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Soul Vegetarian East in Chicago, Illinois
Aug 23 04

rating star

On Sundays, Soul Veg has a planned meal available instead of menu options. The meal I had was incredible, and the other patrons were very friendly.

A&B Naturals in Bar Harbor, Maine
Oct 31 12

rating star

Your standard natural foods store. Not amazing but they have your typical vegan options.

The juices and smoothies are ok. They seem to sometimes have a vegan soup, but alas there is no deli with vegan options.

Eden in Bar Harbor, Maine
Oct 31 12

rating star

Eden features a thoughtful, rotating menu with lots of interesting options. It's foodie food for vegans. Very tasty.

Rawbert's Organic Garden Cafe & Juice Bar in Beverly, Massachusetts
Feb 5 07

rating star

I had the Taste of Italy special yesterday and the Turkish Delight for desert. Far and away the best meal I've had in months, and that's after spending a few weeks in New York City recently too!

Harvest Co-op Market in Boston, Massachusetts
Jul 31 06

rating star

A very comprehensive co-op with all the standard vegan fare and lots of local vegan options. Lots of things in bulk. It's an oasis in the heart of Cambridge!

T.J. Scallywaggles in Boston, Massachusetts
Apr 1 06

rating star

This place is awesome. There is a huge variety of vegan foods and it's cheap. Totally rad. By the way, the vegan chicken parm sandwich is great.

Bakers Square in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Aug 23 04

rating star

Baker's Square has mostly non-vegan options. The menu and decor are very simliar to Perkin's, if you know that restaurant.

The Boca burgers, however, are great (large patties). Just make sure they don't toast the buns with butter.

French Meadow Bakery and Cafe in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Dec 16 05

rating star

This place is amazing. The nightly vegan entrees are awesome, and the menu items are great as well. This place has a wonderful atmosphere, and outside seating is available in the summer. Very romantic.

Gopher Express in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Aug 27 04

rating star

Gopher Express is the biznomb: they have veggie gummie bears, alternative baking company cookies, soy milk, clif and luna bars, and a whole host of other vegan goodies. the thai tofu wraps are worth a try as are the hummus half-sandwiches. i patronize this establishment on a near daily basis during the school year. good for a bite when you're on the u of mn campus.

The Smitten Kitten in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Aug 11 04

rating star

This place is the coolest, and the staff are very helpful and friendly. Several enticing options for males, and the staff have actually read the books they sell. They have 10% off on Sundays for everything except books (I think). All or almost all of the BDSM gear is available in non-leather varieties.

Vietnam Restaurant in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Aug 18 04

rating star

The staff were friendly and the serving sizes were adequate, but the food wasn't especially good in my opinion. Maybe one gets spoiled by the vietnamese food in Minneapolis. My complaints aren't major but don't expect too much from this place.

Seasons Cafe in Oregon Coast, Oregon
Mar 31 14

rating star

They have a veggie wrap, hummus appetizer, and chips and salsa. All adequate, but nothing to write home about.

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