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Green in Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona
Dec 19 11

rating star

I've only been to Green a few times but I always enjoy walking in and being surrounded by like-minded people, good art on the walls and the smells of an entirely vegan kitchen. One dining companion was unhappy with the noise on a Saturday night but I didn't even notice - I enjoyed the bustle around me.

My favorite entree has been the no-harm Chicken Parm though I have to admit I haven't tried many of the others. One thing I would not order again, however, is the Tsoynami. I ordered the Flutternutterin with bananas, peanut butter and ricemallow creme. Unfortunately, the result seemed to be heavy on watery softserve and light on toppings. I noticed bananas and a few peanut butter clumps but the ricemallow creme was indiscernable. I felt similarly disappointed with the texture of the softserve and amount of mix-ins in my companions' rocky road and empanada colada (name?). For $5 I'd rather invest in a good pint or quart of coconut or hemp milk ice cream and add my own toppings!

Woodlands Vegetarian South Indian Kitchen in Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona
Dec 19 11

rating star

I wouldn't necessarily know what fast-casual means but the first thing I noticed about Woodlands was that it was the closest thing to an Indian fast food joint that I have ever seen. The menu is posted overhead, the cashier takes orders and you pay before eating. When your food is done it is brought out on Styrofoam dishware to the table - not necessarily at the same time as that of your dining partners.

The pros: the food was all delicious. We ordered sambar dosai, an utthapam and a thali and all were of excellent quality. The chutneys are next to the serve-yourself drinking fountain and plastic silverware station so you can have as much of the (very tasty) chutneys and pickle as you wish. My sister requested no onions on her utthapam and they had no problem with customizations. The cashier was very friendly. Without any other service, no tip was needed.

The cons: the ambiance is definitely lacking as is the use of Styrofoam and plastic. If the prices were significantly lower than average I would say that it was worth the spartan aesthetic. However, the prices compare to those of most Indian restaurants. If I'm going to pay the same as elsewhere I would appreciate a more comfortable and attractive dining room and real dishware and eating utensils.

Overall I really enjoyed my food at Woodlands but perhaps I'd choose to get take-out next time. Then I could eat my dosa and sambar on dishes that didn't squish in my hands.

The Boston Tea Party in Devon, England
Nov 30 09

rating star

I really liked the Boston Tea Party for its vegan friendly options and comfort factor. I spent many hours here over the weekend sipping Jasmine Green Tea (1.60 if you eat in) and also ordering a jacket potato with roasted vegetables and no butter (about 3.25). My jacket potato was large and delicious. There were many other things I could have ordered, including a vegetarian breakfast. The breakfast included eggs but the staff are willing to make substitutions.

The bakery case also included gluten free vegan options which looked quite good. There was also a cold section with gluten free vegan options as well.

The upper floor is really nice to sit in, as it is very large with high ceilings, comfortable couches, and lots of seating. There is a bookcase with books you can take and keep if you'd like, which I definitely took advantage of, as well as newspapers and magazines that made their way around the room.

I would definitely recommend coming here for breakfast or lunch or coffee/tea.

Herbies in Devon, England
Nov 30 09

rating star

I stopped here for lunch seeking hot vegan food in Exeter. I thought that the prices were a bit high considering it was definitely a cafe and not the type of restaurant in which I would feel comfortable having a long, leisurely meal.I ordered the risotto as a side dish because I wasn't willing to pay 9 pounds for lunch. I had a decent sized bowl of rice flavoured with rosemary, pinenuts, and lemon.

The restaurant, as said before, was not very cozy and the woman sitting uncomfortably close to me stared at my friend and I the entire meal.

The dessert menu looked delicious and included gluten free vegan options. I would have ordered dessert had it not been 4-5 pounds and I was on a budget.

Herbie's has a good vegan/vegetarian menu but be prepared to spend more money than you'd expect from the setting/environment.

Tiger Bills in Devon, England
Nov 30 09

rating star

This was my best meal out in Exeter, though I must admit I only ate out three times. I came on Sunday night with my friend and found that Tiger Bills had 2-for-1 specials on all of their Thai food. I asked the server if the food could be made without fish sauce and she said "of course" without hesitation. All their food is made from scratch and thus can be made fish-free without any problems.

We ordered a coconut soup, a vegetable stirfry, a green curry, a red curry, and three drinks for exactly 25 pounds.The food was not the best Thai food that I have ever had--it was mild on the flavour and heat--but it was steaming hot, vegan, and filled with tofu-veggie goodness. Plus, rice came with the entrees, atypical of many UK restaurants I've been to. We sat at our table for an hour and a half after our meal was over, digesting and waiting for our train, and the restaurant made no sign of trying to usher us on.

Again, while this was more adequate than amazing, the sheer affordability and vegan friendliness made this restaurant a definite win in my book.

Indian Vegetarian Bhelpoori House in London, England
Oct 2 09

rating star

This buffet was fairly cheap considering the amount of food. We were starving when we came and got a solid, hearty meal for less than four pounds. The flavors of the different curries all had the same generic Indian flavor but the different rices all had distinct tastes. The coleslaw was flavorful and crunchy and I did enjoy that a lot.

Unless I am incredibly hungry with nothing to eat I probably will nto come here again. If I am in that situation, this place is a great cheap vegan-friendly option.

The restaurant itself is amusing for all of the vegetarian/vegan information/propaganda on the walls. It may be preaching to the choir but we liked it.

Notes: ask for water if you want it or you might not get it. Also, use the same plate for every trip to the buffet.

inSpiral Lounge in London, England
Sep 27 09

rating star

Inspiral's website and Inspiral itself are two very different things. Its website would make you believe that you were going to a restaurant where your meal would be precisely prepared with the freshest ingredients and plated elegantly for your enjoyment. In reality, the meals are premade and sitting under a heat lamp. The servers slap your main dish and sides on a plate and hand it over like school lunch ladies, albeit friendly hippie lunch ladies.

Unlike school lunches, however, this food is vegan and much of it is wheat or gluten free. My friends and I fell upon our meals as if we hadn't eaten in weeks. The flavors were good but the main faults fell in temperature. I ordered the lasagna with sides of roasted root vegetables, potato wedges, and sauteed green vegetables. My lasagna was steaming but my sides were lukewarm and that made the potato wedges less enjoyable as they were a bit soggy.

I ordered dessert and had chocolate cheesecake and butterscotch ice cream. The ice cream was the first I've had in London and it was mostly good but had a strange taste to it that I would guess to be from a sugar substitute or other scientific additive. The cheesecake was very rich and a great texture. My friend ordered the pina colada smoothie which was delicious.

