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Macy's in Flagstaff, Arizona
Jan 16 05

rating star

I really enjoyed the dinner I had at Macy's the last time I was up in Flagstaff. I had a vegan broccoli-potato gratin. The "cheese" was amazing, and everything about the dish was perfect. My husband also enjoyed his meal. And the coffee was, of course, excellent.

I was pretty impressed by the vegan offerings for lunch/dinner. Breakfast, however, might best be avoided by vegans. (We called ahead one morning to ask about vegan breakfast dishes. They had a couple of things--cereal and oatmeal, I think. Nothing exciting. I suspect their non-vegan options might be more impressive.)

The atmosphere is very nice. It's laid back and very comfortable. I can see why students like to come here for a cup of coffee and relax with a book (or two).

We'll definitely stop by Macy's the next time we're up in Northern Arizona.

Cafe Lalibela in Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona
Feb 22 05

rating star

My husband and I took his parents here for his mom's birthday. We ordered the large vegetarian platter, which provided more than enough food for the four of us--even with my husband's huge appetite.

We all quite enjoyed our meal here. It's always fun to eat with your hands, and sharing a communal meal makes you feel closer to your dining companions. And I imagine that it'd be a very cozy experience if you come here for a date.

A note for fellow vegans--I think I overheard a server mention that one of the vegetarian soups had butter in it. So you probably want to ask about the presence of dairy before ordering.

Green in Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona
Oct 2 04

rating star

So good!!! The decor is a little lacking, and I don't like restaurants with TVs inside, but the food makes up for it all. The faux meats are great--almost a little too real! And there's non-dairy soft-serve ice cream for dessert. I'm in heaven!

New Frontiers Natural Foods in Sedona, Arizona
Jan 16 05

rating star

While New Frontiers is pretty standard as far as health/natural foods stores go (nice selection, decent prices), where they really stood out in my book was the bakery. We stopped by when we were in Sedona and were very pleased to discover many vegan desserts (cookies, brownies, cinnamon rolls) on offer. We ended up getting nearly one of everything. Very tasty!

Bentley's House of Coffee and Tea in Tucson, Arizona
Oct 31 04

rating star

I'm a big Bentley's fan. This is my preferred coffeehouse, providing that there's no live entertainment. (If there's someone performing, then it's too loud to talk to my friends.) Their coffee is great! And it's fair-trade and organic!

Vegan food options include a veggie burger that should be avoided at all costs. (It's terrible.) But aside from the awful burger, the food is really good. They have a red bean burrito, vegan tamales, salads, soups (usually at least one is vegan), and more. There are many more vegetarian options that are not vegan.

Their breakfasts are good and very reasonably priced. Tofu can be substituted for eggs, and I'm a big fan of their tofu scrambles. (I like adding jalapeno peppers and mushrooms.) Vegans should ask for margarine on their toast instead of butter, which they will use if you don't say otherwise.

Bentley's almost always has two vegan desserts available, one cookie and a chocolate tofu pie (which is very rich--I usually split a piece with someone). And of course they offer non-vegan desserts (cookies, cakes, etc.)

And free wifi access. Love the wifi.

Kids are welcome at Bentley's. There are toys available and a little (very little) play area. The place is almost always noisy (it can get crowded), so kids won't be glared at for talking, playing, and doing kid things.

Blue Willow in Tucson, Arizona
Aug 12 04

rating star

Before I was vegan, I went to the Blue Willow all the time for breakfast. The food is fantastic, and the patio seating in back is a beautiful, relaxing place to spend your morning or afternoon. Their breakfast dishes are wonderful, with a variety of veg selections focusing on eggs. They do offer tofu as a replacement for eggs in any of their dishes, and I personally preferred the breakfast burrito with tofu instead of eggs. It's really much better that way.

Strict vegans need to ask about ingredients, though, as the refried beans and potatoes may contain butter. (This is why I don't go the Blue Willow much anymore.)

Casbah Tea House in Tucson, Arizona
Oct 21 04

rating star

This place is currently one of two all-veg restaurants in Tucson. Of those two, this is the only one I go to. (Govinda's is the other, and I wouldn't recommend it for vegans.)

