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Alice and Friends Vegetarian Cafe in Chicago, Illinois
Aug 31 04

rating star

Do not miss the unChicken Drumsticks

IntelligentsiA Coffee Roasters and Tea Blenders in Chicago, Illinois
Sep 4 04

IntelligentsiA has the best soy milk latte in Chicago. They even do an artsy design on top of each latte.

However, this is (i believe) the only non-dariy option on the menu. However, I've never asked if the soy milk was vegan.

They offer a veg. sandwich but it isn't vegan.

It is very good - I walk out of my way to get them.

Leona's in Chicago, Illinois
Sep 2 04

rating star

Soy cheese pizza (you can put tofu on it), vegan burger, tofu, roasted veggies & Soy cheese wrap, and vegetarian nirvana - skewers with veggies and tofu

They have 18 locations in Chicago
They also deliver.

The portions are huge. This is the type of place that your average american family would LOVE. Personally, I like Leona's. I eat there a lot with my friends who hate vegetarian and ethnic foods. I know this is Italian but it is very American Italian. The service is always fast!!!

M Henry Chow for Now in Chicago, Illinois
Aug 31 04

rating star

This place is a must visit for any local Chicago vegan. They know what a vegan is and you can trust that the sausage they give you is vegan. They will bring you soy milk for your coffee. This is the kind of breakfast place where the portions are a perfect size and the potato's have rosemary on them. I loved it.

On a Sunday be prepared to wait for about 20 mins for a seat even though they will tell you the wait will be longer. There is always a huge line but again, it is worth it.

Specialty's Cafe & Bakery in Chicago, Illinois
Sep 4 07

rating star

An important thing to note is that this place does catering.

Specialty's Cafe and Bakery has about 7 veggie sandwiches. However, this isn't a vegetarian place. Well, I ate the VEGAN sand which and it was the best I've ever had. Focaccia, Mushroom, Organic Spinach, Tomato, Artichoke Hearts, Fresh Basil, and Kalamata Olives.

Yes, I'll repeat that, it was the best vegan sand which i have ever eaten. LOVED IT.


Tokyo Lunchbox in Chicago, Illinois
May 2 09

rating star

You can ask for sushi to be made with brown rice. I love that. I get avocado with brown rice. Very good.