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Earth Diva Cosmetics in Internet
Jun 1 10

rating star

Great prices, great makeup, fast shipping. It's obvious this local company cares about their product!

Chef Steve's Fifth Dimensional Cuisine in Lake County, California
Jan 8 14

rating star

Steve is super friendly, and the food is super tasty. Win, win.

Thai Cafe in Lancaster, California
Apr 4 08

rating star

I've been going to this restaurant for the better part of the last decade, and have yet to dislike something I've ordered there. The service is friendly and the food is awesome. Although not a 100% veg restaurant, there are tons of vegetarian and vegan choices. Even when there's a dish not listed on the menu as using tofu/mock chicken etc, you can just ask for the substitution.

Be sure to try the Thai Salad with their to-die-for peanut sauce and the sweet and sour tofu. Good stuff!!

Whole Wheatery Cafe in Lancaster, California
Sep 27 09

rating star

The Whole Wheatery has delicious and high quality food (the ingredients are always very fresh), a cozy ambience, and friendly service - I have been here many, many times...and will continue to go. (Try it!)

Vegan Glory in Los Angeles, California
Aug 17 11

rating star

I love, love, love (most of) the food here.

The trick is to know what to order. The menu is MONSTROUS, and some things are more awesome than others. While there are several dishes which aren't memorable, the good stuff will leave you addicted to this place.

The chicken satay appetizer is deeeefinitely my fav dish; eat it and melt from the unbelievable deliciousness. You can also get the satay in a burger or wrap...both super yummy.

The kamut pancakes with banana are irresistible!

Their best dessert is the sweet roti bread with banana and chocolate peanut butter sauce.

A note on parking: there are nearby residential streets where you can park for free if you happen to arrive at Vegan Glory when there are annoying valet fees.

Living Light Culinary Arts Institute in Mendocino County, California
Jun 21 10

rating star

Lots of ready made options in a deli type setup, just grab and go. There are tables and free wi-fi with several stores around to look at, so it's a good place to stop.

The portions seem small for the price, but if you've frequented raw restaurants before it's exactly what you'd expect.

Yummy, yummy food. Try it! Go on vacation and stay at Stanford Inn, but get most of your food here. That's what I do!

Ravens' Restaurant in Mendocino County, California
Jun 20 10

rating star

This restaurant is located at the Stanford Inn, but you don't have to be a guest to eat there. Everything is vegetarian, and most of the menu items can be made vegan on request.

While the rooms at the inn are amazing, the food at the restaurant ranges from inedible to pretty good, usually landing in the former category. The restaurant itself is nice -- the view and the quality of the service match the prices on the menu...but the quality of the cooking doesn't. The ingredients of the food seem to be good - but I can't even begin to say how disappointing the results are. Overcooked...undercooked...bizarre seasoning combinations... Blecgh.

I keep going back, because I love the rooms and the location. Occasionally I'm pleasantly surprised, but overall the food is just baaad.

If you're gonna go, aim for breakfast. Prices are better. Order something simple: their french toast has yet to let me down, but anything more complicated is a gamble.

I still haven't had a good dinner there.

Thai Recipe in North Lake Tahoe, California
Sep 27 09

rating star

I'd never go back.

The food was not good, and the service was terrible. When I was trying to order my dish veganized (they have a recipe book in the front, and a lot of their seemingly veggie friendly dishes list oyster sauce), my server was really rude about it. If one can't feel confident in the veggie-safeness of their food and the staff is rude about questions related to ingredients, that ruins a place.

Ananda Fuara in San Francisco, California
Apr 2 08

rating star

The setting is meant to be peaceful but it looks more like a strange hospital cafeteria. The food is edible, but very processed and tastes like it all came out of a freezer bag. I would only eat there again if I needed a veg-friendly restaurant in the area and I was in a big hurry. Want good veg food in San Fran? Eat at Herbivore, baby.

Herbivore in San Francisco, California
Apr 2 08

rating star

All vegan, all awesome. Lots of variety on the menu...reasonable prices.
Hands down best veggie restaurant I've been to. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert,'s all delicious. My favorite: the two soft tacos listed under appetizers. The ceviche is another fun choice. (And oh!! They have awesome PANCAKES. It's hard to find vegan breakfast yummies :)
Cute restaurant, and service is fast and friendly. I can't say enough good about this place!

Shangri-La in San Francisco, California
Apr 4 08

rating star

The place smelled when I walked in. There were pieces of food on my menu, and there was a green floater about the size of a dime in my cup of water. The service was rude, the food was edible at best and was presented about like food at a homeless soup kitchen. Just plain gross - I was really disappointed. I couldn't believe this place had any good reviews...the last one was a long time ago, maybe things have changed. Yuck.