Casbah is a pretty funky place. My out-of-town guests love going there for the decor. The food ranges from OK to good. Not great, but good. They also have lots of yummy desserts, but recently their selection of vegan desserts has shrunk. They still always have one or two vegan desserts, but they used to carry more. Also, they have a new category, it seems, for "vegan with honey." So vegans who do not eat honey should ask about that. But why eat a carob brownie when you can try their fantastic chocolate malt milkshake with vegan ice cream and soy milk? (So good.)

Enough about dessert. The lunch/dinner items are priced a little above what I think they're worth, but they use organic ingredients whenever possible, so I guess it's forgivable. The seitan fajitas are quite good, as is the chili. If you're on a budget, I recommend the "kind veggie burrito," which is simple but tasty.

Casbah is a good place to go, chill out, and unwind. Service is often very slow, sometimes sloppy, so don't go if you're in a hurry or have somewhere else you need to be soon. I feel kind of bad complaining about the service, because everyone there is so nice, but I must confess that I often will eat next door at La Indita (fantastic Mexican food) just because I don't feel like waiting 20 minutes just to get my water refilled.

The dishes aren't always spotless, and the outdoor seating can get a bit dusty (this is Tucson, after all).

But with all my minor complaints, I have still given this place an "8" rating. They do provide vegetarian and vegan food in a fun atmosphere. Kids will love the outdoor seating. And the belly dancers at night are always fun to watch. So when you've got an evening free, head over to Casbah for some veggie fajitas. You'll have fun.

Oh, one last note: They often close during the summer, and their hours the rest of the year can vary from what's posted on their window. So when in doubt, call first. Or just head on over. If Casbah's closed, go next door to La Indita.

Cup Cafe in Tucson, Arizona
Oct 31 04

rating star

I've visited the Cup for both breakfast and lunch, though never dinner. I love the decor and atmosphere at the Cup. It's open and airy and comfortable, and it feels a touch European somehow. Perhaps because the Cup is in a historic building, rather than in one of Tucson's many strip malls.

Breakfasts are very good at the Cup. They have vegan french toast, and you can substitute tofu for eggs in other dishes. They have excellent coffee, as well.

The Cup has several vegetarian and vegan options on the lunch menu. I'm a fan of the Queer Steer (veggie burger) and the Volatile Veggie sandwich.

The dinner menu has fewer vegan dishes but still looks very promising. However, as I've never ventured there for dinner, I can't actually testify to how good the dishes are. The "Katmhandu" (vegetables in a banana curry, served with coconut quinoa & garnished with banana chips & black sesame seeds) sounds decadent.

The Cup also offers a variety of specialty coffee drinks and alcohol-based beverages. There's Club Congress (a popular nightspot) and a bar in the same building (which also is home to the Hotel Congress). I've never tried any of their very tempting mixed drinks, mostly because I feel a little awkward having booze with lunch (or breakfast!).

The dessert case at the Cup looks divine, but sadly they don't have any vegan desserts (as of the last time I was there). The lack of vegan goodies drops their rating from a 10 to a 9, in my book.

Finally, a neat little historic fact: John Dillinger was captured here in 1934 after evading police across the country. Also, the hotel is supposedly haunted.

Delectables Restaurant & Catering in Tucson, Arizona
Nov 9 04

Decor is nice. Stylish yet still comfortable, and the 4th Avenue location always makes for an interesting experience (for good or ill).

Many vegetarian options alongside meat-based dishes. Vegan dishes are few and far between, though. I checked their menu online and counted two vegan dishes. Maybe a couple of vegetarian dishes could be made vegan, but many of the vegetarian dishes are cheese-heavy.

So, as a vegan, I'm not thrilled. But I'd wager that non-vegan vegetarians would enjoy this place quite a bit.

Food Conspiracy Co-op in Tucson, Arizona
Oct 31 04

rating star

The co-op has some of the best produce in town! I always come here for my fresh fruits and veggies. They have really great produce prices.

The prices on the dry goods are generally competitive with the larger stores like Wild Oats, though the co-op has higher prices more often than lower. (Though the difference is often just a few pennies, which is offset by my co-op membership discount.) The bulk section is great, and they have an excellent bulk herb selection.

