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Evolution Diet Pet Food Corporation in Internet
May 15 04

rating star

The rather over-the-top claims they make for this product cause me to be extremely skeptical of it. In particular, feeding cats a vegan diet is not known to be 100% safe, and anyone who tells you otherwise is selling something.

Morning Glory in Flagstaff, Arizona
Jan 8 13

rating star

I had lunch here today and the food was very good. My wife and I both ordered soup. She had the split pea and I had the tomato cashew. Both were quite delicious. The tomato had a nice tomato-y flavor with a hint of richness from the cashew.

I also had the hemp burger. They have soy cheese, but it's Follow Your Heart, which I'm not a huge fan of. When I told the chef this, she asked if I liked avocado, so I ended up with some guacomole on the burger, which was perfect. The burger itself was a soft homemade veggie burger with a nice flavor. It's served on a good bun with a lot of lettuce, sprouts, and some onion and tomato.

The prices here are quite reasonable. Our meal totalled $19 for two people, and it wasn't a small amount of food. Next time I'm in Flagstaff (whenever that might be) I would definitely come back here.

Mountain Oasis in Flagstaff, Arizona
Jan 8 13

rating star

My wife and I had dinner here tonight and we were impressed by the quality of the food. They have a decent number of vegan options, though there was a little confusion about whether the mushroom ravioli was vegan (it's not).

We ordered the hearts of palm bruschetta without cheese, but the topping is pre-mixed. The chef made us a standard (tomato, garlic, basil, olive oil) bruschetta instead, and topped it with a bit of balsamic vinegar. It was very good.

I had the Cantonese pasta as an entree. I'm not sure what's Cantonese about coconut milk, peanuts, and cabbage, but it was quite tasty. It was a nice balance of richness and freshness with the cabbage. I also liked the tofu it was served with. My wife had the Thai peanut dish, which was also quite good.

The only disappointment was the salad, which was surprisingly plain for a restaurant that's aiming for a more upscale vibe. My wife's split pea soup was excellent, however. I'd highly recommend this if it's available.

The restaurant was also a bit too cold. Turn up the heat or install a second set of doors! Every time someone came in we got a cold blast, and there's really nowhere you could sit that would avoid this.

I'd definitely come back in the future, though.

Fresh Mint in Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona
Jan 17 13

rating star

I had the curry tofu, and it was pretty good. It had an interesting mix of spices, though it was probably a bit heavy on some of them. The side of steamed vegetables was a little bland, and I would've like to see some sort of seasoning on it.

My wife had the pepper steak, which was good but pretty American-ish.

Overall, I really wish the menu had more interesting Vietnamese food. A lot of it seems to be American-ized and boring. I'd go back but I might run out of things I'd want to try pretty fast.

Green 2 in Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona
Jan 17 13

rating star

I ate here three times on a recent trip to Phoenix and loved it. Everything my wife and I got here was excellent. My favorites included the Big Wac (a vegan Big Mac-alike) and the buffalo wings appetizer, which had an amazing sauce. Their Argentine Po-boy and Chicken Parm sandwich were also great.

I really liked the fries they had with the sandwiches, and the tahini coleslow was good too. The tahini gave it an interesting flavor, and made it creamy without mayo, which was a nice touch.

We also tried the artichoke dip, which was good, but not quite what I expected. It was more like a nacho cheese bin dip with artichokes, but I was expecting something with more of a white sauce flavor. Get it, but just don't expect what I expected.

The service was friendly and amazingly fast, even on very busy nights.

Loving Hut in Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona
Jan 8 13

rating star

I'd really like to give this place 3.5 stars, but I'll settle on just 3.

The food here was a mixed bag. The sushi appetizer was a bit dry, but not terrible, but not great either. The Golden Beauty dish was nice, with thin slices of batter fried seitan. The fried rice was okay, but a little bland and dry. It could have used some more oil and onion.

However, the chai I ordered was pretty terrible. The only spice I could taste was cinnamon, and boy could I taste it! A little cinnamon goes a long way, and a lot of cinnamon goes way too far. My wife didn't like her coffee either.

The service was very friendly and efficient. And they have a mention of VegGuide on the table cards, so that's pretty cool.

All that said, if I lived near here I'd come back and try other dishes. I probably wouldn't go out of my way to come here though, when the Phoenix area has so many amazing options.

Loving Hut 2 in Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona
Jan 17 13

rating star

This is by far the best Loving Hut in Phoenix (ok, there's only two).

We ate here twice and really enjoyed the food. We loved the fried rice and the royal noodle soup. This soup is basically a tom yum noodle soup. It was a great balance of sweet, sour, and spicy. The Au Lac noodle soup is also good.

I'd also highly recommend the guru curry. They bill it as Indian but it tasted more like Malaysian food to me. Regardless, it was delicious.

The service is friendly and quick. Of course, like any Loving Hut, they have a TV. I'm not a fan of TV in restaurants, but it wasn't too terribly loud.

Nami in Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona
Jan 17 13

rating star

This one's a little tough to review. The first night I went there, I got one of their tsoynami ice cream concoctions. Basically, it's a vegan version of a DQ blizzard.

I was excited to try it but how to say this ... it kind of sucked. The soft serve ice cream they use is pretty bad. It's too much ice and not enough cream, and the flavor is a little weird. I think this may be the Chicago Soy Dairy soft serve, which I've had elsewhere and also disliked. It also took forever to make.

That said, the baked goods at Nami are great. I tried a donut, a cupcake, some of my wife's cookie, and some other things. Everything was really good.

So go to Nami and get anything but their ice cream. This is kind of sad, since they bill themselves as an ice cream shop. They really need to check out the coconut soft serve from The Wedge here in Minneapolis to see vegan soft server should taste.

Also, Sunday brunch was really good. I had chicken and waffles, and both parts were good. It wasn't the most amazing brunch ever, but it's definitely worth trying.

Pomegranate Cafe in Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona
Jan 17 13

rating star

This place does hippie food right. I had the lumberjack breakfast sandwich. It was absolutely delicious, and every single ingredient was perfectly prepared. My wife had the basic breakfast. I was particularly impressed by the tofu scramble, which had a really nice blend of spices.

We also tried two desserts, the cheesecake and tiramisa. They were both excellent, though the tiramisu was nothing like tiramisu. It was two layers of custard (vanilla and chocolate) celebrated by some sort of raw date/nut mixture, I think.

Next time I'm in town I really want to try their lunch and dinner food too.

