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Sluggo's in Pensacola, Florida
Apr 6 07

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Most restaurants have 2 or 3 vegetarian selections, and you still aren’t sure about them (you know the issues). There are no issues at Sluggo’s. All the food is vegan. I have been eating here for over 3 years and it is consistently
great. It is also cheap and plentiful. Everyone has a favorite, the huge black bean burrito, the tacos, the dawgs, and especially the mashed taters and gravy.
There is usually a special, which will cost you around $5.50. I think everything else is less than that! But bring some tip money because the staff is wonderful.
Tuesday is southern/soul food night; remember all that food you’d see at a family reunion? Same but all vegan, I think there are 6 or 7 items on the plate.
And Sluggo’s is a bar so wash it all down with a cold beer, or a glass of wine. Even though it is a bar it has a restaurant setting and really is family friendly. Sluggo’s is also famous, maybe world famous for it’s music shows,
it is a punk Mecca for the south. But actually you’ll see all kinds of music there, very eclectic. Shows start late so there is plenty of time to eat and most shows are only 5 bucks and that might be for 3 or more bands! Check
their web page for shows. Sluggo’s is a gem and one of a few good things about Pensacola.