Gandhi in Tucson, Arizona
Nov 9 04

rating star

I've only gone to Gandhi for the lunch buffet, which was a favorite of my former co-workers. They have many vegetarian options on the buffet, and I think many vegan ones as well.

However, as with most buffets, vegans will have a difficult time determining what is vegan and what isn't. The staff was always helpful and willing to tell me what was vegetarian *and* dairy-free, but they did so by quickly pointing in the general direction of vegan dishes, so sometimes it could be unclear at first what they meant. So vegans may have to ask for clarification.

I hope everything I ate there was vegan. (I didn't like making a big scene about it in front of my co-workers, for fear of making veganism seem difficut or fussy.) In any case, it was all very, very yummy.

The Garland Bistro in Tucson, Arizona
Oct 31 04

rating star

I'm not really that taken by the Garland. The food is always good, but rarely fantastic. What I mean is that you won't walk out disappointed, but you also won't be telling everyone you meet that they've just got to go there.

The vegan selection is OK at lunch/dinner, but I don't know about breakfast. I'd recommend calling ahead of time to see what they've got on offer.

Govinda's in Tucson, Arizona
Aug 12 04

rating star

I'm not a fan of Govinda's. They're not very vegan-friendly; they use a lot of dairy products (though no eggs). There is one vegan day (Thursday), but the last time I was there on Thursday, not everything was vegan. (The samosas had cheese in them.) I'm also not too impressed by the prices. At lunch, you can easily spend $10 (buffet plus drink), and I don't think that the small buffet's offerings are worth the money. Finally, I just don't like the food very much.

I must say, though, that I used to work near Govinda's and my non-vegetarian co-workers went to Govinda's all the time and liked it a lot. I'm not sure what they saw in it though...

If you're in the Ft. Lowell/1st Ave area (near Govinda's), check out Taco Bron, which is right on the corner of First and Ft. Lowell. Their burritos are fantastic. I prefer getting my food to-go, though, as the chairs and tables (yes, tables) are covered in leather.

Guilin Chinese Restaurant in Tucson, Arizona
Oct 21 04

rating star

I LOVE GUILIN. Love, love, love.

When my husband and I go out for dinner in Tucson, we generally go to either Guilin or La Indita (Mexican food). Guilin has so many excellent vegan dishes! Two-thirds of the menu is vegetarian or vegan, with a full page devoted to faux meat dishes.

As varied as the menu is, we always get the same thing. (It's just so good.) Fried tofu with spiced salt, vegetables with crispy noodles, and veggie drumsticks. (I would also recommend the General Tso's vegetarian chicken.) With brown rice, which costs an extra dollar but is worth the expense. Green tea is a dollar or so a pot. Sadly, the fortune cookies are not vegan.

Guilin also has a large free delivery area, so if you don't feel like heading outside, you can call in your order.

This is a fantastic family-run restaurant. In the past, it's been voted Best in Tucson for vegan, vegetarian, and Chinese. I'm not surprised!

La Indita in Tucson, Arizona
Oct 21 04

rating star

I LOVE LA INDITA. When my husband and I go out for dinner, we almost always end up at La Indita or Guilin (Chinese food). La Indita offers the standard Sonoran Mexican options, but they also serve Native American-Mexican food. And it's just amazing.

The whole place has a very homey feel. The dishes are sometimes chipped, and the cooking feels like you've stepped into someone's kitchen. Provided, of course, that whoever owns the kitchen is a fantastic cook.

There are a ton of vegetarian options, most of which can be made vegan by leaving off the cheese. A couple of items contain eggs. My favorite dish is the bean Tarascan tacos; my husband loves the spinach and nut Tarascan tacos. Also excellent are the mushroom chalupas, spinach enchiladas, mushroom or potato tacos...I could go on for hours. The rice and beans are both vegan (no chicken stock or lard). And you get all this good food for a great price. My husband I usually spend about $15 for the two of us, tip included. (But we don't buy drinks.)

They do serve beer and wine--though the wine is Franzia (wine in a box), which I remember with distaste from my college days. Best stick with your standard Mexican beer favorites if you're ordering booze. They don't have margaritas, which is too bad.