Treehouse Bakery in Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona
Jan 17 13

rating star

We got brownies, cupcakes, and scones from this bakery. Everything ranged from good to "holy shit, this is amazing". The scone was good, but nothing too special. I'd get it again, but I could go for a little more crumbliness.

The cupcakes were very, very good. They were moist and had a great flavor. I particularly enjoyed the french toast cupcakes.

But the brownies. Oh my dog the brownies! These are the best vegan brownies I've ever had, bar none. They were moist, chewy, and fudgy, with that crackly brownie crust on top. Sheer magic.

Tsom in Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona
Jan 17 13

rating star

This was okay, but nothing special. I had a potato & tofu wrap. It had a good flavor, but I'm not a huge wrap fan. They advertise pasta on their website, but there's no warning that they only have gluten-free brown rice pasta. Damn you hippies and your irrational gluten aversion!

My wife ordered the pasta puttanesca. I'm not sure if they screwed up the order or they just don't know what puttanesca is. I think that the person who took our order may have thought she wanted the primavera. Either way, it wasn't that good. There was no real sauce to speak of, just some cooked veggies, of which about 90% were carrots. Even if this was primavera it was pretty lame.

I'd go back and try something else, but there's so many places in Phoenix that are better.

Udupi Cafe in Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona
Jan 17 13

rating star

We went for the weekend lunch buffet. All the vegan items were clearly marked, and most of the buffet was vegan.

I loved basically every single thing I had, except for the vada, which really need to be served fresh. The chole peshawari and the dosa were the two highlights. The chole had a great combination of spices. The dosa filling was absolutely fantastic, some of the best I've had.

Overall, this was a great deal, and I'd come back next time I'm in Phoenix.

Bangkok Cuisine in Peninsula and South Bay, California
Nov 5 05

rating star

The fresh rolls without egg are quite good, and the various curry dishes I had were tasty. It's not the best Thai food I've had in my life, but it was good and the separate vegetarian menu means it has a lot of choices, which is a rare thing for a Thai restaurant.

Bayleaf Cafe in Peninsula and South Bay, California
Jul 15 05

rating star

I was in Palo Alto for business and ate a number of meals here. The food ranged from average to good, and the desserts I tried were very good. It's nothing exceptional, but I was glad it was here, since Palo Alto doesn't have a huge number of vegan options.

The service was quite good on all of my trips, and the atmosphere was quite pleasant.

Chaat House in Peninsula and South Bay, California
Mar 6 06

rating star

When I went, my friend and I were the only non-Indian people there when we walked in, which I figured was a good sign.

The lack of descriptions on the menu was a little initimidating, but the guy at the counter who took our order was friendly, and helpful when we asked for a recommendation on a dairy-free dish.

The food was excellent, and I look forward to returning on my next visit to Palo Alto.

Garden Fresh Vegetarian Restaurant in Peninsula and South Bay, California
Jul 15 05

rating star

I'd give the appetizers an 8 and the entree I had a 6. We tried the dumplings, taro rolls, and the scallion pancakes, and I liked all of them, though the taro rolls didn't contain any taro as far as I could tell. They also gave us small cups of their hot and sour soup for free. It was good, with a fair bit of actual sourness.

The entree I had was the curry chicken, which was okay but definitely on the bland side. My friend tried the beef with broccoli, which was also fairly bland.

The service was notable for the frequency of water refills, which was nice. The servers were very attentive without being intrusive.

Jing Jing in Peninsula and South Bay, California
Jun 12 06

rating star

They have a good selection of authentic Szechuan food, which is cool, though a few of the dishes are a bit Americanized, like the Dan Dan Noodles, which seem to be made with American-style peanut butter. I wish they had more vegan options.

Thaiphoon in Peninsula and South Bay, California
Jul 15 05

rating star

The lettuce wraps with tofu were quite good, but the panang curry was too mild and sweet. The service was good and they knew what vegan meant. It'd be nice if they had more vegetarian options to choose from.

Hulu House Vegetarian Restaurant in San Francisco, California
Jul 16 05

rating star

This was really good stuff. My favorite was the turmeric curry chicken rice. The curry sauce was quite tasty. The dumplings were also really good, as was the steamed chicken rice rolls, which is made of rice flour wrappers around mock chicken. The fried tofu skin was a bit boring, as it was just tofu skin without much additional flavor.

The prices are quite reasonable. We ate here with four people and got a sizable amount of food for $47 with tax and tip.

Lucky Creation Vegetarian Restaurant in San Francisco, California
Jul 26 05

rating star

The food we had was quite bland and uninteresting. I suspect we would've had better food by going to a non-veg restaurant and just getting some vegan dishes.

MaggieMudd in San Francisco, California
Jul 26 05

rating star

Wow, I cannot believe how much I ate there. They have a huge selection of vegan stuff and the waffle banana split I had was delicious, though perhaps excessive at 4 scoops of ice cream.

Papalote in San Francisco, California
Oct 30 05

rating star

I tried the tofu mole and it was pretty good. I'd have liked it a bit better if the tofu had been cooked a bit longer, but it was pretty tasty. The salsa that comes with the chips is pretty good too.

Definitely worth a trip if you like Mexican food since vegan-friendly Mexican is not all that common, especially where I live (Minneapolis).

Saturn Cafe in Santa Cruz, California
Feb 3 06

rating star

This place is a lot of fun, and the late hours are definitely a bonus. I had a vegan burger with grilled onions, and some delicious steak fries. The best part, however, was the vegan nachos. I also had the tofu chocolate pie for dessert, which was quite tasty.

It's not the best food I've ever had, but getting vegan junk food is always fun, and it wins bonus points for being open late and having a fun atmosphere.

Artichoke Red in Orlando, Florida
Feb 21 15

rating star

They have a nice selection of vegan goods, including items that may be hard to find in Whole Foods and other places. Fun for getting some vegan junk food if you're visiting from out of town.

Dixie Dharma in Orlando, Florida
Feb 29 16

rating star

I went with my family recently and we tried all of the sandwiches. Every one of them was excellent. I look forward to going again next time I'm in Orlando.

Ethos Vegan Kitchen in Orlando, Florida
Jul 23 14

rating star

My wife and I ate here seven times on a recent visit to Orlando. I loved almost everything we tried, especially the milkshakes, the sheep's pie, and the sausage roll appetizer. The tofu scramble I had for breakfast on our last visit was probably the best tofu scramble I've ever had.

