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Hard Times Cafe in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Apr 25 08

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If you're a person with even an okay palate, don't come here. The food is absolutely terrible, with no taste and textures often completely off. I can't express how horrible the whole experience of going to Hard Times is. The people who work there are not only rude, but mean about concerns of the customers. The vegan baked goods are...not that good. We got a peanut butter cup and it tasted like wood chippings. We have gone there over and over again thinking that the food would get better, but it just got worse. The soup just taste like water and ANY dish you get, taste exactly the same. Even if you put EVERY condiment they offer on, it still doesn't cover up how disgusting the food is. I would recommend walking a a few block over to the Triple Rock where the food AND service is amazing.