I really can't say enough good things about the food here. It can be a little greasy, but that's part of why it tastes so damn good. They make their own chips and salsa (even make the corn tortillas before they fry them), and the chips are the best ones in all of Tucson. I have to ration my intake or else I'm always full by the time my dinner arrives.

Tucson is packed with great Mexican food, and I think La Indita is the best of the best. Definitely recommended.

Magpie's Gourmet Pizza - 4th Ave and 5th Street in Tucson, Arizona
Oct 31 04

rating star

Very good pizza, but I wish their soy cheese was vegan. But their no-cheese pizzas are very nice. And I appreciate that I can get a discount, rather than paying for a layer of cheese that isn't on the pizza (as you have to do at many other pizza joints).

They have an extensive selection of vegetarian toppings, so you're not limited to the standard options.

They also offer a variety of good beers.

Rocco's Little Chicago in Tucson, Arizona
Oct 31 04

rating star

Rocco's probably has the best pizza in Tucson. I love the deep-dish pizza. Being vegan, I leave off the cheese, but you'd never miss it. The pie is packed with veggies and sauce, and the crust is heavenly. My favorite combo is portobello mushrooms, oil-cured olives, tomatoes, and red onions.

Rocco's also offers a variety of beers, both good so good. But where else in Tucson can you find Old Style beer?

Taco Bron in Tucson, Arizona
Oct 2 04

rating star

I used to work near Taco Bron and frequently went there for a Hillary Burrito (beans, rice, mushrooms, poblanos), hold the cheese. I usually got take-out--the wait's only about five minutes--since the tables and chairs are covered in leather, which is just a little creepy. I would give this place a "10" rating, but the leather drops it to a "7".

For five bucks and a five minute wait, I got more food than I could handle.

And to recommend the soy chorizo--my vegetarian co-worker ordered it once and they accidentally gave her the pork chorizo. She couldn't tell the difference. So I guess the soy chorizo must be pretty good. I've never tried it though, and I'm not sure if it's vegan.

Whole Foods Market in Tucson, Arizona
Aug 12 04

rating star

I'm a big fan of Wild Oats. I usually buy my produce at the Food Conspiracy Co-op, but I head to Wild Oats for most of my dry/canned/frozen goods. They often have the best prices in town for organic goods (you can find cheaper organic produce elsewhere, though).

The deli section of the store always has a few vegan dishes that you can take home with you or eat in the little store cafe. They also offer vegan cookies in the bakery (they typically have at least two varieties), and the Down Home Chocolate Cake is vegan (and very tasty). You usually have the option of buying a whole cake or purchasing just a slice.

Finally, Wild Oats has recently stopped carrying any product that contains hydrogenated oil--another big plus in my book.

Yoshimatsu in Tucson, Arizona
Oct 31 04

rating star

I'm still learning to like Japanese food, but Yoshimatsu makes it easy. They have a separate vegetarian menu with the vegan dishes clearly marked.

The restaurant is pretty big, but every time I've gone it's been packed. But service is quick and the prices are affordable.

The ginger tofu bento box is recommended. One of my very non-veg friends (who is kind of afraid of tofu) liked it, which says something.

Zemam's in Tucson, Arizona
Aug 12 04

rating star

Zemam's is fantastic. They offer a large selection of vegan dishes, which are served with a traditional flatbread. You use the flatbread to scoop up your food--no knives or forks here (though you could probably ask for them). I recommend getting a sampler plate, where you can try three different dishes for around nine dollars.

Bayleaf Cafe in Peninsula and South Bay, California
Feb 5 05

rating star

My feelings are mixed about the Bayleaf. The positives: It's the only all-vegan place in Palo Alto. They have a fairly large dessert selection. The sourdough bread with garlic spread was SO GOOD. My husband really liked his carrot wrap/sandwich.

The negatives: My portobello sandwich was not very good at all. I ate about 1/3 of it before giving up. In part, this is my fault. I should have known that ordering a sandwich with lots of fresh tomatoes is a mistake in the middle of winter--not prime tomato season. But regardless, the sandwich was bland, even though it was covered in ground pepper.

