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Aside of Heart in Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona
Jul 26 12

rating star

Lots of "buts"...
The nachos tasted alright, but gave me stomach ache.
The staff are friendly, but sorta spacey.
The space is fun and funky, but far from looking professional (or clean).
Wasn't a great meal but wasn't the worst either.
Glad I tried but won't be back here.

The Breadfruit in Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona
Oct 8 10

rating star

Coconut curry tofu was sooo good. Never tried plaintains before but some came on the side and turns out I like 'em! Rice and peas were included too. The Breadfruit is close to the stadium so if you want to fuel up before a Diamondbacks game, this is the place to go. Only thing I didn't like was the how when we first came in, the waiter was very friendly and helpful telling us about the unique beverages they offer but his attitude seemed to sour after we just ordered water. The drinks looked great but we just needed hydration, sorry guy.

Capriotti's Sandwich Shop in Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona
Aug 14 11

rating star

I tried the turkey sandwhich and the cheesesteak, sans cheese. Both great! Cheesesteak was better though. Get it with hot peppers and you won't regret it. Spicy and delicious. The guy working told me the "meats" were vegan but I'm a little skeptical. Anybody with more information please share. :)

Update 8/14/11
According to a yelp review, the veggie meats are not vegan due to egg whites. Really upset that I was told they were vegan!

Carly's Bistro in Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona
Apr 9 11

rating star

There really is something for everyone at Carly's! I took a diverse crowd and we all loved the food and atmosphere. There are quite a few vegetarian items, clearly marked, and while the vegan choices are limited they are delicious. Hummus is especially tasty! The waitress knew what was vegan and gave suggestions. As far as drinks go, I got myself a delightful SOY white russian. Happy hour from 4-7pm, half price appetizers and $1 off beer and wine. I will be back!

Green in Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona
Oct 8 10

rating star

I liked the food a lot. Soft serve = swoon!

My only issue is that some of the staff were not very friendly, but there was one girl employee who was awesome so it almost evened out. The ambiance is nice, very unique.

The chik'n parm sandwich was delightful and I enjoyed the fries too (they didn't have thyme on them though, maybe you have to ask for that?). Basically, food is a A+, service is a C+, and prices are a B-. I'll be back next time I'm in town but won't eat alone again.

Updated 10/8/10: My last few experiences at Green have caused me to bump them up to "excellent". Now both the service and the food are amazing. Still pricey but hey thats kind of the norm with vegan food I guess. You need to try this place!

Mellow Mushroom in Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona
Jul 6 11

rating star

A great place to take a mixed crowd! Ordered the house calzone, and just said "Make it vegan!". The server knew exactly what I meant, everyone's meals came out exactly right and she was incredibly friendly to boot. We all enjoyed our food, and the only thing keeping me from giving Mellow Mushroom a top rating is their prices...ouch! A little steep I'm afraid.

Nami in Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona
Jul 27 12

rating star

Tsoynamis are awesome!! Every single person that has ever gone to Green with me and gotten one was thrilled with it. You really can't go wrong with any of the flavours either, I always struggle to decide between the plethora of tempting choices but ultimately end up more than satisfied. Personal favourite: Betterfinger!

Nami doesn't have lunch/dinner (go to Green next door for that) but they have a brunch on Sundays that is great! There is always a fun new special to try. I got a bagel sandwich w/ tofu egg and a Daiya cheese wedge...seriously there's nothing better to describe it than OMG.

The baked goods are pretty hit-or-miss (in the summer heat you really need to get ice cream anyways!). I was really excited to try their donuts and both times they weren't great. The creative toppings (oreo and chick-o-stick) and the frosting was tasty but the texture and flavour of the donut itself was disappointing. Seems like other people like them though so it could just be me.

Add them on Facebook to get the weekly brunch menu and for special events. Non-vegans will love this place!

