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Syracuse Real Food Coop in Syracuse, New York
Jul 10 07

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I agree with the other poster - this place has a lot of problems. The store is cramped. The cashiers - while genuinely nice - are often clueless. It's weird what you can and can't find there. Like onions. I went to Real Food specifically for yellow cooking onions the other day and they only had 2 - one of which I discovered was rotten when I got home. How's this place supposed to be a one-stop shop for all your basic kitchen needs? And the folks who run the place - oh my god they're defensive! These guys give liberals a bad name - all this talk about Coop principles and community programs, yet I can't even find pecans in stock. I've heard their board meetings are some of the most unproductive events imaginable.

Most of the time it's just easier for me to shop at Wegmans. Real Food has a decent selection of vegan products. Too bad these guys can't get their heads out of their rears enough to run their coop like a business instead of an idealistic dysfunctional mess. I want to like this place much more than I really do (and I'm sure a lot of other people who've known fantastic coops in other cities feel the same way).

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