I was also somewhat unimpressed with the chocolate cake sundae I split with my husband. The cake was fairly dry. The non-dairy ice cream was good though. (We were trying to guess if it was Soy Delicious or Rice Dream.) And they had non-dairy whipped "cream." Not tofu cream, either. It was clearly the whipped cream from one of those spray cans. So that was a bit of a treat, though I could have done with more ice cream and less whipped topping.

Prices were OK, though the sandwiches were less filling than my husband and I were hoping.

But they do serve organic, fair-trade coffee (nice), and they have free wi-fi (also nice).

Service was good, and the decor was simple and pleasant.

All in all, not the best vegan place I've been, but not the worst. I would probably return every so often if I lived in the area. (We are visiting from out of town.)

Garden Fresh Vegetarian Restaurant in Peninsula and South Bay, California
Feb 5 05

rating star

I really enjoyed Garden Fresh. My husband got vegetarian squid, and I ordered sweet and sour veggie pork. The mock meat was only so-so. The squid was kind of weird, and the pork didn't really taste like pork--but was still very good. The vegetables in both dishes were AMAZING. They were very fresh and were cooked to perfection. Just a tad cooked, very crisp. Beautiful.

A warning: the portions are HUGE! After the complimentary soup (delicious) and the veggie dumplings we'd ordered, we were almost full. Then the entrees arrived. We took home a good 3/4 of each dish. I think we could have easily split one entree between the two of us, and my husband is a big eater.

The staff was very friendly. I noticed the waitress chatting with several different tables of regulars. (We were just visiting from out of town.) Our waitress was also wonderful in helping us choose our dishes. I actually changed my choice because she insisted that my original pick was too similar to my husband's for us to enjoy a full range of flavors. :) And when we asked about the presence of eggs in the dumplings, she exclaimed, "Absolutely not! All vegan!" We loved it.

The decor isn't much. It's a small place. I think there were fewer than 15 tables, and every one was full on a Friday night. It's not really a romantic place to bring your sweetie, but if you're looking for a fun time and good food, it's a great option.

The prices were reasonable. Between 7-8 dollars for an entree, which includes brown rice. (I hate having to pay extra for brown rice elsewhere!) We also got free soup. Lunch prices looked to be around 5-6 dollars.

Good Karma Vegan House in Peninsula and South Bay, California
Jul 23 05

rating star

I stopped by Good Karma yesterday. The food was pretty good, though not amazing. They have the food pre-prepared, so you pick out what you want, and they microwave it for you. But for re-heated food, I was impressed. And I got two veggie drumsticks, some veggie fried chicken, and a huge plate of rice with veggies for only $4.00!

The place is very small, so I ended up sharing a table with someone I didn't know. That's fine with me; we ended up having a nice conversation.

If you're on a budget and looking for fast vegan food, I'd definitely recommend this place.

Tofoo Com Chay in Peninsula and South Bay, California
Jul 17 05

rating star

I tend to prefer Good Karma, a similar restaurant just down the street. However, Tofoo Com Chay has the best veggie drumsticks of the two (at only $3 for 4 drumsticks!), so after dinner at Good Karma, I often head over to Tofoo Com Chay to pick up some drumsticks for later. Their curried tofu is also very good.

Ananda Fuara in San Francisco, California
Jan 4 05

rating star

Went here for breakfast. Most of the breakfast offerings involved lots of eggs. As a vegan, I got a tofu scramble. It was perhaps the worst tofu breakfast I've ever had.

Also, the restaurant seemed to be affiliated with a cult-type group (perhaps not a cult). There was a television playing videos about Sri Chinmoy. The paintings were all done by Sri Chinmoy. The tables had little info stands about how amazing Sri Chinmoy is. A little creepy for my tastes.

Herbivore in San Francisco, California
Jul 17 05

rating star

Update 7/17/05: I visited Herbivore again last night and have changed my rating accordingly. Dinner last night was much better than my previous experience. The sauteed mushrooms (appetizer) were amazing! My entree, wasabi soba noodles, was good, though not outstanding. (I had expected more vegetables and a bit more spice.)

Service was prompt. Unfortunately, the music was really loud and made conversation a bit difficult.

