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Millennium in East Bay, California
May 28 08

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The food at Millennium is exceptional. Great care is given in both preparation and presentation from the small plate starters to the desserts. The prices are indeed high, but when one considers the creative and practical demands inherent in producing, say, the stuffed truffled roulade or the chocolate almond midnight, the cost is not unreasonable.

Having said that, I must add that I have no intention of dining there again. When I first began going to Millennium, at their original location in the Hotel Abigail, there was warmth that is now sadly lacking. Back in the nineties, the chef used to come out of the kitchen to greet the diners and to thank them for their patronage. The last time I went there, the only greeting I received was the curt invitation by the host to take my dinner at the bar. While I did not have a reservation (and could not see the necessity in having one, given the great number of empty tables in plain view), haute cuisine at seventy-five to a hundred dollars per person is not bar food.

So long, Millennium--I'm sure your dishes are still wonderfully savory and sweet, but your attitude has gone terribly sour....