Overall we really enjoyed our meal as the food was hearty and flavorful but I would say we overpaid. I paid 7.95 for premade lasagna and lukewarm sides. I would think the prices would be much lower. I would come back here again for their vegan desserts (thought not the ice cream) and the outdoor seating and fun atmosphere. I would probably not spend my dinner dollars here again.

Isarn in London, England
Oct 12 09

rating star

I enjoyed my meal at Isarn. The restaurant was full yet very quiet considering it was 8 pm on a Saturday night. Our food came very promptly. The first thing that came to our table was a complimentary basket of chips which were unfortunately not vegan as they contained a prawn seasoning. We ordered the spring rolls and some of the vegetable dishes. The spring rolls were good though I didn't expect them to be fried rather than fresh. The vegetable dishes ranged from okay to delicious--my personal favorite was the tofu steak with basil and chili. It was sweet and spicy and very smooth. Portion sizes were a bit small and they charged for rice unfortunately. On the plus side they offered multiple varieties of rice including the brown jasmine rice we ordered.

The service was extremely friendly. They had our water glasses filled at all times and as we left every server and the chef stopped to say goodbye.

Luscious Organic in London, England
Sep 5 09

rating star

I was happy with the prices and satisfied with the selection at Luscious Organics. The vegetable boullion I bought was cheaper than at Sainsbury's and other items looked reasonably priced. I didn't see much in the way of vegan ice cream and there was only a limited selection of tofu. The falafel was a bit sweet but the sprouts and the bean salad my friends bought were both enjoyed.

Edamame in Oxfordshire, England
Oct 3 09

rating star

Edadame has vegan friendly Japanese dishes with a delicate but lovely flavor. The food comes in tiny portions though and it becomes quite spendy to get full here. I started with their signature dish of edamame. I was slightly disappointed to find that it was literally a plate of cold edamame with a bowl to discard the shells in. I had been expecting some seasoning or perhaps stirfrying but I guess I should have read the menu more closely.

I ordered the tofu steak and rice (white rice only and a bowl costs 1.5 pounds) for my main meal. My tofu steak was extremely silky and had a lovely flavor although very little of the radish it advertised. My rice never came which was disappointing as I really was hungry.

In the end Edamame is a quiet little restaurant with lovely little flavors for not so small prices.

Porter Cellar Bar in Somerset, England
Sep 14 09

rating star

My friends and I ate here for lunch and the place was completely empty inside but the outside patio was full. We ordered a bunch of different plates--the Little Bites appetizer plate, the jacket potato with red peppers and hummus, the chili, and the soup of the day. The food was pretty good but not exceptionally flavorful. The soup was absolutely bland and we did not finish it. The chili was sweet rather than spicy but my friend really liked it. I enjoyed the potato wedges on the Little Bites the most, especially with the interesting pesto/oil dish they served it with.

The restaurant is very cozy inside but outside the tables are a bit rickety and I ended up spilling my friend's coffee all over the table. The service was fairly efficient and the prices were reasonable. I would like to find more unique flavors and zest but this is a solid place for a vegetarian or vegan visiting Bath.

Albero dal Pane in Rome, Italy
Jan 5 10

rating star

This store sold vegan spelt croissants that made our stay in Rome extremely exciting. They had a lot of soy products including pates, tofu, and gelato. The items were a little pricey but we enjoyed the shop.

Blue Ice in Rome, Italy
Jan 5 10

rating star

This gelateria was really vegan friendly. We loved the hazelnut ice cream! The chocolate and pistachio were also good. The texture was very creamy--a rarity in Europe.

Rancho Grande in Buffalo, Minnesota
Jul 1 09

rating star

Rancho Grande offers a vegetarian section of their menu featuring a vegetarian fajita of sauteed mushrooms, bell peppers, tomatoes, and onions. The only beans available in the restaurant are refried beans but the server swore they didn't use lard. Therefore the fajitas are easily vegan if the cheese and sour cream are withheld. Several other items on the menu (burritos, chalupas, enchiladas) are vegetarian but not vegan.

The food came in large portions (I only finished half) and was served very quickly and came steaming hot. The server was attentive and friendly, the atmosphere bright and cheerful, and the music lively but suitably quiet for lunch. I would rank this higher if the flavor had been more unique or if their were more vegan-friendly options.

That said, I would go to Rancho Grande again for their fajitas when visiting Buffalo for lack of other options in this not-so-progressive town.

Amu's Madras Cafe in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Nov 19 10

rating star

Yum! I absolutely loved my dosa, sambar, and chutney as well as the eggplant curry (not the baingan bartha; I forget the name) I ordered. We got pakora as an appetizer and while it was quite good I never enjoy fried appetizers quite as much as I do the rest of the meal.

The dosa crepe was perfectly thin and crispy and the masala filling was soft and mild, perfect for pairing with the spicier sambar and chutneys. I also really liked the flavors of the tomatoes, spices, and chiles in my entree and it seemed different than any other eggplant curry I've had.

Note: we ordered the masala dosa with chutney in it but as the dosa is served with chutney this is superfluous, especially as I don't remember tasting any chutney inside the crepe and it cost more than the simple masala dosa.

The ambiance is a bit utilitarian but everything is clean, new, and comfortable. I wouldn't go here for a romantic evening but I would definitely take anyone who wants quality Indian food here for dinner. Vegan options are clearly marked and they are plentiful. Prices are not too high though portions are on the small side.

Annapurna Bhavan in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Nov 16 11

rating star

I went here for dinner as part of a large group and must say that the quality of the company exceeded the quality of the restaurant. I ordered a masala dosa which is my favorite thing to get at a South Indian restaurant. The crepe was excellent but the filling was heavy on mashed potatoes and turmeric and exceedingly light on onion or other spices. The sambar served alongside the dosa was good but was the smallest portion of sambar I've ever received in a restaurant. I also shared a friend's sambar vada and would definitely consider getting this appetizer again.

Other thoughts - several people ordered vegetable samosas which were quite good but were served without chutney. I've never seen samosas served without the standard accoutrements. Upon my request the server brought chutneys for everyone but I found it peculiar.

The ambiance definitely needs work. There is little decor to speak of and the room feels quite empty and impersonal.

I love South Indian food but this restaurant, while satisfactory, falls short of my expectations in execution and atmosphere.

