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Hush Hush in Portland, Oregon
Nov 17 08

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I work downtown and find myself eating at Hush Hush two or three times a week. The hummus is creamy and nutty (not too acidic), the Baba Ganoush is smokey and wonderful, the Falafel is well seasoned and crunchy. You can't go wrong with the Falafel sandwich, it is big and satisfying. They have a roasted vegetable sandwich that is very satisfying as well. Their pita is made in house (which is an accomplishment for a location that used to be a Taco Del Mar) and is giant and wonderful. Just the right amount of chewy with wonderful little flaky bubbles. The grape leaved are far less acidic than most, with a filling that has a wonderful nutty flavor.

The owner is a very friendly Palestinian man. I am pleased to see Hush Hush doing such good business. You will get your food quickly and it is always of the same quality. I have never had a *miss* here, and I have eaten here at least 20 times since they have opened.