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Mysore Cafe in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Dec 25 07

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If someone is willing to suffer the arrogance of an under trained, highly obnoxious hotel staff Mysore Cafe is probably the best place to go .. Forget the service , the food sucks too . Claims to be an authentic south Indian Restaurant and is anything but that . Being a South Indian ,I very much looked forward to checking out this place but this is one of the most disappointing places I've ever eaten at .The food is either overcooked or plain inedible .The manager seems to have an attitude problem , I understand the hotel policy of not serving food after a certain time but what beats me is the way the customers are handled . Sheer negligence and overt arrogance ...If the owner of the place is listening , here's the message , loud and clear .. you wanna stay in business , sack the manager and maybe the chef too ..