Benihana in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Oct 27 10

rating star

Benihana's menu is approximately 90% steak, fish, and sushi. Buried amongst the meaty offerings are a few delicious vegan options. Both of the entree salads appear to be vegan and are more than just salads, composed of grilled vegetables, brown rice, and including a tofu appetizer and other sides. There is also a tofu steak option, which I ordered, that comes with an appetizer (ask for tofu instead of shrimp), grilled vegetables, soup, salad, and rice. The soup is NOT vegan as it is made with beef stock but the server gave me an extra side salad to make up for it.

The side salad standard with meals was much better than at most restaurants, mostly because of its unique dressing. I also ordered a side of hot edamame which was adequate in curbing my hunger while I waited but nothing beyond what I could make myself. My tofu steak was covered in a spicy red sauce and tossed with green onions and cilantro and was delectable. I asked for brown rice instead of white and enjoyed what felt like one of the healthiest--and tastiest--restaurant meals I've eaten. I also ordered a veggie sushi roll which was quite good, although my sushi experience is limited.

The caveat: all of your food is prepared in front of you with the other orders at the table on the hibachi grill (I think that's what it's called). That means that the same surface and utensils that are grilling fish and steak are grilling your vegan or vegetarian meal. I didn't think about this ahead of time. At home I would never accept this but as the staff knew I didn't eat meat, dairy, or eggs they did put my food off to the side a bit and it appeared that the chef was perhaps changing or cleaning his utensils a bit before touching mine. I imagine cross contamination of utensils between omni dishes and vegan dishes happens quite often in restaurants but it's disconcerting to watch it happen in front of you. It's also disconcerting to watch red meat sizzle before you as you eat your tofu and veggies.

Thus I'm conflicted in my review. My food was great, they willingly left out the butter on the veggies (but be sure to ask), and it was really fun to watch the knives fly as the chef performed. I don't like all the meat and seafood in front of me and I don't like knowing that it's on the same surface. My solution for the future: get a group of 7-8 veg-friendly people in order to secure your own table. Then only order veg food and request no butter. This will guarantee delicious, non-meaty food.

I went to Benihana's because I received a $30 gift certificate for my birthday, meaning that all of my food was free including the passionfruit lemonade with unlimited refills and sorbet. Ask if the sorbet is vegan, I was too full to have any anyway. Food is a bit expensive with entrees starting at $15.50. I'll be back if I can get that ideal veg group together, otherwise I'll be working on recreating the spicy red sauce on my tofu. As it was my birthday they took a picture of me and my sister and had it printed for us before we left.

California Pizza Kitchen in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jun 23 10

rating star

I was surprised to find that CPK is relatively vegan friendly. All of its soups are vegetarian and easily vegan minus croutons and sprinkled on cheese. The salads are either vegan or easily made to be so, the thin crust is vegan so pizzas without meat and cheese are vegan (and there are enough topping choices to make this interesting) and some of its appetizers are vegan or veganizable.

I enjoyed tortilla chips with white corn guacamole and Japanese Grilled Vegetable Salad. The appetizer was really good though small when shared between two people. The grilled vegetable salad was enormous with hefty portions of grilled veggies which weren't as warm as I would have liked but good. The sauce was a little tame for my taste buds (perhaps more of an Italian viniagrette than anything Japanese) but that didn't stop me from devouring my meal. I would go back for the same appetizer, to try the soups, and perhaps for the same salad. If it weren't for my wheat intolerance I could experiment with pizzas and pastas too.

The service at the Southdale location was good enough though they weren't very clear on whether I could get something (such as portabello mushrooms which are on their menu elsewhere) substituted for chicken in an Asian salad.

Prices are relatively high for adequate food so I will not be going back except for when someone else pays. When the someone else is an unadventurous Midwesterner, I will be more than happy to eat at CPK at their expense.

They have a vegetarian/vegan guide at:

Cat Man Do Restaurant in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jul 21 09

rating star

I stopped at Cat-Man-Do today for lunch and had pakora, the eggplant curry, chickpea curry, and a black eyed pea/vegetable soup. I thought that the eggplant curry was one of the best executed I've had in Minneapolis/St. Paul. The eggplant was roasted to the melt-in-your-mouth stage and the flavor was great. The chickpea curry was similarly delicious and was my niece's favorite.

The pakora was basically flavorless so I would not order that again. I dipped it in the soup to make it palatable. The soup was full of bamboo shoots and other vegetables and is worth trying.

The restaurant is small but ambient with an outdoor patio. The patio was quiet yet I think there was only one server and we waited a long time for our drinks/refills. I ended up refilling my own glass with water from the bottle in my bag. Otherwise the service was friendly and the water wasn't that big of a deal.

I like the service and workers better at the Himalayan in Minneapolis but would definitely go to CatManDo again if I was in the neighborhood.

Chiang Mai Thai in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Feb 19 10

rating star

I went to Chiang Mai Thai for their late night happy hour. They have cheap drinks and cocktails and most importantly, $3 vegan appetizers. I tried the spring rolls and the fried tofu. The fried tofu was served in long strips like really fat french fries and was surprisingly good. It wasn't particularly packed with flavor on its own but had a crispy but not overdone coating and a lovely softness inside. Dipped in a little soy sauce, sriracha, or peanut sauce, it was a dish I'd definitely order every time I'm there.

The spring rolls, sadly, were completely lackluster. While the rolls were huge, they were 90% rice noodles and 10% prepackaged lettuce--or at least it tasted like it. The menu described the rolls as also containing beansprouts and cilantro but there was absolutely nothing that tasted like cilantro inside. I'd have liked to see some tofu/mock duck options as well as some carrots, cucumbers, onions, peanuts, or SOMETHING with crunch and flavor inside.

Still, I'm eager to try Chiang Mai Thai again. The server was very enthusiastic about their vegan options and told me that almost anything on the menu can be made vegan if requested. He especially recommended the yellow curry, which can be vegan, and the thai basil stirfry. Had they not been $12-13 I would have ordered one last night.

The decor was very nice with high bar tables, regular tables, and low lounge seating. All in all, I enjoyed my tofu, had great service, and am looking forward to trying the entrees. I just won't order the spring rolls.

