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Duluth Grill in Duluth, Minnesota
May 30 13

rating star

The lemonade is good.

Went here with my boyfriend. We got seated right away, and got our drinks right away. We weren't quite ready to order by the time our drinks arrived, so our waitress said she'd be back. She came back to the tables around us, but never stopped by our table. Even with the universal sign of being ready to place our order (menus closed, us looking in her direction). We sat for an additional 10-15 minutes after telling her we needed a few more minutes. I got up to to break a $20 at the front counter, left $5 on the table, and we left. The menu looked like there were some good dishes on it, and they indicate which items can be ordered vegan, so that's nice.

Good Earth in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Apr 26 04

rating star

the flat bread thingies mentioned in the previous review aren't vegan. i mistakenly believed so, and was about to purchase a whole bag of them from their bakery case when i looked at the nutrion info and saw they contain cholestoral. cholestoral = animal ingredients. i don't know exectly what it is that makes them non-vegan, since they don't list the ingredients, but they're not vegan.

the only good thing about this joint is their lemonade. it's the best! but way expensive and they fill the glass about 3/4 full of ice, so you don't even get much of the only decent thing they have there.

oh yeah, their tea is nasty.

Punch Woodfire Pizza in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Apr 22 05

rating star

Really awesome pizza. Tasty crust, tasty sauce. Nice atmosphere.

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