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Boston Vegetarian Society in Boston, Massachusetts
Dec 5 15

rating star

The monthly educational seminars are followed by a vegan buffet (typically at Grasshopper Asian All-Vegan Restaurant in Allston-Brighton.

Grasshopper in Boston, Massachusetts
Mar 19 11

rating star

I'm there at least once a month for the monthly Boston Vegetarian Society meeting, and the food is 'very delicious' (in the words of one of my neighbors).

Greater Boston Buddhist Cultural Center in Boston, Massachusetts
Mar 30 11

rating star

I love this place and dine here frequently for the bimonthly (2nd and 4th Friday evening) Dinner with Dharma events (recently, GBBCC pared that down to once a month on the 2nd Friday).

The Buddhist Tea House is lovely, with very delicious vegan food served in a calm relaxing atmosphere. Prices are, appropriately, very modest.

Love it! Love it! Love it! Love it! Love it! Love it! Love it! Love it! Love it! Love it! Love it!

I take my three veg-meetups (and other meetup) there regularly - wouldn't miss an opportunity!

Karma Yoga Studio in Boston, Massachusetts
Mar 19 11

rating star

Their vegan pastries are 'very delicious' (but this is not a restaurant). They are MOST generous with sharing their very amply space with pro-animal and vegan causes.

My Thai Cafe Vegan & Bubble Tea Bistro in Boston, Massachusetts
Mar 19 11

rating star

I like it! Great open space for large meetings (if you can drag that many vegans into a meeting at any one time)

Pasteur in Boston, Massachusetts
Apr 6 07

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Happy Buddha Restaurant is no longer all-vegan, which is quite a disappointment.

I think they were busy the first few weeks they went "vegetarian included" (as in India there are both "pure vegan" and "veg/nonveg" restaurants), but I'm not sure their business decision was sustained.

I think their main problem in keeping business is that they lodged themselves in the same building as Buddha's Delight, a longstanding all-vegan restaurants, offering a neater and more English-speaker-friendly ambience. But the folks upstairs - Buddha's Delight - are truly friendly, too, though their English isn't "broadcast quality".

We used to take the Vegetarian Meetups ( there each month; we moved up to Buddha's Delight after Happy Buddha Restaurant's decision to go "Veg/Nonveg" on us, and the 2nd floor is quieter.

No doubt, however, that Happy Buddha is far cleaner and better looking, while the more spacious Buddha's Delight upstairs is far quieter and always seems to have an evidently vegetarian (likely vegan) crowd.

The Pulse Cafe in Boston, Massachusetts
Mar 19 11

rating star

May I vote for the tempeh reuben as 'very delicious' and deeply satisfying!?

True Bistro in Boston, Massachusetts
Mar 19 11

rating star

Beautiful food, staff, and ambiance

Veggie Galaxy in Boston, Massachusetts
Nov 18 13

rating star

I don't care much for 'retro' "food" (even when that 50's-like fare has no animal ingredients).

This place has its market - it's wildly popular among SOME of the vegans and vegetarians in the local veggie meetups and other veggie groups (BVS, BVA, Vegan Collective, etc.).

However, I don't think it's health-supporting (so I prefer spending my time and money elsewhere - including at home, with a natural organic vegan salad).

Service was 'pretty good' (but sometimes there ARE long wait times; be prepared to NOT get in right away, especially if one's group is numerous).

Owned and operated by Adam Penn, who owns Veggie Planet.

Veggie Planet; Veggie Galaxy - Get it?

Veggie Planet in Boston, Massachusetts
Nov 18 13

rating star

This would be FAR better IF it COULD BE 100% vegan, and I would urge Adam Penn to do just that with Veggie Planet (and not drag his heals).

What vegan food they DO serve is 'very delicious' AND most modestly priced and VERY ample in quantities and the speed with which the fresh food is served. Most of their food is organically grown.

We hold our monthly Boston Vegan Meetups there on the 1st Saturday of EACH month (read 'most' or nearly all months).

Service is USUALLY quite good! With a little negotiating, they'll 'leave us alone' long enough for us to have a long social meeting without buying too terribly much food.

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