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Au Lac in Orange County, California
Aug 21 08

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He is NOT a Zen Buddhist. He's a Christian who's taken a self-imposed vow of silence because he believes that when we talk, we don't listen, and our ego gets in the way of love toward humanity. He challenges our dividing language by calling us Humanese. And he sincerely hugs every person who enters and leaves. He has the gift of making every person feel special and that they are his favorite person. The food reflects his love and peaceful life.

Yes, the service is spotty at times. But the staff, mostly young Vietnamese immigrant students who are also going to school full-time, are trained (or not trained) minimally by the owner who doesn't even assign them to sections. Thus, with random servers stopping by to take orders and deliver food, the service suffers.

However, it is the BEST raw restaurant ever. I have been to ALL of them in California. All the raw food chefs/owners/personalities gravitate there when they're in town for a reason.

The Vietnamese cooked food may not be up to par; I have no idea. But the raw menu is thorough, tasty and highly unusual. You'll find no faux pizza here!

Good to Go Restaurants in Orange County, California
Aug 21 08

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Restaurant with a discernably high vibration - lots of good energy. Seriously. Clear, uncluttered space, caring employees (if they don't have an answer, they immediately find out for you --- cheerfully), and decent, tasty food. It makes me smile and want to go back. The word I think of is "clear".

My only complaint - echoed by other raw people - is that the menu is not straightforward about non-raw items used in raw-style dishes. A few people told they use cocoa instead of raw chocolate, pastuerized almonds and the desserts are not raw. I don't know what else isn't but if these important ingredients aren't, it makes me wonder what else isn't. It's okay to use these, but it should say so on the menu so people who want raw food can get enough information to make an informed choice. The previous cafe in that space was upfront about her items, so I'd like this one do that too.

But despite this, I look forward to going there again. My tummy may feel strange but the energy is great.