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I was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (thus my anti-cheese and anti-beer stance isn't too popular at home), but have called Brooklyn, NY home for the last 4 years. I've been vegetarian since 2002 and vegan since 2003. Any time someone tells me they'd like to go vegan but they just "love cheese", I feel the need to let them know that NOBODY loves cheese like Wisconsinites, and if a greedy Wisconsin cheesehead can go vegan, anybody can. :)

While in Milwaukee, I was president of UW-Milwaukee's animal rights group, Alliance For Animals, and then was the president of NYU's group, Students for Education on Animal Liberation when I went there for grad school. Currently, I do mostly food equality and social justice activism, and try to bridge the gaps between animal rights and human rights.

I travel a decent amount (most trips have been to southeast Asia and to Mexico/Central America), and I'm obsessed with finding good vegan food wherever I go. I am also that nerd that takes pictures of food, but ONLY to upload onto, not for my personal photo album. :)

As New York is SO vegan friendly, I have become sort of a food snob and go to only purely vegetarian restaurants, when possible. While I still love the taste of fake meat, I am thoroughly sick of restaurants that just throw some sauce on fake meat and call it a meal. I give higher points for creative dishes, especially those that don't focus on fake meat. I also give more points for places with good vegan desserts, especially if they're homemade, as most veg places in New York sell the same wholesale Vegan Treats bakery (which is good, but I'm sick of the same 6 cakes year after year).

In my spare time, I volunteer with a vegetarian food co-op, do freelance marketing for a vegan restaurant and a suicide prevention organization, and do random social justice and bike advocacy volunteer work. I like reading books on human rights, hunger & poverty, sex trafficking, labor injustices, and other depressing topics, but I also like watching Law and Order and Sex and the City. I spend a lot of time on my bike and talking on the phone with my sister, trying her to get her to go vegan.

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