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Araya's Vegetarian Place in Seattle, Washington
Sep 4 07

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I want to comment about the service only. The food is pretty decent and for a vegetarian/vegan is dependable and consistent.

I have been to Araya's at least 6 times since I moved to the Seattle area in early 2007. I love the food, and always thought the service needed improvement.

This past weekend, the service was particularly bad. We were a group of 6 adults and 2 kids. We had the buffet and essentially there was no service, which usually means only serving water during a buffet. The fact that they couldn't re-serve water for an hour to a group of 8 ppl shows their commitment to consumers.

And finally, in paying for the buffet, they charged me for $9 for the 2 kids who hardly had one spring roll each. Fine, policy et al, I am willing to buy it. And on top of this, they add an 18% gratuity for the group! WHAT? For a buffet, and NO SERVICE? And on top of this, Ms. Araya's son is purely rude! Is is this customer service? Do you really care about your customers?

I think Araya's is at a stage where they are taking customers for granted and charging as they please. I am going to stay away from them.