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Ziggy's Healthy Grill in Houston, Texas
Jul 31 08

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I'm not vegan yet, but my FAVORITE Ziggy's item could probably be adapted to suit the strict ones among us... And what is this favorite thing? Half an acorn squash with lightly baked apples, nuts, and a drizzle of honey. $4, beautifully presented and, YUM! I make this at home now (as I do not live near the place), and I'm forever grateful to this eatery. My dad serves on a board of some kind of green building association, and they held a meeting there, which is how I found out it existed. Long live Ziggy's! The veggie burgers (both kinds) were good, as were the sweet potato fries and onion strings. They have several other choices, including a veggie loaf and veggie loaf sandwich that I'm eager to try. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable can add a review based on vegan standards soon.

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