Nourish in Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona
Mar 4 11

rating star

I really loved the ambience here, and there are a lot of vegan options (even for brunch). That being said, the vegan waffles I ordered were not stellar. Edible, yes, Delicious, no. But the fruit salad that came with it was INCREDIBLE. So next time I would order that and maybe the sweet potato hash, which a friend got and loved. I brought a big group and everybody liked it. The favourite was the sadly non-vegan cinnamon roll. I would definitely come back.

Pita Jungle in Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona
Jun 24 11

rating star

Go for the tapas menu (3-6pm). Vegan options include dolmades, hummus trio, garlic dip, falafel, and garlic mushrooms. Very cheap and fun! Carmelized cauliflower is the best. There is a list of what's vegan on the website.

Tediberto's in Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona
Jul 26 12

rating star

Tediberto's completely deserves an excellent rating. Considering they've only been open a few weeks, I am beyond impressed with the experience I had. Our waiter was a total sweetheart. The decor is artistic/eccentric without trying too hard (yes it's dark in there, so what?). Tedi's is open late and has a great downtown location, perfect for a post-ballgame bite.

The food? Amaze-balls! You know how sometimes you go to a restaurant and think, this is fine but I could just make it at home? There's no way I could re-create that magical vegan quesadilla in my own kitchen. Beautiful presentation, quality ingredients, wonderful flavour, perfect level of spice for my palate (caliente!), but if you prefer things milder they can accomodate. Chips, pico, and a fresh salad accompanied the entree; you really get sooo much food for the price!

Shared a delicious cupcake a la mode for dessert; save the belly-room because you won't regret it. Heck, that alone was worth the trip. I know it sounds like I'm gushing but its so nice to find a place that fits your needs perfectly. Before we left I was already planning a return visit.

Cafe Desta in Tucson, Arizona
May 16 11

rating star

Cute decor, tasty food. Price is comparable to Zemam's, but you get a little salad with your meal as well. Lots of vegan options! No dairy in veggie dishes, just in the soup. If your friends are new to Ethiopian food, this is a good introduction as the meals come out seperately and with a fork (although, isn't that the fun?).

Casbah Tea House in Tucson, Arizona
Dec 7 08

rating star

I've had two experiences with the Casbah Tea House. The first time I came in, the staff ignored me and it wasn't clear whether the place was counter service or sit down. I was very hungry so I left. The second time I came in, the girl working behind the counter was friendly and helpful. There were signs such as "Menus" and "Order Here" which was a great improvement. All you do is pay at the counter, they give you a pager and page you when your food is ready to pick up at the front.

I got the shepherd's pie and a chai masala. Food was awesome; drink was pretty good. After I was done eating, two girls came out and did belly dancing and that was fun. Check the website to see what times they do this; it would be neat to watch while sipping a drink but maybe not great if you are trying to concentrate on your meal or your dining companion.

All in all I have to give Casbah a "Good" rating but I will definitely be back. The ambiance may not be for everyone but I enjoyed it.

Chipotle Mexican Grill in Tucson, Arizona
Aug 30 08

rating star

I like Chipotle. It's the kind of place where you can meet up with omni friends for a quick lunch and have some options. Basically blacks beans are the only protein option but you can get them in a salad, tacos, burrito, or bowl. Guacamole is great too!

Delectables Restaurant & Catering in Tucson, Arizona
Sep 14 08

rating star

Very cute place. I got the hummus sandwich which was good. Wish they had more vegan (entree) choices though. Vegetarian will like this place for sure. Prices were pretty reasonable; I like the variety of appetizers that could be a light meal.

El Charro Cafe in Tucson, Arizona
Jun 8 09

rating star

El Charro is not the best place to get vegan Mexican food in town, but it's pretty good. There are several choices available, more if you simply leave off the cheese on a few other items. I've gotten the vegan Topopo salad and it was huge, tasty, and beautifully presented. If you're looking for a nicer place to feed veg and non-veg AND have a few margaritas, El Charro is a good choice. If you don't care about ambiance or alcohol, give La Indita or Tania's a shot!

