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The Vegetarian in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Feb 19 07

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I am a big fan of Indian food and have tried many places around the Twin Cities but this place just blew me away. My only hope is that it gets enough business to stay afloat, but not so crowded that walking in at 7:00 on a Saturday night like we did would become impossible. We were one of four tables dining on a Saturday, and one of the tables knew the owner.

The service was wonderful and attentive but not overwhelming. Our meal was perfectly cooked and seasoned and my husband's sampler plate was clearly explained. Every dish on it was delicious and well done. Perfectly cooked Palak Paneer with delightful and perfect cheese, lentils still firm and smooth, rice was toothsome and vegetables in the biryani were still recognizable. Even the Indian spice tea was divine, delicately flavored and a wonderful drinking temperature.

I would go back in a heartbeat and keep going until I tried everything on the menu and then probably start over again. This place is not to be missed!!