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Bombay 2 Deli in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jan 15 07

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I am very picky about Indian food and consider the best homemade Indian food and great vegetarian restaurants like Vatan in New York to be the standards for what Indian food should taste like. With that in mind, this is hands-down the best, most authentic Indian restaurant in town (the only place comparable in quality is South Asian Foods, which is even less a traditional restaurant).

Their "wet" and "dry" curries are equally great, and as far as possible from the greasy, Americanized Indian so common in MSP. The palak paneer, chole, brinjal . . . really everything is worth recommending. The bonda and samosa are delicious and not greasy, and the hot sauce is both actually hot and flavorful. It's also a great place for chaat and other snacks. The prices are ludicrously low for the quality.

If you don't live in a household where someone can cook great and authentic Indian food, or if you are a vegetarian and/or Indian food fan, this should be your go-to default restaurant.