Epic Cafe in Tucson, Arizona
Aug 30 08

rating star

I had the most amazing (vegan) scone here! Chocolate chocolate chip and my friend had strawberry chocolate chip and we shared. Both were awesome, and cheap too! The vegan snickerdoodle was yummy but the chocolate chip oat cookie was a bit too crunchy for my taste. As far as atmosphere goes, it's pretty friendly and fun. I'd like to try lunch sometime soon as well.

Frog and Firkin in Tucson, Arizona
Sep 6 08

rating star

This place has lots for veggies! There are two vegan no-cheese pizzas, a couple different vegetarian pizzas, a Gardenburger, salads and appetizers. I love the "Vegan Firkin" pizza but know that they are huge; two people could happily share a small! For vegetarians, I've heard the "Green Fries" (pesto and cheese) are really good.

Govinda's in Tucson, Arizona
Jun 20 08

rating star

I think the food is good but overpriced. If you are very hungry you might get your money's worth.

Kababeque Indian Grill in Tucson, Arizona
Feb 26 09

rating star

Emailed the owner about vegan options, reply said they had plenty and to inquire about specific dishes when I came in. Wish he had given more information because when I called for delivery, the person taking my order seemed busy. Ended up getting Saag Aloo (which they said was non-dairy), spinach and potatoes with rice. It was delicious! Portion was generous, a pretty good value for what I paid. There is a $2 delivery fee but of course you can dine in.

I did not verify the vegan-ness of any more menu items but there seems to be other choices. Menu is listed on the website. I'll definitely eat here again, preferably at an off hour so I can ask questions. Mmm I'm hungry just thinking about it...

La Cocina Restaurant, Cantina, and Coffee Bar in Tucson, Arizona
Apr 22 11

rating star

This whole place is just lovely. Inside, outside, you can't really get a bad seat. My husband and I came for brunch. I ordered the GLBT sandwich (guac, tofu instead of bacon, lettuce, tomato) but unfortunately it came with mayo which was not mentioned on the menu. They remade it with no hassle though, and it was very good! Also got the chocolate tofu pie for dessert, which doesn't sound appetizing but was incredibly rich and yummy. They should change the name to "Chocolate Heaven Pie". I will definitely come back!

Only con: I feel like the vegan/vegetarian labeling could be a little clearer. Love that they made the effort though!

La Fuente Restaurant in Tucson, Arizona
Jun 20 08

rating star

I did not like this place as I ordered a veggie burrito and it came with chunks of chicken in it. Very upsetting. That being said, everyone else seemed to enjoy their meal. The service isn't great and it's pretty expensive. The restaurant itself is beautiful and the mariachi music is kind of fun.

La Indita in Tucson, Arizona
Sep 14 08

rating star

Very yummy! I like that there are a lot of vegetarian/vegan options. I got spinach enchiladas, no cheese, and they were awesome. Plus, the rice and beans were way tasty and nothing tasted greasy. Prices are reasonable too.

Lovin Spoonfuls Vegetarian Restaurant in Tucson, Arizona
Jul 26 12

rating star

Vegan comfort food at it's finest! The staff, and especially the owner, are always pleasant. Everything I've gotten has been delicious, except the "Bacon Cheeseburger" had a cheddar on it that I wasn't fond of. Besides that, I can't get enough of the food! I would eat here everyday if I could.

I feel compelled to reduce my rating after a unsatisfactory experience. My dining companion ordered waffles and was told the pancakes were better. He agreed to change his order and also asked for veggie bacon. The pancakes came out with a side of veggie sausage, and although he was offered a correction he accepted the sausage and was then informed that "its ok because the sausage is better than the bacon". Poor customer service in my opinion; why have items on the menu that are so bad you talk people out of ordering them? And then make a mistake on an order and try to convince your customer that its a good thing? Very condescending. I'll leave my original review up because it was true at that time, but I've since tried various vegan eateries around the state and can say that unfortunately Lovin' Spoonfuls is not up to par with the best any longer. Not in food quality and not in customer service.

