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Cafe Brenda in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Dec 13 07

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This was one of the best vegetarian restaurants I've ever patronized. I was visiting Minneapolis from Seattle (where there is a massive variety of excellent vegetarian and organic restaurants), and wasn't expecting to find anything of this sort. However, after stopping by and having dinner, I have to say that the service was extremely friendly and attentive. The food was also outstanding, and appropriately spiced - very flavorful and fresh. Oftentimes with vegetarian fare you will find that the typical restaurants will use some processed foods that give a distinctive off-flavor, however this was not the case at Cafe Brenda. The waitress informed me that this was due to the fact that they make all of their own product in-house(e.g. mock duck - very good). I'm not sure why some reviewers mention they encountered weak watered down fare, as this was most certainly not what I encountered. The food (vietnamese mock-duck salad) was only lightly salted (thankfully), and was full of flavor. I also had the corsican hummus/red pepper platter was also perfectly done.