Dharma's Natural Foods in Santa Cruz, California
Apr 14 08

rating star

The place is set up so you order your food at the counter and they call out your name when your order is ready. It was only about ten minutes from ordering time to eating time, and when I was there it was pretty busy. The plates my friend and I ordered were both delicious. (We ordered the Veggie curry plate and Bo thai pasta.)
Lots of variety on the menu, and the portions are huge. (It's always nice to have a snack the next day.) Good choice for a casual yummy place to eat

Orchids Authentic Thai Food in South Lake Tahoe, California
May 28 08

rating star

I've eaten here twice, and I was pleased both times. There are lots of vegan and vegetarian options, and the food is good but not awesome. The service is unusually prompt and friendly, though. Good luck getting an empty water glass at dinner time, they even have someone dedicated to just refilling water. I live in Reno and drive to South Lake when I want Thai food now, so overall they're a winner.

Sprouts Cafe in South Lake Tahoe, California
Sep 27 09

rating star

Excellent location, super friendly service...very clean. The food was quite good, but what I had isn't anything I'd crave. Except...their guacamole is spectacular.

I asked what was vegan (it doesn't really spell it out for you on the menu), and they said they could make anything on the menu vegan! Score!

Deer Run Bed and Breakfast in Big Pine Key, Florida
Jun 2 11

rating star

I can't say enough good about this place.

The owners are both vegan, and the breakfasts they cook are SUPER DELICIOUS!!! Our stay here was like experiencing a little piece of heaven.

Vegan heaven :)

The rooms are spotless. The endangered Key Deer on the grounds are precious. The ocean view and the garden are unforgettable.

Stay here on your next vacation!!!

Sublime in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Jun 2 11

rating star

**100% of the profits from this restaurant are donated to support animal welfare!

The food is amazing; the restaurant is beautiful.

Down to Earth Organic & Natural in Maui, Hawaii
Jun 15 08

rating star

The buffet here is decent, and the food they make in the deli is decent. You likely won't find anything you're going to crave here, but it's an easy place to grab veggie-safe lunch on the go. Down to Earth is a great place to stock up on healthy groceries, though :)

Farmer's Market Maui in Maui, Hawaii
Jun 15 08

rating star

Everything is vegetarian, and a lot of it is vegan. This is the best place I've found to buy awesome fresh fruit (mmmm mango ((actually grown on maui)) with lime and fresh pinapple and papaya oh my) The buffet here is hit and miss - but the papaya seed dressing is super good. If you see the carrot-cashew wrap be sure to get it, it's yumtacular. Only the previously mentioned items are great, but it's a good place to stop to grab some food on the go or to stock up on essential foods. And oh, the staff is really friendly which always helps.

Veg Out in Maui, Hawaii
Jun 15 08

rating star

The food here would ABSOLUTELY get five stars, but I gave Veg-Out four stars because the atmosphere inside the restaurant is lacking. White walls, small pictures....but wow, the food is delicious. They use really fresh ingredients, and make several items from scratch. Veg-Out gets my favorite Maui restaurant award! The food is just that good. There's no better place to stop for a lunch to bring on the Road to Hana. Try the Falafel Wrap or the Vegan Pizza (oh so good.)

Batch Cupcakery in Reno, Nevada
Aug 17 11

rating star

They only make vegan cupcakes every Thursday. If you're lucky, there might be some left early on Friday at a discounted price. When I went, they had two kinds available: peach and chocolate. I went with peach; t'was surprisingly unlike any cupcake I'd had before.

Spectacularly delicious!

Batch Cupcakery in Reno, Nevada
Oct 9 13

rating star

Each day Batch has one or two flavors of vegan cupcakes, and usually also carries vegan brownies. Cute place. Eat dinner at Great Full Gardens and then swing by here for dessert! (They're right next to each other.)

Cafe DeLuxe in Reno, Nevada
Jun 18 15

rating star

I really want to like this place. The restaurant itself is cute, but the quality of the food has gone from average to disappointing. On my last visit, my french toast was burned *black* on the bottom, but they served it that way. They didn't think I'd notice when I took a bite? There were floaties in my water. The utensils had gunk on them. On some of the dishes, the serving sizes are shockingly tiny for the price.

Come on, Cafe DeLuxe. You were pretty good when you opened, but everything has been on the decline since you got new owners.