- - -

I was looking forward to Herbivore tonight, as I'd heard good things from San Fran natives. (I'm from out of town.) But I was sadly disappointed, as was my husband. The menu wasn't very exciting to begin with. Lots of sandwiches and pasta, and I had been hoping for something more substantial. But that's not necessarily something negative about the restaurant--I may have enjoyed those menu items if they had been what I was in the mood for.

Anyway, my husband ordered the veggie burger, and I got veggie tacos and "seasoned potatoes" (not realizing that that meant french fries). The burger was good, as were the tacos. Though the tacos were so overstuffed, mostly with lettuce, that the other veggies (tomatoes, onions, etc.) fell out onto the huge plate of unadorned lettuce that came with the tacos. (Why was there so much lettuce?) The "seasoned potatoes" were sorely lacking. They were greasy and soggy, and not really seasoned.

I think we may have been there at a bad time; the restaurant was very crowded and the servers were busy. Perhaps as a result, service was unattentive (though fast). We never got the coffee we ordered.

I think that I may just have been there on a bad night, as so many other people I know really like this place. And the last time I was in town, I had breakfast at the other Herbivore location and really enjoyed it.

MaggieMudd in San Francisco, California
Jul 17 05

rating star

Delicious soy ice cream! I had the double dark chocolate. I got a single scoop, and it was HUGE. I could have shared with someone else.

It was so difficult deciding what to get. My friend got a vegan milkshake and reported it to be excellent.

I will definitely return whenever I'm in the city.

Panhandle Pizza in San Francisco, California
Aug 14 05

rating star

Good pizza! It's always a refreshing change to walk into a pizza place and order a vegan pizza with cheese! The soy cheese they use is Follow Your Heart brand--completely vegan, no casein! And it's very good soy cheese too! It actually melts!

Our pizza had soy cheese (excellent), roasted garlic (also very good), fresh tomato slices (only OK). We wanted kalamata olives, but they'd just run out. It was a very tasty pizza with a cornmeal-based crust. For around $14 we got a pizza big enough for two. (You can check out toppings and prices on their website.)

The restaurant itself is very small. There are about three tables and a counter along one wall. Nothing fancy; it's just a nice, cozy place. The staff was very friendly.

Kalga Kafe in Portland, Oregon
Oct 19 04

rating star

I liked this place a lot. Everything was vegetarian, and most things could be made vegan. My husband got a yummy Indian dish, though he ordered it too spicy (so watch out!). I was totally sold on the vegan pizza. SO GOOD. And the cheese was melted! Amazing!

We stopped by here while on vacation, and we liked it so much we returned the next night. Definitely worth a visit.

Paradox Palace Cafe in Portland, Oregon
Oct 20 04

rating star

My husband and I totally dug this place. We went for dinner and were thrilled to see that breakfast is served all day. I got vegan biscuits with almond gravy. The biscuits were better than the gravy, but I was just excited to get biscuits and gravy. (I'm from Oklahoma originally, and we used to have the most non-vegan biscuits and gravy you could ever imagine, so finding a vegan version is great.)

I loved the decor--a weird mix of old-school diner style and Chinese (hanging lamps and posters). All in all, very enjoyable. Oh, and the carrot cake was amazing.

Updated review:
One minor complaint: We went back for breakfast a couple of days after enjoying our dinner there. The waitress brought out a little pitcher of cow milk with our coffee, without asking us if we wanted it or if we would prefer soy or rice milk. Only after I told her I was vegan (while asking about the waffles--alas, they are not vegan) did I mention the milk. She confirmed that it was dairy. Now, this is not a major thing, but it was kind of irritating in a restaurant that has a large vegan customer base.

On the plus side, the corn pancakes I ordered were divine, as was the scrambled tofu.

Red and Black Cafe in Portland, Oregon
Oct 19 04

rating star

Nice little coffee shop. My husband and I got some sandwiches, which weren't all that great but weren't bad either. The coffee was very good, though, and they have free wi-fi internet access. (And three computers that you can use to surf the net too.)

Tube in Portland, Oregon
Oct 19 04

rating star

This is the hippest bar I've ever been in. Granted, I don't go to many bars, none of them hip, so perhaps my sample is skewed. But the decor was very sleek, polished. It would have almost seemed cold, save for the mixed, down-to-earth crowd and very nice bartenders. The place was a little smoky, but my hatred of cigarette smoke is why I don't go to bars much. (If only this bar had been non-smoking.)