I only had a few minor complaints. I would prefer Daiya as the vegan cheese on pizzas and in calzones. Whatever they're using doesn't melt all that well, and I didn't love the flavor. I'd also like to see a little more variety in desserts. Their cake was good, but it was a little plain (topped with powdered sugar instead of icing).

That said, I'd definitely go back here again (many times), and I highly recommend a visit (or seven) if you're in Orlando.

Garden Cafe in Orlando, Florida
Jul 23 14

rating star

All the food came out in the same gloopy bland brown sauce. This is Americanized Chinese with no creativity or flair, it just happens to be vegetarian. I would not return.

Loving Hut in Orlando, Florida
Jul 23 14

rating star

I ate here just once and I was not impressed with most of the food. The spring rolls were good, but our entrees were fairly bland, and were served with extremely bland steamed veggies with no sauce, spices, or even salt. The desserts were okay, but nothing exceptional.

There are better options in Orlando but I might try this place again to see if maybe there are better options that we missed.

Raphsodic Cooperative Company in Orlando, Florida
Jul 23 14

rating star

I wanted to like this more than I did. Nothing I tried here was really amazing. The brownies were too much like cake. The icing inside the sammie (cooking sandwich) was so ridiculously sweet that neither my wife nor I could finish it. The cinnamon bun had a good flavor but was too dry. The cupcake was okay but the cake part could have had a stronger chocolate flavor. The raw cheesecake was again a bit bland.

Nothing was really *terrible* but at the same point nothing was amazing. Given that it's the only vegan bakery in Orlando I'd probably go back if I was in town and try other things, but I wouldn't have terribly high expectations.

The Vegan Hot Dog Cart in Orlando, Florida
Jul 23 14

rating star

What's not to love about late night vegan hot dogs? I had a craving around midnight and went out to grab a dog. I got mine with their home made chili and cheese sauce. Delicious!

Veggie Garden in Orlando, Florida
Jul 23 14

rating star

Absolutely fantastic food, including some of the best pho I've ever had. They make their own broth from scratch in house and it's really delicious. I also enjoyed the spring rolls and the lemongrass tofu. On top of that, the food is ridiculously cheap.

Woodlands in Orlando, Florida
Jul 23 14

rating star

I tried the lunch buffet and liked it. Everything was pretty good, though not necessarily amazing. I did really like the sauteed iddly dish they had. I'd definitely go back for the buffet or for dinner.

Crofton on Wells in Chicago, Illinois
Mar 11 03

rating star

The food here was good, but I'm not sure it was good enough to justify it's cost. I'd probably go back, but it's not a "must visit" place for me on my next trip to Chicago.

Karyn's Cooked in Chicago, Illinois
Jun 29 06

rating star

I went with a six other folks and was able to try a lot of different things. All of the appetizers and entrees, were excellent, though the cake I had for dessert was not quite at the same level.

I really enjoyed the BBQ skewer appetizer, and taco salad was quite tasty as well. I had the meatloaf entree for dinner, and it was really good. For dessert, I had the double chocolate cake. It was good, but the cake was a little dry, and the icing could've had less oil and more chocolate, in my opinion.

The service was generally good, though not amazing.

I'd definitely come back here in the future, but as far as upscale vegan food goes, I still think Counter and Candle 79 in NYC are the best.

Russian Tea Time in Chicago, Illinois
Oct 1 08

rating star

This place is quite expensive and the food just isn't worth it. I really loved the bread they served, dark pumpernickel with onion on the crust. However, the rest of the food I had was okay at best. My appetizer, the zucchini and eggplant, was decent, though the eggplant was cooked with some sort of too-sweet sauce on it.

My main dish, however, was totally bland. It was a big pile of stewed vegetables with barely any spices. Maybe I just don't like Russian food.

Soul Vegetarian East in Chicago, Illinois
Jun 16 08

rating star

This is one of my all time favorite restaurants. The food is fantastic, and the service is always friendly. Everything is good, but make sure to check out the onion rings, protein tidbits, and if you get a chance to go there for breakfast, do it. I think this is by far the best vegan breakfast I've had, at least in a restaurant.

A few caveats. First, it's not really all that cheap any more, though it's not obscenely expensive. While the service is friendly, it can sometimes be a bit absent-minded and slow. I've been here many times, and the service is what was the most variable, from absolutely no problems to forgetting items, or waiting 15 minutes just to order. The people who work here are super-friendly, but not always as attentive or professional as I might wish.

For me, it's worth it, because I really do love the food.

Spoon Thai in Chicago, Illinois
Mar 11 03

rating star

My wife and I both loved the chive dumplings, which were large freshly made dumplings with a thick outer layer of rice flour dough around a filling almost entirely of fresh chives.

Il Sedano Allegro in Florence, Italy
Aug 21 10

rating star

I went to Il Sedano Allegro with my wife three times when we were in Florence recently. The food we had was all quite good, and the owners are a charming, very friendly older couple. This really is a family-run restaurant.

I had a lot of good food here, but a few things stand out. My number one favorite was their onion soup. It was incredibly flavorful, and had a great texture. They cooked it with chunks of bread in the soup, and then broiled the bowl of soup in the oven, giving it a delicious crust on top. Amazing!

I also loved the pumpkin risotto. The pumpkin was pureed, and gave the dish an incredible rich creaminess, without any dairy. I also really liked their seitan and veggie kebobs. These were simple, but very tasty. I'd also highly recommend their crostini misti, a plate of toasted broad with different spreads, including red pepper, pumpkin, and eggplant.

The only reason I'm not giving this place five stars is that they didn't have any vegan desserts. That would have made the meals we had absolutely perfect.

Still, I highly recommend this place to any veg*n visiting Florence. The food is great, and the owners are wonderful.

La Bottega Del Gelato in Pisa, Italy
Aug 5 10

rating star

I was really excited when a friend at the conference I was attending told me he'd been to a gelato shop that had rice milk gelato. When we got there, they were out of the rice milk gelato, but it turned out they had nearly a dozen vegan flavors.

Their soy flavor is great (basically, soy milk flavored gelato), and the fruit flavors are also delicious.

La Cereria Pizzeria Ristorante in Pisa, Italy
Aug 6 10

rating star

I went here tonight with a group of friends, and the food was fantastic.

Many of the restaurants in Pisa seem to serve not-so-great food for tourists, but La Cereria serves high quality fresh food with fantastic ingredients.

