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I'm vegan
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MaggieMudd in San Francisco, California
Jul 17 05

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Holy crap!

Amazing Thailand in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Mar 12 10

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The vegan menu is nice, and fairly extensive. The portions are huge. The food is about average. I'd probably go back just because of the vegan menu though.

Amu's Madras Cafe in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Nov 20 10

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Hands down the best indian food in the twin cities. Most of the menu is vegan, and both times I've been to the buffet about 90% of the dishes were vegan. The buffet comes with a Masala Dosai, and the weekend buffet is a bit larger and includes some vegan indian desserts. Everything I've had here has been superb.

Breadsmith in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Nov 16 04

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I like their bread a lot overall, the caramel pecan buns are awesome. Note that they're only available Thursday and Saturday.

When I asked the young woman behind the counter if they were the vegan ones, she seemed to think that kosher and vegan are the same thing. They do have a sheet with ingredients for all the breads right out on the counter though.

Dosa King in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Mar 22 10

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There are now three vegetarian Indian places on Central, though they're spread out quite a bit. Dosa King is about 10 minutes farther north than Nala Pak, but I think the drive is well worth it. I had the masala dosai, and my girlfriend got the chana bhatura. My masala dosai and sambar were both excellent, much better than any of the other veg indian places on Central. I also tried her bhatura, which was huge, well fried, and very good.

Finding the place is slightly confusing, as the gigantic 20-foot-high sign for the pizza place that used to be in their space is still up (as of late March 2010), they just have a smaller sign hung near ground level.

Everest on Grand in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Apr 21 05

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Good food, and friendly staff. The lunch buffet always has 2 veg dishes + appetizers and salad fixings. Note that the yellow rice with veggies in it (can't remember the name, but they always have it at the buffet) has butter in it. The buffet is a little more than I'd like at $9 ($11 on the weekends), but the food is quite good.

Mississippi Market in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Nov 30 03

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Maybe I'm being a little harsh, but they have a tendency to disappoint. The new Selby location is much bigger than the Randolph store, but they don't seem to have that much more vegan stuff. For the longest time they had no vegan sandwich bread whatsoever. Sometimes the Randolph store (probably 1/5th the floor space of the Selby one) even carries vegan stuff the Selby one doesn't have. If it wasn't the closest to our house we would probably never go there.

Mississippi Market in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jan 21 05

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They've got vegan chocolate donut holes there. In a box. They're Nutrilicious.

Namaste Cafe in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jun 24 06

rating star

Nice place. Not a great number of vegetarian entrees (3 or 4), but they were all vegan. Two of the appetizers are vegan. The spiced potatoes appetizer, fried daal soup, and potatoes w/ peas & cauliflower entree were all quite good. They're just getting started, so it was quite uncrowded.

Update - They've expanded the number of vegan dishes quite a bit. The menu now has all the dishes that either are, or can me made vegan marked. I had green beans with potatoes and tomatoes, and it was one of the most finely spiced dishes I think I've ever had.

Hungry Tiger Too in Portland, Oregon
May 27 12

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I had a Portland tofu scramble, which was pretty good, and I liked the hashy browns, which seem to be fried mashed potato patties. I went back and tried the mac & cheese and the vegan corndog basket. The mac & cheese wasn't that great. The corndogs were very good, but their fries weren't that great. They seemed to be overcooked, and weren't very warm by the time we got them.

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