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Chipotle Mexican Grill in Tucson, Arizona
May 24 07

rating star

You get a better value than meat eaters at Chipotle. That's because the vegetarian tacos and burritos are a little cheaper than the meat option and also include free guacamole added which normally costs extra.

I always get my free guacamole on the side so I can add it on my own and get a side of chips to use it on too. Near the end of the lineup is the salsas, cheese, sour cream, guacamole and lettuce. I always say which salsas I want then as they are adding the salsa I say "and no cheese or sour cream, just lots of lettuce and please put the guacamole on the side." This way I figure they will stuff the rest of my tacos or burrito with plenty of salsa and lettuce rather than leave room for cheese and sour.

The burritos are huge and sometimes I take it home and cut it in half and wrap up the rest for later. Get the guacamole on the side and it wont get soggy hours later.

I mix up my burritos and tacos by occasionally adding the fajita onion/peppers which adds a whole new taste and texture. The sweet corn salsa is very good and the guacamole is some of the best I've had.

They make your selection right in front of you like subway sandwiches does. The only bad thing is you gotta look at all the meat in front of you and sometimes cooking on the grill.
They do use individual tongs for each vat of meat.

The pinto beans are not vegan and this really irritates me since it's a staple vegetable and it's not vegetarian! Come on! Pinto beans tastes great without adding pig meat! The black beans are vegan but it would be awesome if we could add pinto beans.

Firecracker Bistro in Tucson, Arizona
May 24 07

rating star

Firecracker offers some great vegan options and accommodating waiters.

I have had the Buddha's feast (ask for no cream in sauce) and the cashew chicken (with tofu instead) (check for cream in sauce). They will substitute tofu or omit the meat from any dish many of which are otherwise vegan. The portions are large and I always take home some. I really enjoy the cashew chicken, it would be delicious without tofu if not a fan, it comes with lots of great vegetables. The Buddha's feast (typically without tofu) is awesome too.

The egg-rolls and tofu lettuce cups are vegan. I wasn't thrilled with the egg-rolls the one time I tried them but they aren't bad -- haven't tried the lettuce cups.

I don't know about lunch but at dinner time they serve complimentary soup before your meal. This can surprise you on a first visit so beyond ordering vegan options you may want to make sure that your waiter knows you don't eat any animal products our they may not think to ask before bringing soup which I believe is always not vegan. On my second visit (not sure why not on the first) the waiter let us know that for their vegetarian/vegan customers they offer a dinner salad instead of soup. The salad is egg/cheese free and is really quite good with shredded carrots and such. I emailed them asking which dressings are vegan and the manager replied saying "The dressings we have that are Vegan friendly include the Cilantro Vinaigrette, Citrus Vinaigrette, Tahini (toasted sesame) and the Wasabi Soy Vinaigrette."

They do get busy so you may want to get reservations even during the week. They do have 2 bars, 1 being in a separate bar area which is actually quite nice to dine in if they are full in the main area.

Govinda's in Tucson, Arizona
May 11 07

rating star

I have mixed feelings and a little confusion with Govinda's.

Before my first visit I called ahead to make sure that the Eggplant Parmesan (buffet entree of the day) was vegan which I was so excited to find listed as "dairy free" on their website. I was told it was and that there was a few dairy items but those were marked. When we arrived I asked again if it was Vegan just to be sure and to let the cashier know that 2 of their newest visitors were vegan.

We loved the eggplant Parmesan but the "dairy free" mock mozzarella and cheddar cheese on it was very suspicious of casein. It was supposed to be vegan and it tasted better than any vegan cheese I've had. The dish was excellent. I decided to email a polite letter explaining my concern using the address on their site and did not hear back. A few weeks ago I emailed again and still no reply.

I imagine the dairy free lasagna I see listed on their site might use the same cheese. I'd love to go back if it was guaranteed casein free and not just "dairy free".

I think it would be awesome on so many levels if Govinda's made the shift to completely vegan.

Lovin Spoonfuls Vegetarian Restaurant in Tucson, Arizona
May 11 07

rating star

I love this place and eat here about once a week.
I've gotta disagree with the review that mentions the fries not being good. I enjoy their fries. To me and my girlfriend they taste no different than other fries, reminds me of Eegee's fries and you can dip em in ranch and or ketchup when their served so nice and hot - yum! Maybe you got an undercooked batch or not enough salt or maybe I'm just a sucker for any fry.

I really like the sesame chick salad, Mediterranean plate, or just some nuggets, fries and coleslaw. The potato salad and slaw is awesome, just like mom used to make. Carrot cake and cookies I've tried, so good.

It will take me a long time to try everything because it so hard to stray from what I'm already addicted to!

This is a also great place to bring friend and hand them a vegetarian starter kit to take home or come alone and sip a shake while browsing issues of vegan magazines and publications in a really peaceful atmosphere.

Peter Piper Pizza in Tucson, Arizona
May 11 07

rating star

I really like Peter Pipers Pizza's crust on occasion, it's flatter (but not too thin) and denser than other places, has a little corn meal on the bottom, and tastes great without cheese. The sauce is a little different too. Sometimes I find myself craving it versus other pizza, but also the opposite happens. It's my girlfriend's favorite vegan pizza.

Three times now I have had my order get accidentally made with cheese or half with cheese but I was offered a free pizza the first time they messed up and a free drink the other times. Once in awhile it seems there's some confusion over the phone.

I usually get a pizza half with olives and pineapple and the other half onion and green pepper. The tomato topping is very chunky and with seeds had appears to be the warehouse ripened variety.