We started with a large family style bowl of linguine vegetariane, which was linguine with vegetables, garlic, and olive oil. The pasta was perfectly al dente, and the veggies included radicchio, artichokes, kalamata olives, mushrooms, zucchini, and tomatoes. All of the veggies were fresh and delicious.

Next I had a mixed salad, made up of arugula, radicchio, roasted corn, carrots, and tomatoes. Again, the ingredients were fresh and delicious.

Finally, we shared a pizza vegetariano without cheese. The pizza had a wonderfully thin crust, and the sauce was fresh and full of tomato flavor.

This was my best meal in Italy so far, and if I have a chance, I'd love to go back again.

The only reason I'm not giving them five stars is that their vegan choices were fairly minimal. That's not unusual from what I've seen so far, but it's still a bit disappointing. In particular, none of their antipasti were vegan.

The Country House Montali in Umbria, Italy
Aug 21 10

rating star

Montali is amazing. My wife and I (both vegan) stayed there for two nights recently, and we loved it.

We ate all our meals there, including lunch, and we spent most of each meal exclaiming at how good the food was. At dinner, they really pull out all the stops, delivering delicious gourmet four course meals. Imagine if Horizons or Dragonfly opened a hotel, and that's Montali.

My one complaint about the food is the tea. I asked for black tea and was given Twinings English Breakfast in a bag. Considering the incredibly high quality of the food and other drinks, this really stuck out as a weakness. I'd love to see Montali offer some quality loose-leaf teas instead.

Both of the owners, Alberto and Malu, are charming and accomodating, and the entire staff was friendly and helpful during our stay. The other guests who were there were also very friendly, and we enjoyed meeting them.

Our room was very nice, with high ceilings and a rustic but modern feel. However, there was something in our room that aggravated my allergies. I'm not sure what, but I suspect the rooms may need more ventilation in the bathroom, as it took a while for the humidity to go away after we showered. Maybe a bathroom ventilation fan is in order?

The grounds of the hotel are absolutely gorgeous. There are great views over the olive grove. We didn't get a chance to explore the nearby countryside, but Lake Trasimeno looked very appealing when we drove by. Overall, staying at Montali is incredibly peaceful. You're in a beautiful remote spot, with friendly staff, and you're served incredible vegan meals. What more could you ask for?

After our first night there, we were already discussing when we'd go back again. Next time, we plan to stay for longer.

If you're planning a trip to Italy anywhere near Montali (or even not near), I can't recommend this place highly enough. I'm sure that it will be one of highlights of your trip.

FoMu in Boston, Massachusetts
Sep 19 12

rating star

I am writing this review from inside FoMu to tell everyone else to come check it out. They have a great selection of ice creams ranging from standards like chocolate and strawberry to options like salted caramel, pumpkin stout, and apple cider donut.

They also have vegan waffle cones, hot fudge, whipped cream, and a variety of dry toppings.

I tried a sundae with salted caramel, rocky road with hot fudge and salty candied walnuts. It was excellent. I was particularly impressed by the hot fudge. They have really nailed that thick rich creaminess I remember from non-vegan hot fudge. The ice cream itself is also quite good. It's not the absolute best vegan ice cream I've ever had, but it's much, much better than anything you'll find at a co-op.

However, one issue some people might have is that the vast majority of flavors are coconut based, and have a bit of coconut flavor. They do offer a few nut-based flavors as well, but your options there are limited. If you detest the flavor of coconut, you may be less excited by FoMu than I was.

I look forward to trying this place again on a future visit to Boston.

Peace o' Pie in Boston, Massachusetts
Sep 19 12

rating star

I just had lunch here. I shared onion rings with a friend and we both had calzones.

The onion rings were great. They had a nice thin batter, and were cooked just right. I liked my calzone, although I had a couple minor gripes. I ordered onions, canadian bacon, and bell peppers, and they put *way* too many peppers in. It was just a bit out of balance. My other minor gripe is that the cup of sauce they provide with the calzone is not warmed. I'd be okay with room temp, but this was actually cool.

However, my number one complaint by far is that the chairs are incredibly uncomfortable! I was uncomfortable from the moment I sat down til the moment I left.

If they could replace the chairs and heat up the sauce for calzones, I'd give this a five star rating. As it is, I'd definitely come back. Maybe I'd bring a cushion for my chair with me.

True Bistro in Boston, Massachusetts
Sep 19 12

rating star

This is a very good upscale restaurant, but it doesn't quite hit the amazing level. I went here on two nights and tried the leek tart, the cashew cream & spinach ravioli, the phyllo triangles with tofu and spinach, and the blackened seitan.

I liked everything I tried, but there is some room for improvement. The seitan is a fairly thick slab of seitan. I liked the spices on it, but it could have been prepared in a more interesting way, perhaps in thinner pieces with a marinade.

I also tried the death-by-chocolate flourless cake and the open-faced apple tart. The cake was a very rich mousse cake. The whipped cream on top was a bit meh, and the promised shattered caramel was a bit sparse. They also somewhat overdo the cocoa powder as plate decoration, leading my friend to complain that it was too bitter.

The tart was the better of the two desserts. The crust was delicious and flaky, and the apples were well cooked. I also liked the cranberry compote it came with.

The service on both nights was quite good. The servers were pleasant, the food came out quickly, and they kept our water glasses filled.

I'd definitely come back here to try other dishes in the future.

India Palace in Duluth, Minnesota
Aug 29 05

rating star

Given how expensive it was, I really wasn't too thrilled, especially given that they use butter in their rice. The food was tasty, but for the price I'd want something really impressive, as it's about 25% more than comparable restaurants I've eaten at elsewhere.

New Scenic Cafe in Duluth, Minnesota
Aug 30 05

rating star

I really liked the food we had here. The tomatoes with citrus greens and herb oil was quite good, with nice ripe tomato. The baked tofu I ordered was really delicious, some of the best tofu I've had. My wife's soba noodles were also excellent.

So why a 7? One thing, the prices. These are basically New York City restaurant prices, and for that much money I expect either the best food ever or a little more of it. My wife and I were both hungry within a few hours, and we spent nearly $50 on food and ice tea.

So it's worth going, but it doesn't quite justify the very high prices.

Olcott House in Duluth, Minnesota
Sep 11 05

rating star

When I corresponded with Barb, one of the owners, before our visit, she was very helpful and assured me that they could accommodate vegans.