Chino Latino in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Dec 21 08

rating star

I went here last Saturday night with a friend. The service was great - we were seated immediately and the waiter was extremely attentive. When I asked about vegan items, he listed off many dishes that either come vegan or can be easily veganized. I had a hard time deciding! My friend and I split fries with black beans, pico de gallo, salsa, and guacamole - delicious. We ordered slightly more healthy but also wonderful sides of stir fried veggies and beans. It was enough food to be full and allowed for a more reasonable tab.
A note about the service - I asked for a lemon or lime in my water: it came to me with a lemon wedge, a lime wedge, an orange slice, two slices of watermelon, and a plastic mermaid. Can't beat that!
The biggest downfall is the prices, which are higher than my student budget can usually afford.

*update* I went here again on a Friday night to celebrate graduation with some friends and once again had a terrific experience. The server sat down next to me and highlighted all the vegan choices of the night--this time I ordered the same fries, a green coconut curry with tofu, eggplant, red peppers, and jasmine rice, and "weedeater" sushi. The curry was heavenly with tofu that dissolved immediately in my mouth. The sushi was also well executed. The pineapple/mango/papaya drink served in a pineapple is expensive, but well worth the slushy goodness. Once again it was expensive, but a great ambiance for a celebration.

Common Roots in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Dec 2 11

rating star

Common Roots always has a few vegan items on its menu (which changes monthly). Yet the vegan items that my friends and I have tried have been incredibly lackluster. On my last visit I ordered a breakfast hash which came as a small plate of oily diced potatoes, sweet potatoes and tofu without any discernible seasoning or flavor. It was truly one of the worst dishes I have been served in a restaurant. My friend felt the same about her tofu tacos. My experience was disappointing as the options had sounded promising.

Nevertheless I have returned to Common Roots for tea. They make a commitment to local, sustainable consumption which I like to support. They also provide soy milk for coffee/tea, free of charge, alongside the typical pitchers of dairy milk and cream.

I have not tried the soups and will likely give them a chance should I end up there for lunch. Yet, given the plethora of higher quality vegan options in the area, that is unlikely.

Evergreen Chinese Restaurant in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Dec 11 08

rating star

Evergreen rises above the traditional Chinese restaurant by offering dishes rarely seen elsewhere, including the three cup tofu and the house style eggplant with basil. The tofu was the winner for me, cooked in a wine sauce with garlic, sesame seed oil, and basil standing out among other seasonings. The eggplants were extremely tender and very flavorful. I also tried the deep fried vegetarian rolls, but was not stunned.

Evergreen’s above par food does not translate into its décor, which is rather stark and cafeteria style. The service is efficient though, and comes with miniature cups of tea and vegan fortune cookies, which made it fun.

The menu states that Evergreen uses a separate cutting board and wok for their plentiful vegetarian and vegan options, which always makes me feel more comfortable eating there. I would definitely go back to work my way through the rest of the vegan if only they had brown rice!

French Meadow Bakery and Cafe in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Sep 3 09

rating star

*Updated Review*
I ordered the tempeh cutlets and enjoyed the cutlets as well as the beans and greens immensely. The server brought me a basket of tortilla chips and salsa since I couldn't eat the bread basket (gluten). The service was friendly and prompt and we sat outside and had a lovely time.

*Old Review*

I visited French Meadow for breakfast on a Tuesday morning. Though there were many vegan options, there weren't that many for a gluten-free vegan to enjoy beyond hashbrowns and tofu scrambles. I ordered the Cajun Hashbrowns without cheese and was surprised to find my dish lacking any flavor whatsoever. I haven't eaten much Cajun food, but was under the impression that it was supposed to be very much filled with flavor.

Nonetheless, I will return here to try other options on the menu. Surely it cannot all be as deadeningly bland since most reviewers have rated it much more favorably. I also will hope to find a gluten free vegan bakery option next time I visit.

Giulia's Italian Ice Cream and Gourmet Popcorn, Etc. in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jun 16 08

rating star

I stopped in today with a friend who wanted ice cream and was surprised to find Giulia had many vegan options. Today they were pineapple, coconut, kiwi, and mango, although she said she typically carries 5 or 6 vegan varieties. She told me she was making some green apple for later tonight, and that she also frequently has pomegranate and other flavors that are vegan. She said she makes her fruit flavors dairy free because she has many lactose intolerant customers, making this a great place for both vegans and vegetarians! I sampled the coconut, mango, and kiwi and settled on a scoop each of coconut and kiwi. The coconut was sweet and delicate and the kiwi was a little tart and very refreshing. I will definitely be back to try out other flavors!

Hard Times Cafe in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Nov 2 08

rating star

I love the Hard Time's menu which has many vegan options. I have ordered their vegan pancake twice, with two very different results. Once was at dinner time and the pancake was good, but very oily. The second time was for breakfast today and it was completely different - perfectly thick and fluffy without a hint of greasiness. I ordered cranberries in it, and they were tart, plump and juicy and it was the best pancake I have ever eaten (and I love pancakes!)
I have also ordered their East African peanut stew/soup and it had great flavor but could have been hotter in temperature.
Overall Hard Times offers a multitude of options for vegans and vegetarians at college student prices. Just be aware that you might order the same food and get completely different results every time.

*update* today I ordered the Shaman's Special with tempeh and got a wonderfully seasoned heaping dish of veggies, brown rice, tempeh, sesame seeds, and ginger. It was delicious.

Heidi's in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Feb 18 12

rating star

Heidi's carefully-crafted menu changes seasonally but it always has one vegetarian or vegan appetizer and entree. The winter menu currently features a butternut squash and potato soup with plum oil, brussels sprouts and pepitas as well as an entree of house-made tofu served atop red lentil puree with apple and rutabaga sauce. The other offerings are heavy on the meat and seafood but with new menus every season, vegans and vegetarians will be able to find new dishes to try with relative frequency.

Chef Stewart Woodman is one of the local media's most talked about chefs and his restaurant does not disappoint. Small, intimate and elegant with nearly flawless service, it is the perfect venue for special occasions (but not large groups). The food is plated with precision and creativity and the layers of flavor embedded in each arrangement are a joy to discover.

The serving size, as seems standard for more upscale restaurants, is very small so expect to order multiple courses or to sample heavily from the bread plate. If you have the money, it's well worth investing in an experience here.

On my visit last night I ordered the soup and the tofu - all were delicious and so unique. I ended the evening with cherry sorbet topped with marigolds, a wonderful fusion of sweet, tart and floral. I would give it five stars only if it had a few more options for vegans but it is still one of my most delightful dining experiences.

