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Long Do in Brooklyn, New York City
Oct 17 08

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This place is the only Thai restaurant within three miles of my house, and I'm so glad it's there. The red curry was slightly salty, but the mock duck was fastastic and the noodle dishes are great too. I'll definitely be going back.

Vinnie's in Brooklyn, New York City
Dec 22 08

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Vinnie's has the best vegan by-the-slice pizza I've ever had. They also have vegan garlic rolls, doughnuts and more. The pizza is amazing. They always have two regular vegan pizza options as well as a special.

Java Green in District of Columbia, USA
Dec 19 08

rating star

Java Green was just a couple blocks from my hotel when I was in town on business.

For dinner, I ordered Curry Deluxe. I was disappointed. It comes with fake chicken, which was really dry, and the curry sauce didn't have a good flavor. It also came out only two minutes after I ordered it, which made me think it had been warmed up in the microwave. This wasn't worth the $12 they charge for it. You could get something much better for way less at a Thai restaurant.

Their bakery items are great. I had banana bread and pumpkin bread for breakfast, which were both excellent.

Overall, they have a TON of vegan options, most of which I didn't get to try. But I was very impressed with their extensive menu.

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