Metropolitan Grill in Tucson, Arizona
Oct 14 10

rating star

Tried the new "housemade vegan burger". Tasty. Not like a Boca burger or meat substitute I've ever tried, it was more like mashed beans mixed with rice and veggies. Very lightly pan fried so slightly crispy on the outside. It came with tomatoes and lettuce on top. I just wish that it came with a better side dish then more tomatoes. Fries, fruit, even a salad would be nicer.

P.F. Chang's China Bistro in Tucson, Arizona
Apr 20 09

rating star

A nice place to take a date, or maybe for a birthday dinner. There is a vegetarian section of the menu but they can sub tofu for meat in any dish. My favorite is Buddha's Feast, mixed veggies and five spice tofu. Get brown rice and it's actually pretty healthy! Speaking of which, nutritional information is available on the website.

Picazzo's Organic Italian Kitchen in Tucson, Arizona
Sep 14 11

rating star

Kinda 'spensive. Good pizza. Love the vegan cheese option! And lots of creative vegetable toppings.

Red Velvet Cupcakery in Tucson, Arizona
Jan 1 10

rating star

Chocolate vegan cupcakes was great! Rich and delicious. Would like more flavour choices but think its wonderful they offer even one vegan option.

Saffron Indian Bistro in Tucson, Arizona
Oct 21 10

rating star

Been here twice, first time for an incredible surprise birthday dinner thrown for me and the second was a casual lunch. First time, I was immediately impressed by the beautiful and exotic decor. Very modern, very hip. Ordered off the menu and while I can't remember exactly what I got (too many delicious cocktails ordered for me, oops) I do remember that it was vegan and I enjoyed it. Second time, my dining companion and I chose the lunch buffet. Yum! Out of 4 veggie options, the server assured me 2 were vegan. While thats not a lot there was also basmati rice and a fresh tossed salad. I didn't ask about the bread although that *might* have been option as well. Anyways it was plenty of food and tasted great. A fairly good value as well considering its all you can eat, and I must say a nicer presentation than most buffets (won't name names haha)

Sparkroot in Tucson, Arizona
Aug 29 11

rating star

This place is not just "vegan-friendly". This place makes sweet tender love to vegans with gooey grilled cheese, crispy kale chips and dreamy chocolate truffles. So yes, I'd say they are "more than friends" with vegans. :)

Perfect place for a first date! Great atmosphere, friendly staff, awesome food/drink.

Tania's 33 in Tucson, Arizona
Jun 20 08

rating star

I really like this place! I agree the menu can be confusing but the staff is very helpful in answering questions and can reccomend things to you. There is a paper menu near the cash register that puts everything in simpler terms too. Basically you can pick any filling, TONS of vegetarian and many vegan choices, then decide the style you want (enchilada, burrito, chimi, plate, etc.) You can choose one of their combos as well or just add side items a la carte. I've had the soya verde burrito and calabacitas (without cheese). Both were yummy and the salsa was the best! Very casual, well priced, friendly staff.

The Tucson Tamale Company in Tucson, Arizona
Feb 25 09

rating star

I like that they offer vegan options and label them as such. The tamale I tried was the spinach/mushroom. Wasn't terribly fond of the texture of the mushrooms, but that might just be a personal preference. Salsa was very good, as was the masa layer in my tamale. I will try the black bean/corn and report back!

Oh and the employees were friendly when I came in, always a plus.

Vila Thai in Tucson, Arizona
Apr 3 10

rating star

I got the Jungle Thai Vegetables, which the server assured me was vegan. Unfortunately they were out of tofu and the accompanying Pad Thai was not vegan, but they just gave me extra veggies and rice. Very tasty! I can't wait to go back and try more menu items. I thought the lunch special was reasonably priced, of course I would have prefered to have some tofu but hey it happens.

Zemam's in Tucson, Arizona
Feb 28 10

rating star

Tasty and unique! Well, unique in this country. :)
If you want to try something new and different, this place is for you. The staff are friendly and can give you advice on what to order. One thing though: if you are dining with non-veg companions, ask for your order to be seperate or at least have a nice border between the others. My chickpeas were nestled up next to someone else's food and that made me a little sad.
In any case, the food is amazing and not too expensive ($9-13). Give it a try!

