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Mingalaba Restaurant in Peninsula and South Bay, California
Feb 20 10

rating star

Excellent Burmese cuisine in Burlingame's shopping district downtown. Menu has lots of good vegetarian options, though I wouldn't qualify this place as specifically vegan-friendly. (Staff were courteous, but had to go ask about many of the vegetarian dishes with respect to 'fish sauce' and or dairy/eggs).

In the context of San Francisco, there are better vegan restaurants, but if you're trying to stay near SFO this makes for a nice compromise.

Vegetarian House in Peninsula and South Bay, California
Oct 1 07

rating star

Two quick notes about Vegetarian House -

1) The food's good. Very good. Focuses a bit heavily in the menu on "faux meat" for my tastes, but it is all vegan and well prepared, spice level can be adjusted, etc.

2) The ambiance might be a bit off putting. The "Supreme Master Ching Hai" is the spiritual leader of the place and it can feel a bit overwhelming for the nonbeliever. Just ignore the big framed portrait and the ads for the tv channel of the master, focus on the food, and all is well.

222 Veggie Vegan in London, England
Aug 31 08

rating star

Wonderful 100% vegan menu - I had the Tofu Medialion Piccata over pasta, which was very good. Try the "222 pancake" desert - a crepe with (non-dairy) ice-cream and chocolate sauce.

Papaya Tree in London, England
Aug 31 08

rating star

Wonderful vegan tom yum. A dozen or more vegetarian options, though not all vegan (egg, mostly). Vegan dishes aren't marked but staff seemed knowledgeable.

Don't let the basement location fool you - very good food, reasonable ambiance - just no view.

The Pulse Cafe in Boston, Massachusetts
May 2 10

rating star

Pulse carries on the tradition of Vej Naturals, which was the owners' previous restaurant in the Boston area: quality vegan cuisine at affordable prices.

The menu varies, based on availability of quality ingredients and various "theme" nights so it is difficult to recommend specific dishes, but Pulse offers consistent quality and is quickly becoming a favorite among Boston area vegans, vegetarians, and people who like good, fresh, healthy food.

Blue Nile in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Nov 23 08

rating star

The Gosa Gosa A and Falafel platter were both quite good - not so sure about the ambience, though we were there at a non-busy time, the place seemed nearly deserted.

As other reviewers have noted, you do need to specify vegan (and maybe even what that means, depending on your server) but there are many good options.

Pizza Luce in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Nov 23 08

rating star

I still prefer vegan pizzas without fake cheese, but Pizza Luce always has good options all over the menu for vegetarian and vegan diners.

Cool, casual ambience - very "pizza joint near a university" - but with good service and excellent food.

Garden Cafe in Kingston/Rhinebeck/Dutchess County, New York
Nov 23 08

rating star

Any trip to the Woodstock area without a visit to Garden Cafe is a missed opportunity.

The menu is eclectic but always interesting - the challenge is generally what not to order!

The dining room is small, and can get crowded when they are busy - call ahead for reservations. They've also recently added an outdoor section a few doors down from the restaurant - good ambience, though it was a bit too cold to sit outside last time we were there.

They don't serve wine, but you can bring your own.

Loving Hut in Manhattan, New York City
Feb 20 10

rating star

I've visited a number of Loving Hut restaurants in California - San Francisco, San Jose, and Milpitas - so I was very happy to see one opening closer to home on the East Coast.

This location is the smallest I've been in - seats 10-15 people max, and seems more designed for takeout - it shares with the others a big flatscreen tv showing video from

The food is consistently good quality (and great value for the price) with some being great - not high end gourmet, but also not the heavily fried, all faux meat, unhealthy Chinese food you can get at some cheap vegan to-go joints. Just healthy, tasty, cruelty-free goodness.

My favorites include the Thai Curry and the Sautéed Udon, as well as all the appetizers (edamame, dumplings, and mixed vegetables).

The location is great if you're coming into town through Penn Station (NJ Transit, Amtrak, LIRR). Makes a great quick trip out to get takeout to bring on the Acela.

Terri in Manhattan, New York City
May 2 10

rating star

Excellent new stop for sandwiches, wraps, salads, and smoothies right on 23rd street.

Try the Buffalo 'chicken', the 'Meatball' sub, and other new versions of traditional sub-shop sandwiches. They also have less faux-meatish options in salads, a roasted veggie sandwhich, and the like.

They use daiya, vegenaise, tofurkey and the like.

All menu items are 100% vegan per the staff and the menu - they seemed pretty knowledgeable.

Pot au vert in Zurich, Switzerland
Dec 4 07

rating star

I had dinner at Pot au vert the other night. Very good food - well made, eclectic, interesting. Decent wine selection, good salad bar and soups as well as entrees.

All items are vegetarian, but not vegan - lots of use of dairy and eggs. Menu doesn't label what is vegan but the waitstaff seemed knowledgeable and made recommendations.

Entrees between 15 and 25 CHF, starters less.

Nice ambiance - window tables looking back out at the river and main square across from the train station. Could be a bit noisy, I suppose, though the restaurant is on the second floor.