We didn't order this, but apparently the bar specialty is a PBR-tini (Pabst Blue Ribbon mixed with whisky and lemon), which you can get really cheap (around two bucks). I got an excellent Cosmopolitan, which cost me $9.50 when ordered with Grey Goose vodka. Perhaps I should have tried the PBR thing. :)

I didn't order any food, though I was tempted by the veggie dog or vegan meatballs. I'd definitely recommend this place. Very fun!

Vegetarian House in Portland, Oregon
Oct 19 04

rating star

Another Supreme Master Ching Hai place, like Golden Era in San Fran. Most dishes were faux meat-based, but they did have some tofu dishes too. We got vegan pot stickers and a faux chicken dish. The chicken was amazing, and we got vegan fortune cookies (filled with Supreme Master Ching Hai sayings, of course).

The decor was a little bland, and I could have done without the bright fluorescent lights, but service was prompt and the food was good.

Araya's Vegetarian Place in Seattle, Washington
Oct 22 04

rating star

Wow! This food was amazing! The spring rolls were the best I've ever had. I can't remember the name of my dinner--I just kind of randomly picked a dish--but it was really good. My husband ordered a green coconut curry and loved it.

You can order your food as spicy as you like, using a 1 to 5 scale. I ordered a 2, but the dish was spicier than most, so that was fairly hot. My husband's curry was ordered as a 3 and it was comparatively mild. Ask the server for guidance if you're not sure how spicy you want your food.

On top of the excellent food, the atmosphere was inviting with warm lighting and interesting Thai decorations throughout.

Cafe Flora in Seattle, Washington
Oct 20 04

rating star

I would definitely recommend this place! My husband and I went there tonight with a friend. The restaurant is dressy-to-casual, and the food is generally amazing, gourmet-style fare. There were many vegan options available. I had the breaded tofu cutlets, which I would not recommend. They were kind of bland, though the presentation was lovely. My husband's dish, the Phyllo Roll with Burmese Curry Sauce, was one of the best vegan dishes I've had in a restaurant. We ended up splitting them both, and my husband was generous enough to give me first dibs on his curry. We also split a starter place of lentil-pecan pate and other nibbles--very tasty. Dessert options looked good; only two were vegan and one vegan dessert contained cashews, to which I am allergic. The remaining option was a highly recommended ginger lemon cake, but we decided to take a pass. Perhaps next time. I think the menu changes seasonally, so check their website for current offerings.

Prices were a little higher than you typically see for vegan food, but this restaurant was more upscale than your average veg place. And the food was well worth the price. At dinner, sandwiches ranged from $10 - 12, and entrees averaged around $16 - 17. Starters were priced anywhere from $7 - 13. Lunch prices are slightly lower. At the current time, they are offering a three-course prix fixe lunch or dinner.

They had a nice wine and beer list. I skipped wine, but my husband greatly enjoyed the organic beer available. Also available are loose-leaf teas, coffee, and some soft drinks.

Anyway, if you're looking for a gourmet experience, perhaps a nice date or a place to take your parents, this is a great choice. Non-vegetarians are not likely to be intimidated by "weird vegan food" that you might see at other veg places. The atmosphere is classy, relaxed, and fairly mainstream. Less a counterculture vegan establishment, and more like a restaurant that just happens to be vegetarian.

Go. Enjoy. It's fantastic.

Cyber Dogs in Seattle, Washington
Oct 22 04

rating star

I had a blast at Cyber Dogs. It was great to find a completely vegetarian place in Downtown. My husband loved his chili dog. I got mine with freshly-made hummus. I wanted to try the vegan cheese, but it was made with cashews, to which I am allergic. Sadly, the veggie bacon was not vegan. Oh, well.

We had large hot dogs, overflowing with toppings, on 7-grain buns, while The Rocky Horror Picture Show played on a television (volume was turned off). We also had a very tasty little vegan cookie, and our hot dogs came with individual-sized Laffy Taffy.

The owner was really nice and we ended up chatting with her for a while. She's a great lady!

