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Bravo! Cafe and Bakery in Twin Cities, Minnesota
May 10 07

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I love this place! I could see how maybe some people would be turned off by it, but my dining experience has always been good there. They have lots of different entrees available that are vegetarian and I believe some are vegan as well. They also have tea drinks and vegan/vegetarian desserts.

If you go there for your first time, I recommend trying the orange mock-chicken. Good stuff.

Pros: Good food, reasonable prices (you can get full for under $10 no problem), and friendly atmosphere

Cons: It seems like nobody who works there can speak English very well, which can be frustrating when asking for specifics in food ingredients and drink orders.

It's a pretty small price to pay for some good cheap Asian cuisine.

Punch Woodfire Pizza in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jan 9 07

rating star

I love this place, it has great pizza. However, I don't see why it is labeled vegan-friendly. Maybe it was just the one I went to (West Lake Street), but they didn't have any Vegan cheese, so unless I wanted a cheese-less pizza I was pretty much screwed.

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