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It's Only Natural in Middletown Area, Connecticut
Jun 25 07

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ION is simply the best vegan restaurant I know in all of southern New England and the metropolitan NYC area outside of the city itself. (I confess I have not yet eaten at Ahimsa in New Haven.) But wait, the restaurant serves one fish dish for dinner, and some scant dairy, so how can I describe it as vegan? That's because the majority of the rest of the menu is vegan, so lighten up, vegheads! "Vegan" is understood and spoken here. You should know that the restaurant would have gone out of business had it not added one fish dish to the dinner menu as a last resort. (Note that the fish is cooked with separate kitchenware in a separate corner of the kitchen, and the head chef never has tasted the fish he prepares, as he is vegetarian.) That 20 percent additional customer patronage because of the fish enabled them to stay solvent, so I'm glad they made the choice, because the alternative is no ION at all. I do advise against their pasta dishes, as they all are white flour pasta, otherwise everything else is dependably excellent quality, taste, and nutrition. When vegan luminaries and friends from distant cities visit me, this is where i take them. And they all agree that the cuisine is unique and excellent. So don't deprive yourself just because it is not totally vegan.