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Gandhi Mahal in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jan 29 09

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I ate here last night with some friends ,and wowserzzz!! The vegetarian Gandhi Thali is their big deal item--a huge platter served "thali" style, which is Indian for finger food. The platter fed three people for 23 bucks, and had five samples of vegetarian entree's, served with nan bread.

The vegetarian pakora were fresh, and appeared to be cooked minutes before I came in, unlike some Indian joints where you get lumps of grease soaked store bought vegetables that may or may not be fresh. The chutney was average though, just the usual tamarind, onion, and cilantro/chile sauces.
The badami lassi was made fresh, and off set the spice in my dish perfectly.

Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with the menu, and found it an interesting place. I don't know a lot about Gandhi other than that he was the precursor to the peaceful resistance movements of Martin Luther King Jr., and others who brought people of different beliefs together--just like our table-- but the atmosphere was definitely relaxed, conversational, and romantic, with sari's on the walls and lots of curtains( I loved the table clothes--vivid elephant patterns, colorful Indian fabrics). I will be going here again, next time for the "Bollywood jana" spice, which the waiter said had more heat than the tandoori oven;-)