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Adelina Vegetarian in Manhattan, New York City
Apr 12 09

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I have had lunch at Adelina several times. The power salad (Kale, etc.) is awesome. The green juices are outstanding. The restaurant offers raw as well as vegetarian choices. Service is very friendly.

Angelica Kitchen in Manhattan, New York City
Apr 8 12

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I have had vegetarian lunches at Angelicas at least 8 times in the past six months. The food is unfailingly delicious, satisfying and healthy. There are daily specials in addition to an extensive menu. For lunch I like a cup of the soup of the day and a small salad of the day. Angelica's lists gluten-free choices. Angelica's is one of my favorite restaurants.
Angelicas also published a recipe book that can be purchased at the restaurant. It is out of print otherwise. I purchased a copy and have greatly enjoyed both reading the book and following the recipes which have been very successful.
While lunch is a little more expensive than other alternatives, I opt for organic and healthy food over cheap food. It is worth it to me. I would rather skip cheap, bad food. We all make choices.

Hangawi in Manhattan, New York City
Apr 8 12

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Outstanding restaurant. Zagat rated as top Korean and top vegetarian.
Went for dinner and ordered the Emporer's tasting menu. Great experience.
Great food and outstanding service.

JivamukTea Cafe in Manhattan, New York City
Apr 8 12

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JivamukTea Cafe - outstanding Vegan food. counter service from cheerful, helpful staff.. Plenty of space for diners. Food is all Vegan and mostly organic - fresh, delicious. Some raw choices. Daily specials soup and entre. Also gluten-free choices and some gluten-free deserts.
Open from late morning until 9 pm.
I have been going for lunch at least once per week for the past six months. The food is very satisfying, healthy and delicious. I am grateful.
JivamukTea is on the second floor, just north of 13th St on B'way. The Cafe is associated with a yoga studio.

Souen Organic Ramen in Manhattan, New York City
Apr 8 12

rating star

I love this tiny restaurant. There is an inexpensive, delicious, vegan noodle-soup lunch which is unfailing satisfying. Vegetables are great. There are choices for sides. I like the garlic-sauted kale side. There are gluten-free choices even for noodles.
Service is excellent. The restaurant is pleasant.