My wife and I stayed in the Carriage House suite for 2 nights at the end of August. The suite was very nice, with a separate living room and a large bathroom with a whirlpool tub. I really like the fact that it was very private and quiet.

The first morning we had vegan french toast with hash browns and the second morning vegan apple pancakes with apple compote, walnuts, and cranberries, along with another potato dish.

Both the breakfasts were quite good, though I've had better vegan breakfast at places specializing in that sort of thing.

I'd definitely return, though it's not cheap ($166 per night with the mid-week discount). If you're willing to spend the money, though, it's well worth it.

Pizza Luce in Duluth, Minnesota
Aug 31 05

rating star

It's like the other Luce's, but this one also offers some decent vegan Mexican food. I really liked the quesadilla I had.

Taste of Saigon in Duluth, Minnesota
Aug 31 05

rating star

I had the Lemongrass Mock Duck and my wife had Tofu Veggie Fried Rice. The fried rice was quite good and my mock duck was tasty. It wasn't anything amazing but given the fact that it was very cheap (about $7 for each dish) and the portions were generous, it was an excellent deal. I'd definitely go back there on a future trip to Duluth.

Amazing Thailand in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Nov 26 12

rating star

The food here ranges from meh to not bad. Of the things I've had there, the Pad See Iew is probably the best. Most of the dishes are a bit bland and sweet, lacking depth.

The vegan(ish) menu is helpful, and the servers do know what vegan means.

I think there are better places for Thai food in the Twin Cities, notably Sen Yai Sen Lek, True Thai, and Kindee.

Amu's Madras Cafe in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Nov 20 10

rating star

This is some of the best Indian food I've ever had, and definitely the best I've found in the Twin Cities area.

Dosa King up the road is also excellent, but they're even further away, so Amu's is my new first choice.

I've tried a number of dishes, and I've liked everything I've tried. One thing I love is that even their deep-fried foods are not very greasy. In fact, I've never had samosas or pakora with so little grease!

I've also tried the poori bhaji, chole peshawari, and vegetable manchurian, all of which were delicious. Their garlic naan is amazing, as is their batura. Really, it seems like you can't go wrong, no matter what you order.

I also really appreciate that they have marked all the vegan dishes clearly on the menu. It makes ordering easy, and there's lots of good options.

Annapurna Bhavan in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Nov 16 11

rating star

The food here is good, but not quite as good as some of its predecessors in the same space (Amu's and Udupi, specifically). I particularly like the appetizers I've had. All of the deep fried items are tasty and grease-free, which is nice.

Their dosas and curries are decent, but not quite amazing.

The service is friendly but sometimes a bit confused and disorganized, even when there's not many people in the restaurant.

The buffet is a good value, and usually has a good selection of vegan items. They've gotten better about labeling vegan items at the buffet, though there's always a few that have no labels at all, which can be confusing.

Overall, I'd still recommend this place, but if you live closer to Dosa King in Spring Lake Park, you might as well go there for veg Indian food.

Anodyne in Twin Cities, Minnesota
May 24 10

rating star

I've been at Anodyne since about 10am this morning, and it's been a good experience so far. It's a comfortable place to work, and they have a good selection of vegan food.

I had a vegan peanut butter cookie to start. It was quite moist, and had a good flavor, not too sweet. For lunch, I tried the house-made veggie burger. It was soft, and more like meatloaf than a burger, but it had a really good flavor, and is a pretty good deal at $7.49 for a burger with chips.

If I need a place to work outside my home in the future, I would definitely come back. They have a number of vegan options, the wi-fi works, and there are comfortable couches near electrical outlets.

Azia in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Mar 14 03

rating star

The food is quite good here, but you're definitely paying a "hipness" surcharge. Many of the same dishes are available at Thahn Do (which has the same owners) for slightly lower prices.

They do have the draw of being open late at night, when vegan choices are slim, so that's a big winner in my book.

Big E's Soul Food in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Oct 16 03

rating star

While they don't offer a very large selection, it's pretty darn cool to find a soul food place offering anything vegan at all.

I tried the BBQ tofu, and it was quite good. It came with a side of corn, peppers, and onions that was really tasty as well. My wife got the jambalaya and that was also quite good.

Both of these dishes normally come with a choice of bread, but none of them (cornbread, biscuits, etc.) are vegan, and they don't do any substitutions.

The staff was really helpful, and even came out to tell us that the french fries we ordered were cooked in the same deep fryer as animal products, to see if we minded. The fact that they actually paid that much attention really impressed me.

I'll definitely be going back in the future.

Bravo! Cafe and Bakery in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Sep 12 06

rating star

I ate here last night with my wife, and we tried three different entrees, all of which were quite good. We had the mock fish w/ broccoli, szechuan tofu (aka ma po tofu), and the tofu with brown sauce.

All three were very tasty, and we were really impressed with the mock fish, which is hand-made by the chef. I don't usually like most mock meats, but this one was very good.

The food is ridiculously cheap, at $4.75 for a plate with a big scoop of rice and an entree. The owners are also really nice, and helpful in figuring out what was vegan, as the mock beef has egg whites.

There are two things that would make this a more attractive place to eat. One would be a larger selection of entrees. Right now they just have ten different things to choose from. Second, they didn't have any vegan baked goods. The owner told us that they occasionally do, but it's not a regular thing.

Cafe of the Americas in Twin Cities, Minnesota
May 1 04

rating star

I probably wouldn't go out of my way to go here, but if you're in the neighborhood, it's a nice place to stop for a meal or a snack. The tamale I had was tasty, as was the banana bread, though it could have been moister. The prices are quite reasonable, and the space is pleasant.

Cake Eater Bakery and Cafe in Twin Cities, Minnesota
May 12 10

rating star

I went to Cake Eater a little while back and got several different items, a couple fauxstess cupcakes, a chocolate "cream cheese" cupcake, and a curry peanut scone.

The first thing I tried was the fauxstess cupcake, and it was absolutely horrible. Literally, this was probably the worst pasty I've ever tasted. Something must have gone horribly wrong when baking it. It was completely lacking sweetness, and it was bone dry. I think they may have screwed up the recipe and maybe halved the sugar and oil, or something like that. Basically, it was an inedible rock of nasty.

However, the other items I got were really quite good. The scone was dry and crumbly on the outside, but still moist at the center, and the curry peanut flavor worked really well.

I was very wary about trying the other cupcake, but when I finally did, a couple days after purchase, it was actually pretty good. It was moist, appropriately sweet, and very tasty.