Conscious Cuisine in Reno, Nevada
Mar 4 12

rating star

The staff that works here is friendly; they are informed about vegan options, and conscientious about cooking veg food in pans that don't cook meat etc..

The food is yummy, but a bit on the expensive side for what you get.

Dandelion Deli in Reno, Nevada
Aug 17 11

rating star

Dandelion Deli is a friendly restaurant with a welcoming decor and great food. Everything I've had here is delicious. Sandwiches, soups, all rocks. The specials are constantly changing, and I have something new almost every time I go.

The dinners are even better than lunch, but instead of having dinners every Friday night, Dandelion is now offering dinner one Saturday each month. (Check the website to find out when!) Last few times I've been they even had live music with dinner :)

***Dandelion Deli will also make (awesome) vegan birthday cakes! EVEN AMAZING VEGAN ICE CREAM CAKES!!! (I can't tell you how exciting that is.) (Call about a week ahead) It also appears that Dandelion makes vegan wedding cakes. Intriguing...

Freeman's Natural Hotdogs in Reno, Nevada
Jun 18 15

rating star

UPDATE: Sadly, this establishment has closed.

I tried the vegan italian sausage with ketchup, mustard, and relish and the "Bun Burner" (vegan chipotle dog with all sorts of toppings) and they were both good. There are three different kinds of vegan dogs, but you can change things up by choosing different buns/toppings.

The service was indifferent, but the place was clean, and the food was worth the stop.

I'll definitely be going back again.

Fuego in Reno, Nevada
Mar 14 13

rating star

The ambience of this restaurant is fantastic. It's quiet, with soft lighting, and a pleasing d├ęcor. The food was just okay. It was served at room temperature, and the flavors were just average...but, all things considered, I'd go back.

Fuego is right across the street from The Pioneer Center, which is a plus.

The vegan-awareness of our waiter was moderate. He said the sauce on one of the items listed in green on the menu (which means it shooould theoretically be 100% vegan) was not vegan, which left me feeling a little bit doubtful about the ingredients. Clearly labeled vegan items are usually such a relief! Perhaps it all is vegan, and he was mistaken?....

Great Basin Food Coop in Reno, Nevada
Jul 30 09

rating star

This place automatically gets a "great" rating because of the reason that they're in business. Check out their website to learn about what a coop is (I'd never heard of one til I went there.)

The produce is hit and miss, and frequently changes: but there's always one or two things that are super fresh and an amazing deal. I've never had better yams or avocadoes than I've found here (and the prices for organic produce are quite good.) They have a wide range of items, from toiletries to bulk foods to vegan ice cream.

Stop by and check it out!

Green Papaya in Reno, Nevada
Feb 1 10

rating star

I'm a huge fan of Thai, and I wasn't impressed by Green Papaya. I didn't even like their Green Papaya salad. The spring rolls are good, but the two entrees that I had were both okay at best. Their sticky rice with mango is quite excellent, though.

Hussong's Cantina in Reno, Nevada
Jun 18 15

rating star

Vegan menu is available upon request, and this is the best location I've found downtown for vegan grub. The dishes are a little heavy on the fake meats, so if you're like me and only like a little, be sure to substitute beans or extra vegetables in place of the meat substitutes.

The food is good, but it won't blow your mind. Good service; pleasant place to eat.

MJ's Pizzeria in Reno, Nevada
Jun 2 11

rating star

**UPDATE: It seems that MJ's has closed!!! Noooo!!***

Started by a TMCC student who won a prize in a business plan competition, this place has heart and delicious food. MJ's pizza is made from scratch, with an especially delicious sauce...they're generous with toppings, and the food isn't even greasy!

I tried the "Guiltless Veggie" pizza, vegan style...super yum.

They also have a lot of good specials -- check their website or call to find out what they are.

Note: There is no indoor seating, but there is a table outside. It takes 20 minutes from when you order until your pizza is ready, so it's best to call ahead.

Nom Eats in Reno, Nevada
Jun 18 15

rating star

This food is insanely good, 100% vegan, and often available late at night on the weekends. Time and location vary, so check Nom Eats out on Facebook if you want to see what they're up to.

Plum Good in Reno, Nevada
Apr 15 10

rating star

Don't let the limited vegan options on the menu stop you from trying the food here!

Although there are only a couple things to choose from, those things are good. REALLY good.

This is the best vegan-friendly option in Reno for something fast and cheap.

The people who work there are friendly, and the restaurant itself has a nice look to it.

I get the soup and salad combo everytime I go. $5! The salad was fresh and delicious, and all the soups I've tasted were yum.