Himalayan Restaurant in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jun 17 09

rating star

I love this restaurant and usually list it as one of my favorite places to eat at. I asked them right away about vegan options and they were very understanding and helpful. I have since brought many of my friends and family to the restaurant and even the most picky eaters have enjoyed it. One of the servers remembers me by name every time I go back, which is great. Once, when a spice intolerant friend felt her curry was too hot, they brought her a new dish immediately at no charge.
I have so far enjoyed both of their soups, the pakora, and many of their curries--all except the palak paneer and the asparagus. My favorites are the eggplant and the jackfruit, my least favorite is the okra. I ask for my food hot and think it is still not as spicy as it could be.

Jasmine 26 in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Feb 23 09

rating star

I tried four different items my first evening at Jasmine 26. Both appetizers—the Salt and Pepper Tofu and spring rolls—were fantastic. It was interesting to eat the spring rolls as they slice them sushi style, which makes for large bites, but it also makes it easier to eat without spilling the fillings. The tofu was very well executed, which is critical since its seasonings are simple.
The Jasmine Crepe was an entirely new experience for me—the coconut flavor with bean sprouts, mung beans, onions, and tofu is comparable to nothing I’ve eaten before, but thoroughly enjoyed. On that night I also ordered the Red Peanut Curry, which can be ordered with either mock duck or tofu, but I latered found out it wasn't actually vegan.
My second trip I ordered the Coconut Hot Pot made with vegan broth and an eggplant stirfry with tofu. The tofu was lacking in flavor and I would have preferred more eggplant instead of protein, but otherwise both were delicious. The server recommended ordering more rice with the hotpot but we didn't finish the amount that came with our meals.
The service at Jasmine 26 is attentive, to the point that my water glass rarelys dips below 2/3 full. The waiters and owners are very friendly and willing to ensure that everything could be made vegan. The ambiance doesn't hurt either-the restaurant is dim but attractive and great for special nights out.
I would definitely recommend eating here. Jasmine 26 labels itself “Vegetarian Friendly” and indicates on its menu that most menu items can be made without meat. I didn’t get a chance to ask how many can be made vegan, but the items I tried were good enough to bring me back regardless.

Jewel of India in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Mar 29 08

rating star

I went to the Jewel of India last night with a group of friends and was dissatisfied overall. After we sat down it took a very long time to have our order taken, and many who arrived after us were served before we were. Once our order was taken our food arrived in a decent amount of time, but the wrong dish was delivered to one of my friends and another's dish arrived late. We had ordered 3 baskets of naan, but the second didn't arrive until halfway through the meal and the third didn't arrive until we had all finished eating. The food tasted good, but the slow and faulty service was a serious drawback.

Little Szechuan in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jun 17 11

rating star

The last building in beige strip mall of sorts, Little Szechuan doesn't look like much from the outside. Inside, however, the restaurant is filled with punches of color (red) and attractive sconce lighting. While the boring facade keeps the restaurant's profile on the downlow, to a certain extent, its reputation as one of the best Chinese restaurants in the Twin Cities is steadily growing.

I visited on a Saturday at lunch time. The restaurant was only about 1/3 full and the service was quick, frequent and attentive. My friend and I ordered the fried cucumbers, ma po tofu, spicy Szechuan tofu and the tea tree mushrooms. For me the winner was the ma po tofu though the spicy Szechuan tofu was a close contestant. The best part was that the two dishes were so different that I didn't regret ordering two tofu-centric entrees.

The ma po tofu was made with soft tofu in a flavorful, almost broth-like sauce. The spicy Szechuan tofu was much firmer and crusty with seasonings. My friend likened it to BBQ ribs and though it didn't taste anything like BBQ it did have a crackly exterior and firm interior that gave each cube a substantial and satisfying bite. Portion sizes of both dishes were huge and we had a lot of tofu to take home.

The cucumbers were good though in the interest of saving money I wouldn't order them again. The tea tree mushrooms were unique, chewy and flavorful. I'd like to try more of Little Szechuan's vegetable-based dishes in conjunction with one of the aforementioned tofu dishes next time I visit.

Also: Little Szechuan advertises one free dish with the purchase of another dish on your birthday. Their food is great and I can guarantee I'll lobby for a birthday dinner there to take advantage of the special.

The only complaint is one typical of many restaurants: they don't offer brown rice. They serve a giant bowl of white rice with your entree but my personal opinion that white rice lacks texture, flavor and nutritional value means I left my portion basically untouched.

Lucky Dragon in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Nov 20 08

rating star

I went here a few weeks ago for the first time with my dad. I asked the hostess if they had any vegan items on their menu, specifying that I wanted no fish sauce--she initially had a hard time telling me what was vegan, but it seemed that there were many things that either were vegan by nature or could be made as such. I ordered the black bean garlic sauce stir fry with tofu and it was quite satisfying. I haven't eaten a lot of Chinese food so I can't compare it to any other restaurants in the Cities, but I liked it. The tofu was done well, andI got a large amount of stir fry and unlimited rice-- I left with enough for lunch the next day.
We also ordered vegan spring rolls. I liked the sauce they came with, but wished they had less rice and more of the other fillings in the roll.
Overall the service was very efficient and they seemed willing to accomodate any vegan requests/substitutions. The server gave my dad a fortune cookie but told me that the ingredient list on the box contained egg, which encouraged me to believe they were taking my veganism seriously.

Masu Sushi and Robata in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jan 6 12

rating star

Masu was ranked one of the top new restaurants of 2011 by most local critics. Its diverse menu - including sushi, robata (grill) and noodle bowls - provides a nice array of Japanese cuisine. Thankfully for vegans and vegetarians, Masu has an entirely veg menu (ask for it when you arrive) that precludes the usual "does this come with bonito flakes" query.

The veg menu includes two larger, creative sushi rolls - the grasshopper and the caterpillar - along with several other typical avocado/cucumber/carrot offerings. Inari (rice stuffed in a fried tofu pouch) comes with umeboshi or shisito peppers. Appetizers include edamame, seaweed salad, agedashi tofu along with several other options. There are also several grilled vegetable options and soba noodle dishes.

I like the sushi rolls the best: they are aesthetically pleasing, tightly wrapped and flavorful. I thought the grilled eggplant was one of the most enjoyable eggplant dishes I have had - charred, smoky and exquisitely soft - but $3.50 only bought three miniscule pieces of eggplant and a little pot of miso glaze. I would pay more for an entire plate filled with that eggplant. The inari is good enough but it's a huge pouch and only a little of the flavorful topping. The agedashi tofu is steaming hot, billowy and uniquely textured but ultimately it was three pieces of fairly mild tofu for about $6.