Nature's Express in Yuma, Arizona
Nov 30 09

rating star

Yum! Loved the food. The prices are higher than non-vegan fast food but still very reasonable for vegan food in general especially since what you are getting is quality. Soft serve was a treat. This location is much better than the one in San Diego so if you are passing through both cities, go to the one in Yuma!

Millennium in East Bay, California
May 16 11

rating star

Started the meal with roasted potatoes with AMAZING chili aoili, and yummy bread and chickpea spread. Chickpea spread was good, probably could make that at home though. I got the tamale, husband got the tempeh. He didn't like it, but loved the accompanying risotto. I liked my tamale but it wasn't very authentic; masa had a bready texture. Dessert was the strawberry white chocolate torte with Persian spiced ice cream. Holy moly, the torte was good, but the ice cream? OMG. Based on my experience, I'd say come by in the evening for dessert and a spiked coffee drink.

Nature's Express in San Diego County, California
Nov 30 09

rating star

Food = A+
Service = D-

Serious problems with the service at this place. First, drive thru closed but no sign. Fine, went inside. Then, paid for my order to find out they were out of it. Ok, ordered something else. But then they forgot the cheese on my boyfriend's hamburger, gave me the wrong dipping sauce for my chik'n and didn't give us our food "to go" like we asked.

Even though the food was not what we ordered it was tasty. Still, I would never go back to this place because of the poor customer service.

Gracias Madre in San Francisco, California
May 16 11

rating star

I'm so torn on this place. Decor/ambiance: terrific! Neighborhood: hella scary. Staff: friendly. Food: eh.

Ordered the "quesadilla" and a side of greens. The quesadilla came out smothered in the spiciest salsa ever, seriously, I couldn't eat it. I'm not a baby, I LOVE spicy things and this dish hurt my mouth. And since it was covering the entire thing there was no way around it. If that wasn't bad enough, there were no onions per the menu description so it was filled with smooth cashew cheese and completely pureed sweet potato. Basically, baby food. Spicy as all hell baby food. I managed to get down about 1/8th and finally ordered something else (papas hornos) and snacked on my greens.

Thankfully, greens were tasty. Now here's the thing, the potatoes came out, and they ROCKED!! Incredible. I'm still dreaming about them. (I subbed the regular cashew cheese instead of the nacho as my mouth was still tender) Like I said, so torn! I told my server my dissatisfaction with the quesadilla (which had come highly recomended by him) and he just kind of shrugged and of course I still had to pay for it. Thats fair I suppose.

I'm not sure I would eat here again, we'll see how my mouth heals.

Pepples Donuts in San Francisco, California
May 16 11

rating star

Alright, confession time: I ate Pepples Donuts 3 out of 4 mornings spent in SF. I tried blueberry, salted caramel, plain glazed, chocolate, and orange creme. It would be hard to pick a favourite, but I might have to say blueberry. Orange creme is a close second, the flavour was sweet but also tangy! Very nice. These are cakey donuts, not raised, but I prefer that so I was happy.

Red Velvet Cafe in Las Vegas, Nevada
Sep 10 11

rating star

Food = Excellent.
Dessert = Fair
Service = Excellent
Location = Great
Prices = Reasonable...ish. Actual sandwiches etc were fairly priced but the price of dessert was astronomical! Sure, its Vegas, but $6 for a tiny spongey brownie? The vegan baked goods are tempting in their pretty glass display but next time I'll skip it. Also, why were their raisins in the oatmeal creme pies? Eww.

This is a great place for a quick casual lunch.

Ronald's Donuts in Las Vegas, Nevada
Nov 2 08

rating star

Absolutely amazing. The employees were nice and the donuts...well I've never eaten anything more delicious. I tried a plain glazed, a jelly filled, and a soy cream. Soy cream was my favorite but the other two were just as incredible. You must have breakfast here!!