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Alexander's Great Falafel in Eugene, Oregon
Jan 7 09

rating star

They could be the oldest Vegan business in Oregon. I had the variety plate. Free lemonade when you order food. If you're allergic to onions, then you have nothing to worry about here. Everything is tasty, vegan, and onion-free.

India Direct in Portland, Oregon
Sep 1 08

rating star

The store is not vegetarian, they sell frozen dinners and soups containing chicken. We went recently and the owners were rude when we asked what items in the deli were vegan. We ended up eating 2 samosas, and some weird snack mix with potatoes and chick peas added.

The deli is all vegetarian, but definitely not vegan friendly. If you live in Beaverton it might be something to try once in awhile, but it's really a wasted trip from Portland.

Yummy Tummy Oasis in Portland, Oregon
Mar 11 10

rating star

They don't make food to order, you pick up items from the deli case in their store. Definitely call ahead to make sure they have something you want. When we went today at noon the only had a very limited selection. Some items contain honey. I was a bit disappointed as I was expecting restaurant service when I went. They said they plan to start serving smoothies in May.

Their prices seem high (compared to other places in Portland offering raw food.) They be appropriate if the items were served, but not prepackaged. Their live pasta ($11) was decent, but expensive compared to a similar offering by Blossoming Lotus that can be picked up at Food Fight.

I wasn't fond of their wanna bean & guacamole ($8) as I found the onion too dominant.

Their Kale Chips ($9 for 4 oz) were good, but expensive. Their chocolate chip cookie balls ($5 for 6) were okay.

If you're looking for grab and go raw food, it's worth trying.

Supreme Pizza in Madison, Wisconsin
Oct 10 08

rating star

It's good, but be sure to order the vegan crust. Their normal crust contains lard.

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