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Aux Vivres in Montréal, Quebec
Mar 14 07

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I used to really like Aux Vivres. Vegan restaurants are rare and vegan restaurants with great tasting food - like at Aux Vivres - are even rarer. I tried a lot of the dishes (and especially enjoyed a recent trip that just happened to be on Robbie Burns Day: the dish of the night was "vegan haggis." It was a delicious meat loaf-type thing with nuts. Mmmm.) and thoroughly enjoyed all of them. I have a huge aversion to the taste of onions, so an extra thing that I enjoyed is that - unlike a lot of vegan/vegetarian places- Aux Vivres' food isn't heavy on onions.

HOWEVER, last time I went to Aux Vivres (in mid-February,) I got very sick afterwards. I'm guessing it was gastroenteritis. For several days afterward I could taste the remnants/aftertaste of my BLT on chipati as I vomited it up.

What makes me especially angry about getting sick from eating Aux Vivres' food is that I am very careful about food hygiene (washing hands, using clean utensils/surfaces, etc,) and try to eat at restaurants that espouse similar philosophies and practices: from previous visits, I had though Aux Vivres to be relatively clean.

The thing about gastro, however, is that it is a food-borne disease that is passed mainly through fecal matter. That means that someone involved in the food preparation process that night had not properly washed their hands after defecating. Their fecal matter was transferred into my sandwich. I ate the sandwich and got sick. Yum! That same night, I saw the guy behind the counter (where the juices/smoothies are made,) rub his hand on the sole of his shoe, then continue (without stopping to wash his hands,) to unload glasses from the dishwasher, then make a smoothie. I also saw one of the servers sneezing onto his hands, wiping the hands on his pants, then continuing to go about his business. Yuck.

I will never go to Aux Vivres again and I have told other people about why.

The staff doesn't seem to be too concerned about food safety or basic hygiene.

Buffet Maharaja in Montréal, Quebec
Mar 14 07

Buffet Maharaja has been convicted in court (and substantially fined,) for food safety/public health related offences.

The City of Montreal website has details of these infractions along with lists of other offenders and a search engine that allows you to search by restaurant name, street, etc.

Check it out:,2655580&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL&start=1&mois=INITIAL&annee=107&imois=0&url_xml=HTTP://VILLE.MONTREAL.QC.CA/pls/portal/portalcon.contrevenants_recherche?p_mot_recherche=,tous

Unfortunately, the website only lists restaurants that have serious enough infractions (or enough repeat offences,) to be taken to court and convicted - so it isn't a complete list of the many, many dirty restaurants in Montreal.