So I'm not sure what's going on here. I just can't see how they could possibly sell anything as bad the fauxstess was that day, but it's obvious that they're capable of making excellent baked goods. I'll probably go back at least once more and give them another chance. Hopefully, the fauxstess was just a one-off baking fluke.

Camdi in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Mar 4 07

rating star

The food here is pretty good, but not consistently amazing. I did really love the Tom Yum Noodle Soup, which was really intense. Their vegan hot and sour soup is also great.

I've also had curry tofu, which could've used more curry, and their stuffed tofu, which wasn't bad.

I would definitely eat here if I were in the area, but I probably wouldn't go out of my way to come here, especially when I could go to Evergreen or Lotus To Go Go for Chinese or Vietnamese, respectively.

Cheng Heng in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Mar 1 03

rating star

You must try the Chha Kroeng (with tofu), which is stir-fry of tofu, onions, green bell peppers, in a strong gingery/garlicy/curry sauce with crushed peanuts. Yum!

For the (overly) picky, it's worth noting that if you order vegetarian spring rolls, they're probably taking pre-made spring rolls with shrimp, pulling the shrimp out, and serving it to you. This doesn't bother me much, except when a little piece of shrimp shell is left in. But if this is something that would freak you out, skip the spring rolls.

If you order a young coconut to drink, you get a coconut with one end hacked off, along with a straw to drink the juice, and a spoon to scrape out the soft insides. This is quite a treat if you've never had coconut juice before. It is not at all like the coconut flavors found in things like western-style cakes or candy bars, as it's much lighter and less sweet.

They also have some vegan desserts, including one made from sticky rice, coconut milk and dried fruit.

Common Roots in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Oct 15 09

rating star

Updated: I'm not as big a fan of Common Roots as I once was. The past few months have a seen a notable decline in the variety of vegan non-dessert options. Last time I was there I ordered the squash and leek risotto. It was really delicious, but the portion was piddling, and though the menu said it came with sauteed greens, none were in evidence. And it cost $10.50!

Their vegan options these days just don't satisfy, though I find the vegan desserts are still consistently good. I visit regularly to play Go, but I generally aim to eat dinner at home first, and have dessert there.

I'm amazed I haven't written a review of Common Roots yet, given how often I'm there.

It's actually a tough place to review since sometimes I go there for tea and dessert, sometimes for a meal, and sometimes just to meet with people.

As a coffee shop, it's excellent. They have some really great made-in-house vegan desserts, including excellent scones, cupcakes, and amazing tarts. The only downside is they often run out of vegan stuff before the end of the night, so if you go in the last hour or two they're open, it may be slim pickings.

As a restaurant, they make some fantastic food. Their soups are some of the best soups I've ever tasted. My only complaint is that they change all the time, and they don't seem to cycle my old favorites back in very often. But that's okay, because the new ones are wonderful.

They also make good sandwiches and entrees. Not long ago, I had some lentil bolognese pasta which was excellent. Their entrees tend to be too light on salt, but that's easy to fix.

My biggest complaint here is that they rarely have more than one vegan sandwich or entree. I'm somewhat picky about certain things (bleah, cucumbers or celery), so if the entree has that, I'm out of luck. I wish they consistently had more vegan options in the meal category.

Their bagels are great, and I highly recommend them. They are by far the closest to proper east coast bagels that I've had. They're a little flat, but they're properly chewy. I try to always keep some in the freezer for breakfast.

My biggest complaint is that their wireless is terrible. When the place is full, it just stops working. My guess is that they're using equipment intended for a home network when they should be using something beefier.

My second biggest complaint is that they're sometimes just too full and there's no seats, but that's not something they can fix, except by raising prices or lowering quality. Oh well.

Dashen Ethiopian Restaurant in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Mar 4 07

rating star

I thought the food here was incredibly bland. One of the dishes we ordered (the veg one with yellow split peas) tasted basically tasted like yellow paste with a little salt. I'd recommend Kilimanjaro or Fasika instead.

Donuts Delite in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Mar 30 03

rating star

Pure, unaldulterated sugar and grease bombs, just the way Homer likes them! Yummy.

Dosa King in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Nov 28 14

rating star

I used to like this place fairly well, but I feel like it's consistently gone downhill over the years.

Most of the food I've had on my last couple visits has just been bland. It's not terrible, but it's not very good either.

E Noodle Cafe in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Mar 4 07

rating star

This place is interesting, as some of the dishes are fantastic, and some are a little weird. My favorites are the appetizers, including the salt and pepper bean curd rolls, which are deep fried tofu rolls of tofu skin with basil, salt, and pepper.

I also really like the black pepper sauce tofu, though it is incredibly strong in black pepper flavor, and may turn some folks off. The udon noodle soup is a good dish as well. Other dishes are a little weird to my tastes, or just too light, like the basil sauce dishes.

Emily's Lebanese Deli in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Mar 26 03

rating star

The tabouli is indeed fantastic here, but the hummus is grainy and somewhat bland, and the other vegetarian selections basically amount to rice and beans, which isn't too exciting.

Everest on Grand in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Nov 15 02

rating star

The food here is consistently good, and they have a great selection of dishes. Nepalese food is fairly similar to Indian food, and the Nepalese curry dishes on the menu are all delicious. The momo (steamed dumplings) are great appetizers, as are the samosas. They also offer a Tibetan stir-fried noodle dish that is quite tasty as well. The lunch buffet is a great deal, given how vegan-friendly it is.

Evergreen Chinese Restaurant in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Apr 23 03

rating star

I love this place!

They have a great selection of vegan items, including vegan egg rolls (indeed!), vegan wonton soup, lots of mock meat dishes, and a number of vegetable, tofu, noodle and wheat gluten selections.

The owners are incredibly nice, they go out of their way to make sure you get what you want, and are more than happy to accommodate special requests. On one past visit, one of our party ordered a dish that came out too spicy for her. The chef noticed that she wasn't really eating it, and insisted on making her another dish.

The visit before that, they made everyone in our group a special vegan "pearl (soy)milk bubble tea", which is tea mixed with soy milk and then shaken so it has bubbles, and then tapioca pearls are added.

Among the many delicious things on the menu which I would recommend, some of the best are the vegetarian egg rolls, the vegetarian chicken nuggets, tofu with mushrooms and soy sauce, tofu with vegetables in spicy sauce, wheat gluten with pickles, sesame paste noodles (no peanut better, just sesame), wonton soup, noodles with vegetables and satay sauce and Taiwanese style stir-fried noodles.

