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24 Carrots in Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona
Sep 3 10

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I give 24 Carrots two thumbs up as well as a standing ovation. I am awed and inspired by their business philosophy to first and foremost uphold sustainable, local and organic. (Their juice cups are made from corn, for example.) They strongly believe in making everything from scratch- making food to order. I was pleasantly suprised, and so thankful, that Vickie (one of the attendants there) served me the delicious Veggie Masala burger on a bed of sauteed spinach and onion - what a great way to enhance my meal as I couldnt eat any bread. I see they put customer service as top priority. Bravo! The Apple Ginger juice I ordered was awesome - with all goodness of pulp retained. It's no wonder vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free and special diet-need people are making a bee-line to this lovely place! Go Sasha & the 24 Carrots team!!!

The Breadfruit in Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona
Mar 4 09

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I found “The Breadfruit” very nice indeed. The food is made in a healthful way and tastes great. They said they try to maintain the closeness of food as close to nature as possible - they don’t fry, don’t microwave etc. Their vegetarian/ vegan entrees are not purposely made vegetarian, but are original vegetarian Jamaican dishes. I enjoyed their Pop Cho & Sweet Ginger and their Sweet Potato pie. Tastefully prepared and presented. Great ambience too.