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Mysore Cafe in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Dec 15 07

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I wanted to like this place, since it was the few 100% vegetarian restaurants in the Twin Cities. My husband and I went there for a nice Saturday night dinner. The waiter, who, granted, does not speak perfect English, just pointed at a table and mumbled something about the buffet. I really wanted to order off the menu and was craving some samosas!

After a while we figured out that you could only eat from the buffet, which did have some pretty good curries, (which were all lukewarm), and there was only a few grains of plain white rice left. And no samosas in sight! The veggie pakoras were good, but not warm. It was like eating someone else's cold leftovers.

If you go here, I would recommend going when you can order off the menu, for a hot curry with a nice big pile of rice, and some samosas!
I was also disappointed about them starting to serve non-veggie food. The vegan items are well marked, however.