I really like what Masu is doing, especially in regards to its respect for vegans and vegetarians. I think it has the best sushi rolls for veg eaters in town but its sides are small portions for high prices and can border on the bland. That said, it's hard to find complete satisfaction at Masu at a reasonable price. Another consideration to note: it does get crowded in the evenings and conversation must be held at a slightly elevated level.

Masu also has an extensive sake menu along with wine and beer (including Sapporo).

Modern Times Cafe in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Dec 2 11

rating star

My friends and I had brunch here a week ago and had a thoroughly mixed experience. I ordered a plate with sauteed vegetables and tofu with corn tortillas (it originally included toast). I was satisfied with my food and felt happy with its health factor and affordability but I definitely enjoyed the bites I swiped of my friends' hashbrowns and spicy Tuscon and Southwest Scrambles.

Other things tried: vegan pancakes which came with a generous amount of real maple syrup and a chai latte which was on the sweet side but delicious nonetheless.

However, as other reviewers have noted, Modern Times seems to specialize in many slightly different variations scrambled tofu and hashbrowns. While good, more varied and exciting options would draw me back more quickly.

Finally, service was a bit of an issue. Sometimes the server filled our glasses, sometimes we got up to fill our own. One companion ended up with four meals on her tab when she only ordered two. When the lunch hour came (they serve separate breakfast and lunch menus) the group was forced to leave.

I liked Modern Times Cafe's hashbrowns and commitment to providing vegan options but I'd just as much prefer to go to the Seward Cafe or Hard Times for brunch in the future.

Pablo's Mexican Restaurant in Twin Cities, Minnesota
May 25 09

rating star

I would recommend Pablo's to vegans looking for somewhere to eat in Shakopee. Although I haven't explored the area in depth, I was nervous about the options available by the Canterbury Park. While Pablo's offerings were quite standard, the server was knowledgable about the veganness of various menu offerings and delivered a substantial and decent quality meal. The beans and veggies in my fajitas could have used a little more kick but the spicy salsa helped (the mild wasn't so good, so ask for the spicier version!)

There is a lot better Mexican food out there, but Pablo's was a welcome alternative to the Perkins, Culvers, and MacDonalds we drove past on our way to dinner tonight. Plus the service was friendly and the atmosphere festive. For that I give it 3 out of 5 stars.

PF Chang's in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jun 19 10

rating star

PF Changs is great for gluten free vegans. I've only eaten here twice but both times have been delighted with the tofu lettuce wraps. I could order just this appetizer and consider it worth the trip. I have also tried the stir fried eggplant, vegetable chow fun, and ma po tofu. The eggplant and tofu were also great, the vegetable chow fun startlingly bland. I ordered the vegetable noodle dish only because the server promised it was in his top five favorites at the restaurant but found it to be completely bland and something I could have made better at home. That said, I have enjoyed everything else I've eaten here.

PF Changs is especially nice for someone who likes Chinese food but wants the comforting, more traditional restaurant decor of an upper middle priced American restaurant. The booths are comfortable, the lighting is low, and the art is Asian inspired. Detractors might protest that PF Changs is far from authentic Chinese home cooking but the restaurant aims for flavorful, abundant dishes with options for everyone rather than ultimate Asian legitimacy.

Pizza Luce in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Nov 18 08

rating star

I used to go to the Pizza Luce in Downtown Minneapolis until I discovered I was gluten intolerant. I thought that was the end of my pizzeria days, but not so anymore. The St. Paul location has started a Gluten Free mneu and has already expanded it from just on Tuesdays to Tuesdays and Wednesdays. My gluten free brother and I couldn't resist stopping by to check it out.
The crusts, which are also vegan, come from the Cooqi bakery just down on Marshall and Cretin. They only come in the 10" size, so we each ordered our own pizza. I selected the "build your own" and chose roasted eggplant and mushroom pizza, half with rinotta and half with soy cheese. I also got vegan GF barbecue sauce drizzled over it. The combination was fantastic. I enjoyed the soy cheese more than the rinotta--I don't know if there was a vast flavor difference, but it seemed more cheesy and pizza like.
I could hardly stop at half the pizza, though I convinced myself to save the other half for lunch tomorrow. The downside of Pizza Luce is they still have limited vegan dessert options--I think a rice krispy bar is still the only option. We left to get dessert elsewhere.
The service was attentive, we had a very friendly waitress, and it was wonderful to know that they were trained and knowledgable about both veganism and gluten intolerance.

Rice Paper in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Feb 10 12

rating star

Rice Paper has some of the most beautifully plated food and exquisite blossoming tea that I have seen but its aesthetics are far more impressive than its flavors and value.

We started the meal with tofu spring rolls which were heavy on the rice noodles and lighter on the more flavorful components. Nonetheless, the rolls were fresh and tasty with the peanut dipping sauce.

My dining companion first ordered the plantation entree but it turned out they weren't serving it at that time so he chose the tamarind rice trio. I ordered the roadhouse smoky plate with tofu. Both plates were elegantly composed but were largely white rice and lettuce/cabbage. The menu described the tofu as grilled, which I found appealing, but it resembled fried tofu more than any grilled tofu I have eaten previously.

My food was adequate but it lacked the profusion of flavor and complexity that I expect from Vietnamese and Thai cuisine. I appreciated the pretty carrots but would have appreciated richer flavor even more - especially considering the cost.

Sawatdee in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Aug 14 11

rating star

I went to Sawatdee in Maple Grove with my sister who had purchased a Living Social deal. The first thing I noticed upon arrival was that the range of offerings was much more limited than anything I have seen at Tum Rup Thai or other Minneapolis Thai/Vietnamese restaurants. The basic Thai staples - Panang, Massuman, Red, Green , Cashew Stir Fry and Pad Thai - were there but not much else.

The menu offers both chicken/shrimp and vegetarian fresh spring rolls. I asked if the vegetarian ones could be made with tofu and our server said no as the spring rolls are prepared in advance. I took this to be a bad sign as I like "fresh" to truly mean fresh. We ended up ordering them anyway to meet our Living Social expense quota and they were essentially a roll with rice noodles, lettuce and cilantro. Not worth ordering at all but edible nonetheless.

Many of the entrees include fish sauce which is not surprising. Ask for vegetarian options. My stir fry was okay but rather flat in the flavor department. I would have liked more complexity and nuance in the dish as well as a better execution of the tofu which came as large, heavy blocks.

Also to be noted: I ordered my dish at four out of five peppers and it was still not hot enough for me. The server told me I would be sweating at five peppers but I doubt that after trying their four.

