bit more of a mixed bag for us. There were carnivorous dishes and vegetarian dishes right next to each other and not labeled. Not a huge deal but one needs to ask and be carefully precise. It would be sensible and easy for them to divide the table or add some sort of notation. Also, in one case there were not separate serving utensils for the veggie and meaty foods as well as veggie and meaty foods being on the same dish. I tried explaining to the waiter that some vegetarians (most of us!) don't want our utensils or veggie foods touching meaty foods. Maybe a small thing but significant to some.

Overall, we enjoyed this restaurant quite a bit. For us, Ordering from the menu was a more satisfying experience. But, the buffet is still worth a try as there are a number of veggie options. Check the times as it closes at 6:30pm on some evenings.

100% Natural in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo
Mar 22 09

rating star

Like a mexican, veg friendly Applebees...

Absolutely gorgeous, jungle like interior which blows away anything we had to eat here. The food was good but ultimately unmemorable in a homogeneous chain restaurant kind of way (which it is). We had tacos with a very nicely prepared seitan inside. Worth a stop if you're on la quinta.

Restaurante Media Luna in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo
Mar 22 09

rating star

Media Luna has a small number of veggie friendly
options on the menu. Both are good, edible but unmemorable.

It features a nice, upstairs setting with entertaining views
of la quinta. The menu caters to a generic, international crowd
and doesn't feature too much that is distinctly regional.

It definitely seemed a bit pricey for the quality of the food...
but this is tourist trapped Playa after all.