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Adelita's in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Feb 21 10

rating star

The vegetarian selection is actually pretty slim here. I only noticed a cheese quesadilla as an appetizer, vegetarian burrito and cheese enchilada's. Considering the big size of the menu, I would expect more. Too much cheese and oil and not enough vegetables to choose from.

The plastic chip basket was small and did not get refilled. The salsa to go with them was warm and bland, not cold and spicy as it should be. The "dark sauce" on my enchiladas tasted very burnt, and overall, the quality of the food was similar to what you'd find in a grocery store deli; as if they took it right out of a frozen package or can. :(

Also, the atmosphere was less than desirable - too many TVs all over the place to distract you from your dining partner, and all of a sudden on a Friday night, a Karaoke machine was turned on and someone began singing super loudly. That made us want to leave asap.

Would not recommend this place.

Amici Pizza and Bistro in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jan 5 11

rating star

Atmosphere: They did a good job creating a cozy formal romantic atmosphere in the small narrow space they had. I appreciate the artwork, colors, candles, and cover for the doorway to block the light and wind from the door being opened. However, I don't think the HD TVs fit. They are pretty distracting, and belong in a sports bar, not here!

Food: Better than average vegetarian selection; however if you go enough times, you will need to order the same thing over again which is sort of sad. They offer at least 1-2 choices under each category. Everything I've had has been great so far. The sundried tomato pizza was delicious, and the orecchiette pasta is very unique and flavorful.

Service: We went early in the evening, and WOW! Very prompt and professional. Our servers have anticipated our needs before we did. Impressed.

UPDATE 4/28/10 - I went to the Amici website to double check a few things things and noticed a Review section. I found my review (see above) from earlier, but they deleted the two negative remarks I made about the vegetarian selection and the HD TV's and replaced them with "..." Boo!!!!

Amici, don't censor criticisms, address them!

UPDATE 1/2011 - Quality of service is not as professional as it seemed to be in the beginning. Our server didn't arrive to the table quickly or offer to explain anything in the menu. Bread was not brought right away. Eventually, we asked for it and we were told it would come with our meals. When the meals came, someone from the kitchen served it at the table, not the server. He asked us to identify which of us had which thing. This was odd considering the server did not even need to write things down when taking our order.

Buca di Beppo in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Mar 4 09

rating star

I agree with the first reviewer - this place is great but definitely better for a large group of at least 5-6 people or more. It is loud, tables are big, the food comes in large family-style dishes meant to be passed around. You might feel awkward going just as a couple. Make Reservations or you'll be waiting forever. As for the food, everything was delicious. The Warm Tomato & Spinach salad was absolutely delicious except it comes with morsels of goat cheese that is a little too sweet and soft, almost like chunks of butter that didn't quite get spread around enough. I recommend getting the Tirimisu for dessert, although be warned, it is also very large!

Everest on Grand in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Dec 28 10

rating star

We originally wrote a great review for this place. Don't get me wrong, it's still very good. However, we went back tonight and ordered the vegetarian combo for two. We got the new matar paneer dish as one of the entrees, and an eggplant one ordered medium spice.

I was excited about the matar paneer because I had made it at home recently and loved it, so I was curious how a restaurant would prepare it. I was surprised when it came with hardly any tomatoes in it, and SUPER buttery!! It was basically matar paneer, but substitute the tomato sauce with some kind of buttery cheese sauce.

We also had veggie momos and garlic naan. The momos were excellent and tasted great with the sauce it came with. The garlic naan was rather dry. The service was fine although our order was taken rather late considering it was only a tuesday and not that busy...

Will not give up on this place, but those thing surprised me and just thought I'd pass it along!

Il Gatto in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Apr 7 10

rating star

Food: Heavy on seafood, so few actual vegetarian entrees here. Only a few things to choose from that did not have any meat. The ones we did have were very excellent though. We had the roasted beet appetizer, the asparagus side dish, the field green salad, the margarita pizza, and the three-cheese ravioli. The ravioli was one of the best I've ever had - the pasta was just the right consistency, and the sauce was very flavorful, tangy and full of basil and Italian spices. The salad was okay, but good. The asparagus came with an egg (be warned). The pizza was absolutely delicious, melt in your mouth good with basil and creamy mozzarella.

Service: Not so great. Our waitress was nice, but several mishaps occurred. The servers double-teamed our table and did not always communicate. This caused us to need to ask for things a few times, such as more oil, bread and one of the side dishes that did not come. The wine we ordered was out of stock, so we picked a different one but needed to ask for it at the same price (we got it).

Atmosphere: Much less formal than Figilio's, so don't overdress! Very loud in there, and tables are very close together. Just be prepared and expect that.

Overall - very delicious food if you can handle the crowd, noise, and scattered servers!

I'd recommend they add more vegetarian and vegan dishes!! Otherwise you'll end up ordering the same thing over and over again each time you go. Unfortunately.

Kilimanjaro Cafe in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Feb 28 09

rating star

I agree with previous reviewers that the food was so-so, atmosphere not so good. Vegetarian platter a good deal though and you can sample a lot of the different vegetarian dishes in one.

King and I Thai in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Nov 29 08

rating star

My husband and I went over a year ago, but still laugh about how bad that night was. Granted, we were preoccupied by an unpleasant situation at home, but this place did NOT cheer us up. It was super loud so that we couldn't talk. The food was way overpriced for the quality. I did not care for my spinach and peanut entree. Only at the end did we discover they no longer honored the MPR discount card, so we were stuck paying the whole price. We went home disappointed that we spent so much money on mediocre food, atmosphere and service.

Merlins Rest Pub in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Nov 26 11

rating star

We were considering going here one night for dinner. I tried to download their PDF menu, but it wasn't working for me. So I called to ask about the vegetarian dinner options.

The person who answered the phone immediately placed me on hold for about 5-10 minutes. When she finally picked it up again, she impatiently told me about the 1 or 2 options on their whole menu, also mentioning several times about how busy they were and that she didn't have time to answer my questions. Finally, she very impatiently asked didn't I have internet access?

I left the conversation incredibly frustrated. It seems that this restaurant has very little interest in accommodating potential customers.

Very Vegetarian Un-friendly

Namaste Cafe in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jun 16 09

rating star

I did not care for this place. The server was very slow, even with bringing the menus. I had to ask him for several things myself, including water and the check. So I ended up tipping only 12% or so. I had the Raajma which was pretty boring looking and tasting. We also had the Aloo Chaat appetizer which came with these weird Rice Krispies-looking things over the whole top of it. Good vanilla chai though. May or may not be coming back, but probably not.

Spoonriver Cafe in Twin Cities, Minnesota
May 13 09

rating star

This place was so-so. The menu was pretty limited in selection - fewer vegetarian options than I expected. The dishes were a bit pricey and portions were small. Don't expect to get full! I recommend going during off-hours for the extra privacy between yourselves and the next table, and improved service.

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