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Evolution Diet Pet Food Corporation in Internet
May 17 04

rating star

How about reviewing in reviews? There's an idea.

I have used Evolution's kibble and canned food and I think it's of good quality and my cats ate it. You should not trust any company based only on their claims. Evolution, Purina, Walmart, etc. But Evolution Diet kibble is supplemented and uses higher quality ingredients than the meat-based foods I fed my cats before. I think the ethical argument for using Evolution is more strongly defined than their health claims.

Bloodroot Vegetarian Restaurant and Feminist Bookstore in Bridgeport Area, Connecticut
Sep 12 04

rating star

I recently went to Bloodroot for the first time and had a pleasant and delicious meal. The self-serve setting is different, but not at all intrusive. As we entered we were directed to a menu on a chalkboard above the service window. After choosing a seitan ‘skirt steak’ and some tai ‘chicken’, along with two soups and some bread, we paid at the service desk and got seated. The soup and bread were up quickly and were excellent. I enjoyed a Cabbage, Tomato and Rice soup and my girlfriend ordered a Shitake and Soba Noodle soup, which was also excellent. Our dinners came up before too long and both were full of flavor and very filling. The portions looked a bit small for the $14 entree price, but we did end up full and satisfied. After finishing our drinks we browsed the bookstore and left as happy Bloodroot devotees. If only it wasn’t an hour away from us! I highly recommend vegetarians and vegans in CT check out this shoreline favorite.

It's Only Natural in Middletown Area, Connecticut
Oct 25 04

rating star

After a recent dinner at ION I was unpleasantly informed they will not split checks to go onto multiple credit cards. Not even for $130+ checks. I still recommend ION and otherwise the service that night was excellent. So if you're bringing a crowd, bring cash.

Udupi Bhavan in Middletown Area, Connecticut
Jan 8 06

rating star

I found the food to be very tasty and especially liked the dosas. The setting is rather low quality though with no decor and service on disposable plates with plastic utensils. The food was great but I wouldn't go here on a date.

Ahimsa in New Haven Area, Connecticut
Apr 2 07

rating star

Ahimsa is great. This review is mostly to note that the parking lot on the other side of Howe from the restaurant is NOT open to patrons, it belongs to a nearby apartment building. We got towed ($88) :-(

But there IS parking for Ahimsa behind the restaurant. Look for a drive just before the cafe as you're driving up Chapel towards Howe.

Duck's Soup - A Café in New Haven Area, Connecticut
Sep 3 05

rating star

Word of Duck's Soup reached me from my local vegetarian society. On my first trip to this new cafe I was happy to see the staff energetic, helpful and as advertised, smiling. I ordered a large iced chai latte (their chai is unsweetened and they made my latte with soy milk for a perfect summertime vegan treat). My meal was their hummus wrap, a cup of their vegan veggie chili, and a vegan chocolate chip cookie. The total was less than $15, a good deal since the chili came with a wholegrain roll and the wrap came with a side salad. They're very nice ladies and the food was fresh and tasted excellent. I'd love to see the vegan items a little more clearly labeled, but that doesn't stop me from giving Duck's Soup a big thumbs up and wishing them all the best luck. Quinnie students are going to be lucky to have this place so close when they get back in the fall.

*Update* Kathleen, one of the owners, has been working magic and trying to get even more vegan options. One recent change was to their pasta dough, they have vegan pierogies now! Make sure you ask for the vegan ones. They had them in regular Potato, in Sweet Potato (mmm), and in Sauerkraut, served with a side of sauteed cabbage & apple.

Hippie Chick Bakery in Amesbury-Newburyport, Massachusetts
May 3 05

rating star

HCB provided a desert table at the Farm Animal Forum 2005 in Boston, which I attended. Their food is top notch and I don't think there is a question that they were the most popular people in the room. Cakes, cookies, chocolate thingies that were beyond good.

Kaya's Kitchen in Belmar, New Jersey
Jun 20 05

rating star

On 6/18/05 my fiancee and I went to Kaya's for dinner after riding the coasters at Six Flags. I wasn't sure what to expect since I'd heard that VeggieWorks had changed ownership (up until today the veggieworks website was still up). I was delighted to see (and taste) that things were still as good as I had read. Kaya's is a small place with a lot of heart.

We had a 'Kaya's Kombo' appetizer which included buffalo style tofu with a cucumber ranch dipping sauce, BBQ Rib style seitan strips, 'chicken' nuggets and some potato salad. For dinner I had their 'Chicken-Fried' Gluten Steak with mashed potatoes and gravy. Mmmm. So good. She had a special that night, Seitan Stroganoff over pasta. Excellent as well. She picked out all the onions though. She does that all the time. While we were completely stuffed (she took more than half her dish home... which I ate last night), we still had to get dessert. She got peach cobbler and I got a chocolate mocha cake slice.

We liked Kaya's Kitchen so much we decided to change our plans for the next day. Instead of driving back home to Connecticut, we went back to Belmar and had brunch at Kaya's Kitchen. HUGE pancakes, tofu scramble, home fries, soy sausage, toast and fresh squeezed OJ. My fiancee had Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip pancakes, aka 'The Happy Hippie'. I had 'The Hungry Vegan' special, which included all the things I listed before, with my choice of pancake and fruit. I picked whole wheat pancakes with banana. Tasty tasty. Neither of us could finish our heaping stack of pancakes, so those came home too. I could not be happier with out choice to go to Kaya's. If you're in that area, check it out!

Foodswings in Brooklyn, New York City
Aug 30 04

rating star

On a recent muggy august afternoon I stopped by foodswings while doing work in NYC. I highly recommend this vegan fast food joint for anyone looking for food that is tasty, quick and priced well. I got the Pu-Pu platter which contained 3 of their drumsticks: regular, bbq and buffalo. It also had some of their tofu fish-sticks and some nuggests. That and a side of fries cost me about $10 (including a water). The selection is good and the only thing I can say against foodswings is that there wasn't much that was low fat or raw. But hey, there's plenty of those places around NYC. If you want some tasty grub with no fluff, check out Foodswings!

Angelica Kitchen in Manhattan, New York City
Feb 14 05

rating star

I enjoyed a lunch at AK on 2/11/05. I ordered a special starter that I can't spell. It had yukon gold potatos and seitan in a baked ball/patty with a pesto center. It was nice.

For my entree I had "Ole Man Seitan", a large burrito of seitan and vegetables with a mole sauce. This was washed down with hot mulled cider and was quite good. The size was more than enough.

Please note this place cash only. Which is odd. Because it's all fancy and the registers have card slots. But trust me, they only take cash.

Blossom in Manhattan, New York City
May 3 06

rating star

I enjoyed Blossom a great deal. I went for lunch on 5/3/06 and ordered the seitan satay starter and the tofu fra diablo. Both were excellent, though together it might have been too much pasta (the satay is over pasta with a peanut sauce). The service was a little spotty but our server was on her second day and held up well. I'll be going back for sure.

Strawberry Street Cafe in Richmond, Virginia
Jul 14 04

rating star

It's easy to see why this place is so popular. I ate a fine dinner with my girlfriend there recently and enjoyed excellent service and good food. The menu is not vegetarian by design but there are a number of good options for vegetarians. Vegans may have more trouble finding something. The salad bar isn't cheap but it's delicious and a part of it is a bath tub. I didn't ask if a custom vegan dish could be made, but enjoyed a black bean burger and fries. My companion had a spinich lasagna which got excellent marks. While I didn't order any, the wine list is outstanding. I'm sure anyone who enjoys good food and wine would make Strawberry Street a regular choice when eating out.

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