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Amazing Thailand in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jun 19 08

rating star

Amazing Thailand has great food and almost everything can be made to (vegan) order without any hesitation from the servers. The food is very fresh and authentic. Also be careful of the dipping sauce that comes with the spring rolls since it has fish sause. You are safe with the curry peanut sauce or sweet & sour sauce that can are available upon request.

Cafe Agri in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jul 30 08

rating star

I have been to this place several times and really like the quality of their food and practice with local organic foods. The kitchen is 100% gluten free and although the service has been slow, the food is worth the wait. I highly recommend the fig dessert and fennel entree. I would definitely go back and support these types of restaurants.

Muddy Paws Cheesecake in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jul 19 07

rating star

I have been going to this place on a weekly basis ever since I discovered it in February. They have the best tasting vegan cheesecake ever! I've tried all their flavors and really like the cherry with almond topping or chocolate swirl. Good selections are out daily and the service is very good. I would definitely recommended for vegans who have a sweet tooth like me or anybody who loves cheesecakes. From what I hear, my friends can't taste the difference.

Vina Vietnamese Restaurant in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jan 21 07

rating star

I would highly suggest this place for any vegan. They have a good vegan selection and the best vegan egg rolls ever. I would also like to suggest the "Hot and Spicy" lemongrass tofu dish for those of you who like sweet and spicy food. It's not hot at all. Be careful that you do not use the dipping sauce for the vegan egg rolls, they have served it with their house sauce once for me containing fish sauce. Otherwise the service is great and affordable.