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Soul Vegetarian East in Chicago, Illinois
Oct 13 08

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I still can't believe the negative reviews this place gets due to service. My husband and I ate dinner here this past Sunday, and had one of the best vegan dining experiences we have had in Chicago.
The place is tiny, intimate and has an old-school mom-and-pop type of feel. We were seated immediately, received drinks, salads and bread instantly by a waiter who was brief and polite. This was a Sunday, so the menu was predetermined, but TASTY ('chicken' fried 'steak', greens, rice, veggies and pie). Our desert was brought to the table without our having to beg, and our water glasses were refilled several times.
The proprietor chatted us up as we paid the bill, and was just as welcoming and kind as any restaurateur I've met.
The truth is that if you like having your butt kissed by some server working for tips, like your food stacked in little towers on designer plates and served with an aspirin sauce, elderberry reduction or something like that - this is not your diner. If you enjoy damn good home-style vegan food in a restaurant you can have a conversation with your dinner guest, go here.
Yes, there is zero public transportation. However, the streets are a beautiful, well kept and enjoyable place to take a stroll on an autumn afternoon. I was overcome by the lovely old trees, rolling lawns and stately homes.
I cannot wait to come back.