Galactic Pizza in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Sep 2 11

rating star

Update: Since I wrote my previous review (ages ago) Galactic has switched to using Daiya. This makes a huge difference, and I like their pizza much better now. It's still kind of pricy though.

I ordered a pizza and a small greek salad for dinner tonight. When they say small, they're not kidding. It was more of a micro-salad! Frankly, at $3.95 it's a ripoff, organic or not. And even worse, they forgot to put any dressing on it (I asked them to substitute their vinagrette for the non-vegan Greek dressing).

The pizza was decent, but the vegan cheese they use cools off and congeals incredibly quickly. It tastes pretty good when it's hot and still a bit runny, but it's not nearly as appealing once it's cooled down a bit. I think Luce's rinotta is better. It's not really like cheese, but it just tastes great on its own. This stuff was like cheese, but it wasn't really close enough to be worth getting.

The crust was thin and crispy, and the sauce is tasty. I think next time I'd skip the cheese altogether (and hopefully they'd cut the price).

Gandhi Mahal in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jul 13 12

rating star

I'm not sure why this place is so highly rated, or why it won Best Indian from the City Pages this year (2012).

I've eaten here a couple times and found it largely mediocre. I've tried samosas, onion bhujia, chana masala, and tofu jalfrezi. Basically everything was a little flat-tasting. The samosas needed more spice. The bhujia was balls of breading around onion, rather than batter-fried onion which I expected. There was way too much breading, so it ended up dry and mealy. The chole peshawari and tofu jalfrezi were both heavy on spices, but it seemed like too much of the wrong ones. The food tasted too earthy for my palate. It really needed more tomato or something else sour as contrast.

I did love the onion chutney they give you with the pappadum when you sit down. The tamarind chutney, on the other hand, was weak, and the second time I went it was more like tamarind water.

The service was always friendly, though the first time I went they served us white rice (which I ate not realizing it had butter) even after we'd asked what was vegan.

Overall, it was all okay but not great, and I don't think I'd go back.

Glam Doll Donuts in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jan 10 14

rating star

I was just at Glam Doll and I tried their almond cream filled chocolate iced raised donut. it was quite good, with a nice sheen on grease, as a donut should have.

They had 7 options, so I'll be back for more.

Grand Shanghai in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Mar 7 03

rating star

This is one of the best veg*n-friendly Chinese places in the Twin Cities. My wife, who is Taiwanese, concurs, which is a good recommendation, especially given my wife's love of food.

Good vegan choices include vegetarian dumplings (real fresh-made wrappers with no eggs), mock goose (fried tofu skin and mushrooms in a wine sauce), tofu/mock duck with black bean sauce, and tofu skins with Chinese greens. There are a number of other vegan choices on the menu as well.

Hard Times Cafe in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Oct 26 05

rating star

Hard Times makes some really good vegan desserts. The non-dessert food isn't too exciting but it's pretty cheap. I like the fact that it's open very late, too. A perfect place for late night dessert and tea.

Himalayan Restaurant in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jun 3 08

rating star

I just ate here for the first time and really enjoyed it. We tried the pakora, kothe (fried dumplings) and some curry dishes. All of them were very good, especially the kothe.

My wife got the buffet, which she really enjoyed.

The servers were quite helpful and seemed to know what vegan meant, which made ordering simple. They also mentioned that they've just updated their menu to add a few new vegan options.

Hong Kong Noodles in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Oct 26 05

rating star

I think the key to getting good vegan food here is to speak Chinese. When I go with my wife (who does speak Chinese) it's always good. When I go without her the results have not been so stellar (and sometimes not vegan).

I'd recommend the batter-fried tofu, the Singapore rice noodles (ask for no meat or seafood), and the "rice cakes" (not the puffy kind, more like thick chewy noodles), again ask for no meat.

Izzy's Ice Cream Cafe in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Mar 20 03

rating star

An ice cream shop that actually makes their own non-dairy ice cream is a cool thing. The flavors I've tried always have a great texture and richness, though sometimes the flavor itself could be a bit stronger. The blueberry and spiced apple were both really good though.

Jasmine 26 in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Oct 15 09

rating star

This place is pretty good as far as foofy/swanky restaurant/bars go. In general, this isn't my kind of scene, but I've ended up here a bunch of times recently with friends.

By far the best thing on the menu is the salt & pepper tofu appetizer. It's just delicious, especially with some chili garlic sauce on top.

I also like their basil noodles, the crepe, and their red curry, though the red curry could definitely be a bit more flavorful.

Overall, I feel like the food would be better if it was cheaper. Basically, you pay a few more dollars for atmosphere, and get the same quality of food you'd get in a cheaper, less foofy restaurant.

On the other hand, the service is always good, they're very helpful in determining what's vegan, and there is a surprisingly large selection of vegan items.

Jasmine Deli in Twin Cities, Minnesota
May 9 03

rating star

The spring rolls are filled with rice noodles, herbs, mock duck, and sauteed onion, and were fresh and tasty. The sauce they come with is also good, and is not sickly sweet, something I often find at Vietnamese restaurants.

The noodle soup was also quite good. It's a large bowl of light shallot-base broth with rice noodles, bok choy, cilantro, scallions, and your choice of tofu (fresh or fried) or mock duck. It comes with bean sprouts, lime wedges, and fresh hot peppers which can be added to taste.

The rice and noodle dishes are basically the same ingredients, with rice or noodles, but are fresh and tasty. The veggie sandwich is delicious, and the bread is excellent. Recently, they made stir-fried rice noodles for us, and hopefully that will be added to the menu soon.

Update: it turns out the noodles they used were egg noodles. Yuck.

Jerusalem's in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Mar 7 03

rating star

Basically everything vegan here is good, except for the rather awful vegetarian curry dinner. I'd especiialy recommend the vegetarian kibby, the hummus, and the falafel. If you want to try everything, the vegetarian platter is a good option. It's a lot of food, so you might want to get this and an appetizer and share it if you're not a big eater.

Kien Giang in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Dec 12 06

rating star

The buffet is a fantastic deal. I've been twice and both times it's been the same things, but they're good. Everything on the buffet is vegan except for cream cheese wontons.

I really appreciate that they use good rice on the buffet, jasmine rice in this case. At $4.99 per person it's ridiculously cheap. On my most recent visit the owner mentioned that the buffet would include soup in the future, which will make my wife happy.