Pneumatic Diner in Reno, Nevada
Apr 2 08

rating star

Pneumatic is just a hop skip and a jump to a very pretty little park. It's nice to have somewhere to walk after eating lunch. It's a little hard to find the first time (easy to miss), but worth the effort. Service is pretty good, and the atmosphere is friendly and fun.
While I would give the food just a good rating (my favorite is the hummusy pita thing), the desserts get an excellent so it averages out. (and oh, the menu is funny - it has a lot of personality) I'm a vegan and good desserts are hard to find - and they make the best cupcakes I've EVER had (including non-vegan ones.)
Plus, it's nice to support the only (that I know of) all-veg restaurant in Reno. No worries of meaty-contamination here :)

Qdoba in Reno, Nevada
Feb 11 13

rating star

I usually get a vegan version of the veggie burrito, which is decent for fast food. You can view all the ingredients for each item on their menu here:

Taste of India in Reno, Nevada
May 4 11

rating star

The restaurant was dirty, and overwhelmed by the offensive odor of cooking dead was nauseating.

I didn't try the food, obviously. But if you don't like the smell of dead animal while you eat, and appreciate cleanliness, I'd pass on a trip to Taste of India.

VOD in Reno, Nevada
Jul 30 09

rating star

I loved this place -

but sadly, they have closed.

Whole Foods in Reno, Nevada
Jun 26 08

rating star

*A lot of variety for vegetarian and vegan grocery shopping
*Great produce
*Many organic options
*Occasional vegan/vegetarian cooking classes

*Almost too large (I liked Wild Oats much better)
*Prices can be pretty steep
*The words "vegan-friendly" has "friendly" in it, and Whole Foods is lacking that

I went in to watch a cooking demonstration in the culinary center at whole foods, and was offered a sample and said "No thank you, I'm vegan." The chef was nice enough to make a vegan version, but used the time as an excuse to lecture me on the evils of veganism. I got to hear things like "humans are designed to eat meat" "vegans are unhealthy and ignorant about nutrition" and yes, the best of all "vegetables scream when they die, too." (/sigh)

The employees at Wild Oats (which was bought out by Whole Foods) were always very friendly, and I see them around at Whole Foods...however, some of the newer staff is much less accomodating.

Plus, there are offensive smells that fill the store from several large non-vegetarian counters. (/shudder)

Not a bad place to shop for certain items, but Whole Foods seems to want money from the vegetarian community without truly being veg "friendly."

Z Pizza in Reno, Nevada
Mar 4 12

rating star

The pizza here is spectacular. The third Wednesday of every month is vegan night, and they do specially priced vegan pizzas.

For the rustica style pizza, try the "chicken curry and yam," and just ask to substitute pineapple in place of the meat, and vegan cheese in place of the dairy version. Yum!

Note: I think the veggie burger crumbles are actually vegan. All vegan options are listed on their website here -->

Zagol Ethiopian Restaurant in Reno, Nevada
May 28 08

rating star

This is a really cool little restaurant, I'm glad I went to check it out! They have a whole vegetarian section of the menu with several options. I called ahead and asked if there is any dairy/egg in the injera or any of the dishes on the vegetarian menu, and the lady I spoke with assured me that there wasn't. So yay! The whole vegetarian menu is vegan.
If you haven't been to an ethiopian restaurant before, you're in for a fun treat. Instead of using silverware, you scoop up the food with pieces of injera (flatbread) and eat that way. (You can ask for silverware if you prefer, though.) The food and the experience was very different than a usual restaurant trip, and I'd highly recommend it to anyone. The music is cool, the place is cleeean, the service is fast and unusually friendly. Eat at Zagol your next night out, you'll be pleased that you did!

Greenleaf Restaurant in Medford-Ashland, Oregon
Jun 23 10

rating star

Eat outside if the weather is nice, it's worth the (occasional) extra wait. Pretty location...the sound of the water from the creek is wonderful.

Servers were efficient, friendly, and knowledgeable about (the many) vegan options.

I tried the tofu burger that the other review suggested, but I wasn't as much of a fan. the patty was a 1/2 inch thick square of had flavoring on the outside, but the predominant flavor was just...warm, unseasoned tofu. Meh. Get the portabella burger from Grillin Bites next door instead if you want a burger!

Deep fried tofu shares oil with meat products, so be sure to get "crispy" tofu items sauteed instead.

The thai tofu wrap was heavenly!

The location gets five stars, service gets five stars...but all the food I ordered the few times I went there wasn't super-duper, so overall it gets four stars. But yeah....good place to eat!

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