My sister and I both agreed that we would rather have eaten at P.F. Chang's just down the road and next time we will do so.

Senor Wong in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jul 27 09

rating star

I went to Senor Wong's for a weekday lunch. The restaurant was largely empty and quiet. We started off with the sweet potato fries which are served with a chili mayonnaise sauce. The server brought out two extra sauces--a sweet apricot sauce and a peanut soy sauce--after I requested something different. Both sauces were sweet without much tang or heat. I added chili sauce to both. The fries themselves were crispy, salty, not as sweet as expected, and delicious.

For an entree I ordered the Four Mushroom Stirfry with tofu which the server said could be made vegan. I was surprised to see such a small amount of food. Both my sister and I noted that there were very few mushrooms in the dish--it seemed that the Four Mushroom Stirfry literally contained four mushrooms and a lot of tofu. This time my food was spicy, as requested, but still lacked a certain depth. I liked it but kept feeling that there was something missing.

That said, I did enjoy my lunch here. Both my omnivorous sister and I were able to find dishes that sounded appealing without extravagant prices. The service was adequate and our meals came steaming hot. My stirfry also came with a simple green salad, which I liked. The restaurant was very clean, spacious, and nicely designed. The basic components of my dishes were solid, I just wish the sauces packed more of a flavor punch. I would go back again if in downtown St. Paul but probably won't drive there from Minneapolis.

Seward Cafe in Twin Cities, Minnesota
May 11 08

rating star

The Seward Cafe is my main breakfast spot. I usually order their Righteous Pancake with blackberries and it's a wonderful combination of large juicy berries and fluffy pancake. The last time I was there I had the Red Earth with beans and found the hash browns hot and crispy. The entire plate was delicious. Before going gluten free I usually ordered their traditional vegan pancake (also delicious) and muffins. Their muffins, even day old, are the best I have ever eaten. I tried the vegan french toast once, but felt it was too much dry bread and not enough flavor or moistness.

Sunsets in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Oct 1 11

rating star

My sister chose the restaurant last weekend and we ended up at Sunsets. No vegan options were listed on their menu so I called ahead to speak with the chef. The (very nice) man I spoke with told me that they don't create meals that aren't specifically on their menu but he was willing to work with me.

After working with him on what I could and could not eat, he asked what I would suggest. I was disappointed that he didn't have any ideas as I appreciate creativity and innovation in the kitchen. I asked what he could do with a portobello mushroom (on his menu elsewhere) and he didn't know. In the end I asked for a mushroom stir fry which came with a bottled (but vegan) Cantonese sauce with vegetables and rice. I appreciated his willingness to work with me and to read me the ingredients in the bottle but I would have loved to hear he made his sauces from scratch.

At lunch the next day I ordered a roasted pear salad (without the cheese) and the aforementioned stir fry. The ingredients in the salad were tasteless and the limp pears tasted canned rather than roasted. My entree arrived cold and had to be sent back. My sisters enjoyed the spinach dip but my sister's cheese quesadilla was so overwhelmingly cheesy that she didn't eat it. My reheated stirfry was edible but not enjoyable. I enjoyed my sister's fries more, although they were not particularly well-seasoned either.

Overall message: if you're vegetarian Sunset's will be okay. If you're vegan, they will work with you but you will need to have the ideas for what they should make. Dressings and sauces are bottled and not particularly flavorful.

Triple Rock Social Club in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Nov 22 08

rating star

I had my first breakfast at the Triple Rock and came away very full and quite pleased. I ordered the Biker's special and got a tofu-veggie scramble over home fries with a side of Spanish rice. Since I'm gluten intolerant, they subbed the rice in for toast at no extra cost, which I appreciated. The scramble and potatoes would have been enough as it was, but the rice was a perk.
My plate was supposed to include vegan nacho cheese sauce, which I think it did, but I would have gotten much more if I had ordered it on the side like my breakfast companions did. I would recommend doing this, as the sauce was good and I would have liked more of it.
The food was well prepared, but for me the most exciting thing was that it was all American vegan comfort food. The service was prompt and friendly, and the cost was reasonable in comparison to the large portions. I would love to come here for dinner to explore that menu.

Tum Rup Thai in Twin Cities, Minnesota
May 13 09

rating star

I visited Tum Rum Thai late on a Tuesday night and received good service and good food for reasonably cheap prices. As noted by other reviewers, it is not the most exceptional of Asian restaurants in Minneapolis, but it was satisfying for the college student budget.
We ordered a spring rolls, a hot pot and cashew chili stirfry, all of which were said to be vegan or veganizable. We ordered one of our dishes hot (4/5) but it was definitely mild--but still good. The biggest complaint was that the mock duck was lacking in flavor and had a disconcertingly rubbery texture--personally I would stick with tofu or straight up veggies. The decor and ambiance were fun and I would take people here again.

United Noodles in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jun 17 10

rating star

I made my first trip to United Noodle this morning after years of hearing it described as the best place for Asian groceries. I arrived at 8 am to find that they don't open until 9 am. Thankfully, they saw me arrive and welcomed me just the same. I was limited by how much I could carry for the many miles home but I stocked up on tofu (99 cents!) spring roll wrappers (less than $2 for a good amount!) and rice noodles (99 cents!). I was thrilled with the prices and wished I could have bought so much more.

I was also impressed by the selection; most conventional grocery stores offer one or two tofu options, noodle options, etc. At United Noodles there was much more to choose from at better prices. I didn't get to check out their deli items or produce but just based on the prices/selection I saw I will be a regular customer from now on.

The Vegetarian in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jan 5 10

rating star

*Update: I'd agree with other reviewers that the food has become very heavy on the oil. I definitely don't enjoy that. I still like their dosa though.*

The food here is the best Indian food I've had in Minneapolis. I've enjoyed the eggplant masala a few times, and tonight had the aloo gobi. It was creamy with a sweet note that I really enjoyed. We also ordered the onion chili uthappam, which was delicious, although the coconut chutney is not to my liking (plus it tasted like yogurt which scared me off.) I also like the vegetable pakora, but found the idli and vada combo a little too bland/heavy. The masala dosa was satisfactory.
The service here is fairly prompt and very friendly. As mentioned in another review, it is very quiet. I greatly enjoyed that the entire restaurant is vegetarian/vegan and that at least half of the options are vegan. Knowing that there isn't any meat cooked on any of the frying pans makes me feel at home!
Added bonus: the restaurant is draped in bright orange fabric. I'd take it home with me to make curtains if I could.

