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Gandhi Mahal in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jul 26 08

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The Service was Old World. They greeted you when you came in, watched and anticipated your needs (without interfering with you). This is what all locations should have for service.

Now about the food, it was served with precision. The appetizers were delivered quickly, then at just the right moment the main course was not only delivered, but actually served.


Great atomshpere, great service and great food. What more could you ask for!! Wait your right, you could ask for fair pricing, well, for the quality of service and the quality of the food, the prices were a steal.

So, do yourself a favor, your family & friends a good turn, take them to this location, it is worth the time & money.

(and no, I do not work for them!, We were wanting a good Indian resturant and took a chance on this one, so why not you do the same.)