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Vegetarian House in Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona
Apr 2 07

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We absolutely LOVE going to this restaurant! We are Vegetarian and have been for many years, it is such a relief to go into a restaurant and order ANYTHING from the menu! Not only are the choices extensive, but we have not had a meal that we didn't decide that it was our new 'favorite'. But our all time favorite has to be the Lemon Grass 'Chicken'!! If you are veggie or even non veggie, you will find a LOT here to enjoy and be healthier to boot! And did I mention that the prices are very very reasonable.

Some mentioned that service was slow?? Not when we've been there. It wasn't as fast as a fast food restaurant to be sure, but it wasn't as slow as some 'top' restaurants in town we've been to. Take your time, eat a meal and don't rush :)

Go Veggies!!