Zushiya in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Dec 31 11

rating star

I'm not a fan of Zushiya's Thai counterpart, Sawatdee, so when my sister invited me to dinner I chose to order off the sushi restaurant menu. There is the standard avocado and cucumber roll but there is also a futo roll which offers a wider variety of veggies. The roll was satisfactory, though a bit loose in wrapping, but was not interesting in either flavor or appearance. I also ordered the seaweed salad. I can't speak to its authenticity but I did enjoy the textures in this dish.

The portions were neither generous nor extremely stingy, the server forgot my sister's drink but the food came relatively quickly. Take note that sushi options will take longer than options from the Thai menu. The restaurant was full at 6:30 on a Thursday night and we had to wait for a table. Our seat next to the servers' supply table was less than ideal and the noise level was fairly high.

If I want sushi, I'd rather go to Masu for their more extensive veg menu, quality options and ambiance. Yet if my sister invites me to Sawatdee/Zushiya in the future, I will likely order the same exact things, just to avoid being the depression of subpar Thai.

Note: Zushiya also offers Inari, or fried tofu stuffed with rice.

Persian House Restaurant in Portland, Oregon
Nov 4 12

rating star

I visited on a Monday evening and the restaurant was quiet and nearly empty. The ambiance was charming and the room well decorated, though the street is very near if you're at a table by the window.

When I asked about different vegetarian options, the server quickly differentiated between which of the vegetarian dishes were vegan and which had dairy or eggs. After talking over the different flavor combinations and options with her, I ordered the nazkhatun , lentil soup, and spinach and prune khoresh.

The nazkhatun was delicious, if heavier in oil than I might have preferred. I enjoyed the combination of eggplant and pomegranate. The lentil soup, billed as Portland's most authentic, was good but in the future I would get the Shirazy salad. I could easily make the soup on any given day at home and the salad, while also simple, is a Persian staple.

The khoresh was my favorite part of the meal. While the small side of steamed vegetables was nothing special, the tender prunes were wonderful. It was a cold night that I visited, and the food was hearty and comforting.

If you enjoy a flowery tea, order tea. What you get is a light black tea mixed with a bit of rosewater, more of a treat than I would have expected.

Zest in Fife, Scotland
Nov 2 09

rating star

I stopped at Zest and asked what was the best gluten free vegan option. The server told me they could make the jacket potato with mediterranean vegetables and feta vegan by substituting a tomato sauce for the feta. The portion size was very big and I enjoyed the meal quite a bit. The tea was only 84p as I ordered the special of the day. Their bakery case included gluten free vegan shortbread but I didn't try it as it looked a bit small for the price.

I wish Zest did have vegan cheese as they claimed to have but they were in the process of finding a new supplier. Apparently people did not like sheese, the old brand offered. I recommended Daiya but apparently it hasn't made it to Scotland yet.

Zest was extremely full at 1 pm and I ended up sharing my table with a very nice St. Andrews student. The service was very prompt though the girl I sat with had her drink delivered to someone else on accident.

I would go back to Zest again for a quick lunch in St. Andrews as my meal cost less than five pounds, including tea, and was hot and tasty.

Cafe Chocolate in Highland, Scotland
Nov 2 09

rating star

Cafe Chocolate is hardly vegan friendly but was the best option amongst a town full of meaty pubs. The best I could find on the menu, beyond a plain baked potato (there is a beans and cheese option) was the vegetable soup. The server promised me that it was made with vegetable broth, hence vegan. The soup was tasty and they subbed oatcakes for the bread. I also ordered a pot of tea. All together it was a nice, hot meal on a cold, rainy day in the Highlands. I would like to see more vegan options beyond a bowl of soup but I was glad to find anything in this small town.

The service was slow but the server said they were short staffed. It certainly appeared to be true. Also, the cafe only accepts cash so be prepared. The ambience is quiet and soothing with small tables and comfortable lounge chairs if you get there early enough.

Forest Café in Lothian, Scotland
Nov 2 09

rating star

I went to the Forest Cafe on my first day in Edinburgh. I was tired from travelling, cold, and wet. I ordered tea and while I drank it they let me use their outlet to charge my camera batteries. I had to wait until noon to order my meal (before that simpler options are available but I wanted a hot, hearty meal!) but once it arrived it was great. I ordered the soup and salad combo and they offered tortilla chips in place of bread as I'm gluten intolerant. The soup was thick and steaming hot and my plate had two salads--a green salad with a simple vinagrette dressing and a bean-cashew-sesame seed salad. The soup and salads were all rather simple, none bursting in unique flavour, but they were cheap, hot, and filling. At the time, that was all I cared about.

I really admire as well that this cafe is completely volunteer run. The service was efficient and fairly friendly and I wish I could have attended one of their music or movie nights.

Also: they have both soy and dairy milk on their counter for tea/coffee. Make sure you choose the right one!

Wokimarket in Barcelona, Spain
Jan 5 10

rating star

Wokimarket's wok dishes looked really good. You pick your base (rice, rice noodles, or non vegan egg noodles) and then toppings and sauce. We didn't order any though as it wasn't dinner time. Instead we shopped for groceries.

Wokimarket has organic fruits and vegetables as well as meat alternatives including vegan tapas spreads and soy/tempe/seitan products. They also had snacks, gluten free/wheat free breads, soup mixes, pasta, etc. The food was reasonably priced and some of the most exciting groceries I have found in Europe including vegan nutella-like spread.

Ecocentro in Madrid, Spain
Jan 5 10

rating star

The store offered a lot of supplements and food but most of the food was either bread or a carbohydrate based item. We found vegan spelt croissants and plenty of other vegan gluten free/wheat free options.

We did not eat in the restaurant but the menu had plenty of vegan offerings though not necessarily traditional Spanish dishes which was more of what I was looking for.

Jamerica in Madison, Wisconsin
May 14 12

rating star

I expected Jamerica's food to be as bright as the restaurant's colorful facade. Unfortunately, the dishes I tried were bland and heavy - much like what my rural midwestern aunts might serve if they served tofu.

Eating outside was pleasant enough but the pepper pot calaloo, mango rundown, BBQ tofu and fried plantains were all oil-heavy and ultimately forgettable. The rice and beans and accompanying potatoes were more of the same.

The service was friendly if not always attentive. The interior of the restaurant was rather time-worn, the lighting more dim than atmospheric.

There are many other restaurants on Willy Street worth visiting if you're in the neighborhood.

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