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China Buffet in Moorhead, Minnesota
May 16 16

rating star

Fresh veggies, generous portion size, nice people.

Biology 701 in Saint Cloud, Minnesota
Jan 24 12

rating star

A friend and I ate here for lunch today. The food was superb! I had the green curry panini with tofu, cucumber salad and a cup of their Mediterranean soup. Everything was very fresh and flavorful. The green curry was the star of the sandwich with a generous amount of tofu and grilled veggies. The service was excellent and the decor is modern with a relaxed atmosphere.

Cafe Renaissance in Saint Cloud, Minnesota
Apr 28 11

rating star

One of the best dining experiences of my life! The service was great, and the decor was beautifully elegant. Genuine hospitality and attention to detail are easily seen and much appreciated.
The food was amazing! I ordered the Vegetarian Curry and my friend had the Mediterranean Combo Platter. The Vegetarian Curry was a great right mix of flavor, curry and spice.
This was my first time there and I will definitely be back again! :)

Central Perk in Saint Cloud, Minnesota
Aug 31 15

rating star

These guys wouldn't even hang a "Cowspiracy: The Movie" event poster in their shop.
They have one cheese sandwich to choose from. Try Jules across the street any of the other downtown options.

Chipotle in Saint Cloud, Minnesota
Feb 25 11

rating star

I like Chipotle, as far as food chains go this one is good.

From the PETA website:
Chipotle offers a vegetarian fajita burrito, but be sure to order it with black beans—the pinto beans are cooked with bacon.

Good to know! ;)

Good Earth Food Co-op in Saint Cloud, Minnesota
Dec 3 11

rating star

Nice new deli expansion (now there is much more room to sit and enjoy the food). Large selection of organic veg*n foods.

Jules Bistro in Saint Cloud, Minnesota
Mar 24 14

rating star

Good food. I had the Ruben sandwich (without cheese), and my friend had the veggie wrap.
The food was fresh and delicious. We both noticed that the menu could be even better with the addition of some mock-chicken as an option.

The service was friendly and nice with good music in the background. Over all a pretty good dining experience.

No. 1 China in Saint Cloud, Minnesota
May 18 11

rating star

The food here is Great! Large portion sizes and low prices. What's even better is that they don't use MSG. I had the home style tofu and it was very filling.

However they do not have their own plates or silverware. Everything is styrofoam and plastic, Very disappointing. Next time I go I will be sure to bring my own plate and chopsticks.

Pho V in Saint Cloud, Minnesota
Dec 19 17

rating star

Best food ever. So good. Nice variety too!
A welcome addition to the St. Cloud vegan food scene

Pok's Sakura in Saint Cloud, Minnesota
May 31 10

rating star

This is by far my favorite resturant in the St. Cloud area. The food is fresh and very tasty. I often get the miso soup and sushi when I'm there.

Rock Creek Coffee House in Saint Cloud, Minnesota
Feb 16 16

rating star

The people here are very nice. They added a vegan Nana Earth sandwich and a Hummus appetizer to their menu recently. Good variety of vegetarian options in Sauk Rapids.

Sawatdee in Saint Cloud, Minnesota
Jul 18 13

rating star

We had the fresh vegetarian spring rolls, Supenn's pasta (with tofu) and Toam Yum soup (with mock duck). The food was delicious as always. My friend ordered the soup at a 5 spicy level and was delighted with the intense heat. Very clean restaurant and good service.

Star of India in Saint Cloud, Minnesota
Sep 11 13

rating star

A friend and I had the Lunch Buffet today, many vegan and vegetarian options to choose from. Delicious! Great service too!

Viet-Tien Market in Saint Cloud, Minnesota
Jul 9 15

rating star

Excellent food and service. Clean/modern atmosphere with both tofu and mock duck options. Generous portion sizes and a great tea selection!

Of course the grocery is nice too. Some of the best prices for tofu and mock duck anywhere! And if you like to buy your rice in big 50# sacks this is the place for you! :-)

Dancing Ganesha in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jun 21 12

rating star

We went late in the evening around 9:15pm. Since the kitchen closes at 9:45 we decided to just get some soup and an appetizer.

All the food we had was great!
Coconut bell pepper soup, sambar soup, and vegetable somosas.
Lots of great vegetarian options. I almost got a full entree, but the prices are a little steep and we didn't want to be rude by ordering too much that late.