Elliott Bay Cafe in Pioneer Square in Seattle, Washington
Oct 22 04

rating star

Cool spot downstairs from a great independent bookstore. Very nice atmosphere in the cafe. The vegan goodies were excellent. Too bad they don't have a lot of vegan sandwiches.

Flying Apron Bakery in Seattle, Washington
Oct 22 04

rating star

So I've never actually been to the Flying Apron, but I had their pastries at the Eliott Bay Cafe. They were fantastic!

I got one of their brochures, which lists all the available items they make. Most are vegan and gluten-free, for those with allergies. They offer individual pastries, as well as whole cakes and pies. Special orders for birthdays, weddings, etc., are also possible.

Globe Cafe & Bakery in Seattle, Washington
Oct 20 04

rating star

Went here for breakfast this morning. They had some great-looking breakfast dishes. (And everything is vegan.) The tofu vegetable scramble was pretty good, but I think the biscuits and gravy were slightly better. Both breakfasts were pretty big. My friend got the fajitas, and she also had a ton of food.

The place has a ramshackle, kind of sloppy feel. The dishes weren't all spotlessly clean, but I've eaten in greasier spoons. The counter people were fairly "counterculture"--pierced, tattooed, etc. So if you're taking your ultra-conservative grandparents out for breakfast, this might not be the best place. But the food was good and quick. And a bottomless cup of organic coffee was about $1.50. Total cost of breakfast for two was $15.00.

Hillside Quickies in Seattle, Washington
Oct 19 04

rating star

My experience here was a bit mixed. My husband's sandwich was really good, but my macaroni and "yease" fantastic. The chocolate cookie was fairly dry, but the vegan ice cream was great.

I was expecting more vegetable-based sandwiches, so I was a litle disappointed to see that most sandwiches were based on tofu or tempeh. However, that does not reflect on the quality of the sandwiches.

This is a good place for vegetarians and vegans, but I'm not sure I'd take a potential "convert" here for their first all-veg experience. Except the ice cream. I'd definitely feed them the soy ice cream.

No restrooms. Uncool.

Pizza Pi in Seattle, Washington
Oct 21 04

rating star

I really, really want to like this restaurant. I mean, it's a vegan pizza place. Of course I want to love it!

Sadly, I was a bit disappointed by the pizza. I think they use VeganRella cheese, and I think that Follow Your Heart cheese has a better flavor. But I do like VeganRella, so that's not what was disappointing. There needed to be more sauce on the pizza, I think. That would have improved it.

But the garlic breadsticks with garlic white sauce were really, really good. And they have a bulliten board where you can post pictures of your companion animals!

And the people there were nice.

But the pizza just wasn't all that good. As much as I want to love this place and give it a "10" rating, I don't think it'd be fair to all the other amazing vegan restaurants in Seattle.

Sureshot in Seattle, Washington
Oct 21 04

rating star

Good coffeee. For around 30 cents extra, you can get organic, shade-grown espresso. Add another 25 cents or so for soy/rice milk.

The vegan pastries are really good, and the Mighty O donuts are divine. Coffee, donuts, and Ms. Pac-Man. What more could I ask for?

Udupi Palace in Seattle, Washington
Oct 21 04

rating star

Went here for the lunch buffet. I was nervous at first, since Indian cooking often uses dairy, posing difficulties for eating at a buffet. (I hate having to ask about the contents of every dish.) But the staff was very helpful, and it turned out that most things available were vegan.

I'm not terribly familiar with Indian cuisine, so I can't report on exactly what I ate--I can't remember the names. But I can say that it was darn tasty.

The buffet was $8. Not a bad deal.

Wayward Vegan Cafe in Seattle, Washington
Dec 16 06

rating star

Wow. This was some great food. Definitely try the migas and the hashbrowns! My husband said the biscuits and gravy were amazing.

I would give a 10, but the tables were a tad dirty (we wiped ours off with a napkin) when we went. The staff was friendly and funny; they seemed to know many of the patrons and were very easy-going.

You might want to think twice before bringing your conservative grandma here, even though she might love the food. The music is kind of loud and punk and granny might not get it. Or she just might rock out with some yummy scrambled tofu.

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