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Chatterbox Pub in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Mar 14 09

rating star

Ah yes, the chatterbox. I was told that it has a great beer selection so I was willing to brave the high currents of the river to make it there. Everything was going exceptionally well until I saw their menu.

There are very few vegan items on the menu and the vegan substitutions are non existent. I was staring dejectedly at the menu when I saw that they offer soy cheese for the pizzas. "Now we are in business I thought." I flagged my server and asked if the cheese was vegan and he replied that it was not. It contains a small amount of casein. Why even bother?

I left hungry and almost starved to death on the way home. I got stranded halfway across the river and spent the night fending off a polar bear with my fingernail. Eventually he left. I returned home and resolved not to step foot inside another Chatterbox until they have more vegan options.

Jasmine 26 in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Mar 28 09

rating star

Jasmine 26 has turned me into a monster. I went there a naive innocent young man and came out a toughened tofu junky. It can not be just any kind of tofu. It has to be 'sea salt and pepper tofu.' Before I fell in with the likes of Jasmine 26, I had never heard of the stuff. I never thought in all my years something such as 'sea salt and pepper tofu' would find its way into my city.

I remember thinking, 'this looks pretty good, maybe I should try a little bit of it.' Several platefuls later and I felt my eyes glaze over. I soon found myself shaking. I think I was having some sort of food orgasm. It was all I could do to grab hold of the delicious beer that the wait staff had set in front of me and gulp it down my throat. 'Maybe this will calm me," I thought. Eventually everything settled into a satisfying hum of rhythmic contentment.

I managed to make it home before I realized that I have a problem. I don't live close to Jasmine 26. I won't be able to make it there more than once per month. I can't do it. I need 'sea salt and pepper tofu' now. If you see someone on the street with a sign that says "will perform ridiculously degrading act for Jasmine 26," it is probably me.

O, and they are vegan friendly.

Mississippi Market in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Mar 3 09

rating star

I go to Mississippi Market at least once a week for lunch or supper before class. The rice beans and greens meal deal is good cheap and filling. They recently revamped their hot panini counter and there are a number of vegan options to choose from. Ask which breads are vegan and the staff will tell you. The nayonaise is super good as well. It is almost as if an angel is dancing on your tongue.

Tanpopo Noodle Shop in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Mar 3 09

rating star

I love Tanpopo Noodle Shop. Just a little under half of their menu is vegan and or veganizable. One can substitute mushroom broth for the soup and the mushrooms they use in the cooking are always fresh and delectable. The Sake, Beer and Wine combined with the quiet atmosphere make Tanpopo a great place to bring a date or spend an evening alone if one can't get a date.

If one is going to get a bowl of soup they should plan on taking some of it to go. It is more filling than one would think. DO NOT put the to-go container in a backpack and then operate a bicycle because upon arrival at home one will open their backpack to reveal grand dreams crushed into a noodly, steamy, mess. Who knows, they might even ruin a German textbook or two.

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