Darbar India Grill in Twin Cities, Minnesota
May 10 11

rating star

Outstanding service and our food was all very tasty! It did seem a little pricey though.
I thought it was cool that they have a window where you can see into the kitchen.

Dilla's Ethiopian Restaurant in Twin Cities, Minnesota
May 13 15

rating star

Went there on Sunday. Saw their buffet and asked which were vegetarian. They replied the 7 on the left are all vegetarian (the two towards the right were not). This was my first time there and I was blown away! So many delicious choices and a comfortable atmosphere. I'll certainly be back to this place.

French Meadow Bakery and Cafe in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jul 17 12

rating star

Classic Vegan Breakfast: 5 Stars.

Gorkha Palace in Twin Cities, Minnesota
May 4 15

rating star

The veggie curry is great with brown rice and Roti naan bread (both vegan). They also have a vegan soup option! Friendly service and good food with vegan options clearly marked.

Groundswell Coffee in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jun 27 16

rating star

Amazing atmosphere, fresh and tasty. Try the vegan platter. Big portion of Tempeh, quinoa, and crunchy chickpeas with greens. So good!

Hard Times Cafe in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Apr 11 13

rating star

Loved it, the food was great! I had the vegan biscuit breakfast with gravy, scrambled tofu, veg patty, and hash browns. Very tasty with good service, decor, and atmosphere. They have a nice tea variety and the Yerba Mate is wonderful.

Jasmine Orchid in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Apr 6 12

rating star

Delicious lunch today! I had the Vietnamese noodle salad with mock duck. It was generously portioned with a vibrant salad including fresh sprouts! The noodles were yummy and the price was great at only $6.50. Construction going on outside, but the food and the good service made it great!

Lotus Restaurant in Twin Cities, Minnesota
May 10 13

rating star

Veggie spring rolls with mock duck were great! The main course of mixed veggies and tofu was good, but I could taste the fish (oyster?) sauce, yuck. Would have been better if a veggie sauce was standard rather than available upon request.

The service was excellent, very friendly and fast!
all of the entrees were around $9.

Mango Thai in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Feb 24 15

rating star

This small restaurant is conveniently located near the Mississippi market co-op. The decor and atmosphere were pleasant. The service was quick and friendly. The food, however, was not impressive. They do not have a vegetarian section in the menu (nor is anything clearly marked). I asked the server if I could sub tofu on most of the items and he said yes. I ordered the Pad Thai with tofu. It was good and filling, but something in the flavor wasn't quite right it seemed a little too sweet for my taste. The hot jasmine tea was excellent. I left a Compassion Over Killing "restaurant manager card" and a rather large tip.

Modern Times Cafe in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Feb 15 16

rating star

Impressive amount of vegan foods. All clearly labeled.
I had the Don Quixote sandwich and it was yummy!

Namaste Cafe in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Nov 11 11

rating star

A friend and I went to this cafe last week. The food and the decor are amazing!
We got there before dinner, right when a shift change was happening so I'm not sure if that is why the service was a little slow paced, or if that's just how it is in a nice relaxing place like Namaste Cafe.

The menu is very good, with vegan and vegetarian options clearly marked. All in all a great place to eat and relax, I'll be going back for sure! :-)

Sakura Restaurant in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jan 27 15

rating star

Very nice restaurant, with a few veggie selections to choose from for lunch.
I'll have to try the vegetarian bento box if I go here again.
This time I had veggie tempura and sushi combination ($12.99 I think). It was delicious.
Individual sushi choices were limited to roasted squash, and pickled radish (along with cucumber and avocado rolls of course). High quality food in the heart of down town St. Paul (and the price reflects this).

Sen Yai Sen Lek in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jan 16 13

rating star

The reviews are true! This place is lovely!

Tao Natural Foods in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Apr 19 14

rating star

I had the home made black bean burger with fresh veggies and kale salad (toasted sesame oil). Yummy with Yerba Mate tea. Great food, service and atmosphere. I'd always just shopped there, the food is most excellent too!

United Noodles in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Feb 15 16

rating star

I went to check out their deli after a friend told me about this place.
They have some good vegetarian options. Not as clearly marked for Vegan.
This place seemed consistently busy when i was there but the service and delivery of food was fast.
I had the Vegan Shoyu bowl. It was tasty and well portioned but it had a little too much salt for my taste. Overall a good visit for someone who craves authentic noodles.

Drunken Noodle in Fargo, North Dakota
Sep 9 17

rating star

Yummy food, good friendly service.

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