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Vegan House in Los Angeles, California
Mar 22 08

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I went to the grand opening of the second location in Hollywood with 5 other people and it was a quiet atmosphere with very friendly staff. Since it was a new location, there were only three people on staff at the time, but nevertheless our food was prepared relatively quickly and was delicious. The menu has over 100 vegan items to choose from, and although I was the only vegan one, everyone agreed that the food was spectacular. The portions are well sized and very filling while the price is relatively cheap for being in the Hollywood area (roughly 6-8 dollars for a meal).

Everest on Grand in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jul 4 09

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What a nice place to eat!

Went here for a date, and the atmosphere was warm and casual. With a great selection of food and very prompt and friendly service, this restaurant rocks.


Hard Times Cafe in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jul 4 09

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This is a great place to go for a casual meal at almost any time of the night.

You might have people ask for your vegan chocolate chip pancake if you don't eat it right away, but its a good place to eat when you're craving some vegan biscuits and gravy!

Always check the soup specials on the chalkboard, the options are amazing!

Himalayan Restaurant in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jun 14 09

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From the outside this restaurant seems to be a generic Nepalese restaurant.

The inside? Impressive!

With elegant glass top tables and beautiful images and pictures of the Himalayan mountains, it's a fantastic date place.

I had the jackfruit dish with medium spice and I thought it was just as delicious as Everest's dish. My friend ordered a potato dish with mild spice, and although she is usually picky, she thoroughly enjoyed the quality and flavor of the food!

Service was great and our food came in about 15 minutes.

The Naan bread is pretty good!

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