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Horizons in Philadelphia Metro, Pennsylvania
Nov 16 08

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I agree with the previous reviewer about the service- we had a waitress who had very few tables and she basically paid little attention to us and the other waiter there had to fill our water, get us bread etc. She also because of high prices got a great tip.

The bread is delicious but fill up on it cuz the portions like everyone is saying are small.

Food is definitely good- but $18 for tofu over brown rice (aka pacific rim tofu), $21 for seitan, etc is pricy.

What I like about the restaurant is that the food is good- it is hard to make tofu taste quality or seitan to not be too chewy and Horizons does a great job and they use the highest quality ingredients. You may need to eat a fruit to fill up before you come here (and I'm a girl, so guys may need to eat a full meal first).

btw, the restaurant has alcohol- it is not BYOB like a previous reviewer said.