This is my old review, pre buffet:

I just ate here for lunch and the food is cheap and tasty, and the service is good. The veg selections are slim at present, but the owner has said that he's interested in expanding the veg section of the menu.

The spring rolls were especially good. They have a combination of noodles, bean sprouts, lightly pickled carrot and mushroom, and tofu & mock duck cooked with black pepper.

The mango smoothie I had was also good, though a bit on the sweet side for my tastes. It's just flavor and ice, so it's vegan.

Kilimanjaro Cafe in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Dec 29 08

rating star

I've been going here pretty regularly since Addis Ababa closed (years ago), and it's pretty good. The foule appetizer (ordered with no cheese) is very tasty, and not something I've had elsewhere (I think it may be more Egyptian than Ethiopian).

The vegetarian platter is pretty good, though the quality of the dishes varies a fair bit from one visit to the next. I prefer Fasika over in St Paul, as their food is more consistent, and a bit stronger in flavor, but Kilimanjaro is pretty good, and more conveniently located.

KinhDo in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Sep 28 07

rating star

I really only go here for one thing, which is the mock duck with potatoes. Normally it has oyster sauce, but they'll make it without that on request. It's basically a giant plate of hot fresh potato chips with mock duck. The sauce they use is a bit too sweet, but I love fried stuff.

Their spring rolls are okay, but the dishes come out in rather large portions, so I usually skip them.

For any other Vietnamese dish, I generally prefer Lotus To Go Go.

Korea Restaurant in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Oct 10 07

rating star

This place is pretty veg-friendly as far as Korean restaurants go, which is to say they have 4-5 veg entrees, as opposed to 1. The trick to having a good experience here seems to be to get the right server.

The tall young woman (the owner's daughter, IIRC), is really good about making sure the vegetarian stuff has no seafood, no eggs, and serving you only veg side dishes too. The other server I've had there, a not-quite-as-tall young man, brought me a dish full of shrimp and oysters.

Anyway, about the food ... I really like the Tofu Jorim, which is about a pound of tofu fried with onions, scallions, and shredded carrots, topped with a nice spicy sauce. I love tofu! The Soon Do Bo (tofu stew) is also really good, but make sure to request it vegetarian (no seafood).

The Goon Mandu dumplings are good as well, and the tall woman says they have no eggs. They have a lunch special of six dumplings for some ridiculously low price like $3.50. Some dumplings, rice, and side dishes would make for a delicious ultra-cheap lunch, though I haven't had a chance to try that yet.

It's no Hangawi or Franchia, but if you're curious about Korean cuisine but you've been frightened off because of its veg-unfriendliness, this is your best bet in the Twin Cities.

Little Szechuan in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Mar 25 09

rating star

This place has some kick-ass delicious food. I'd like to give them 5 stars, but they don't have a wide enough variety of vegan options to justify that.

The options they do have are great. I've tried most of the vegan options. Their Ma Po Tofu is really, really good, the second best I've had, and the best I've had in the US. Their Szechuan Spicy Tofu is also amazing. The tofu is deep fried and crispy, and it comes with red peppers and scallions in a light chili oil sauce.

They also have a Szechuan Fried Potatoes appetizer that is basically Szechuan french fries. It's fries with a light batter (corn starch, I think) fried with chilis and some light sauce (soy, maybe). Not very authentic, but incredibly delicious.

I also love that they offer pea tips, which is a Chinese vegetable that can be difficult to find in the US. It's not always available because of supply issues. I don't blame them, because I know it's not always easy to get pea tips, especially in Minnesota.

The service is good, but on weekend nights there is often a long wait. The hostess always says 15-20 minutes, but I've waited 30-40 minutes at times. At lunch or weekday evenings, this isn't an issue.

Lotus Restaurant in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Mar 4 07

rating star

The food here is pretty good, and very cheap. The service is fantastic. They are very accommodating about making dishes vegan, and the four brother who are sons of the owners are all amazingly friendly.

I particularly like the mock duck and potatoes. Normally it is made with oyster sauce but they're happy to substitute garlic sauce instead. The potatoes are very thinly sliced and deep-fried. Delicious!

They also make pretty good spring rolls.

Marla's Indian and Caribbean Cuisine in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jan 21 06

rating star

I've eaten here quite a number of times in the past few weeks and really enjoyed it. They have a good selection of veg food on the menu, and they are happy to accommodate vegans, making dairy-free versions of their vegetarian items. Marla and her husband, the owners, are very friendly and helpful.

I've enjoyed everything I've had here, but my favorites include the lentil soup, garlic naan, and chana masala. I also liked the Caribbean roti I had.

Mesa Pizza in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Nov 3 10

rating star

I have no idea why this place is so highly rated. I had the vegan pizza, and it was decent but nothing exciting. They don't offer Daiya, nor do they have any interesting mock meat toppings. It's tomato sauce and veggies, and neither the crust nor the sauce is particularly amazing.

That said, it's not bad either, and if you're in the neighborhood it's a reasonable option. But given a choice, I would always pick one of Luce, Galactic, or Punch, all of which have higher quality and more exciting options.

Midori's Floating World Cafe in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Oct 15 09

rating star

Midori's gets a good rating from me mostly because they have vegan tempura. I'm not a huge fan of the kind of Japanese food mostly available in the US, but I do love tempura. Unfortunately, most places make it with eggs. The tempura at Midori's is quite good, and egg-free.

I've also tried a few kinds of sushi and liked it. Last time I was there for lunch I got a rice ball, which was great, and reminded me of trips I've taken to Japan.

Like pretty much all Japanese food in the US, it's ridiculously over-priced. I've never understood this, but somehow that seems to be what the market is. For that reason, I'm less inclined to go here too often, even though they do have food I enjoy.

Modern Times Cafe in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Apr 22 11

rating star

I've had lunch here twice and I really like the food. The sandwiches are interesting, though nothing fancy, and the garlic fries are amazing.

The service can be a little slow, but I'm writing this when they've been open less than a week, so I'm sure they're still figuring out all the little details.

Muddy Paws Cheesecake in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Dec 11 04

rating star

Some friends ordered a vegan chocolate cheesecake as a birthday gift, and it is fantastic. It's not the best dessert I've ever had as a vegan (Millenium's chocolate midnight cake and Counter's chocolate torte are both better) but it's still delicious, and probably the best vegan dessert I've found in the Twin Cities.

When we went to pick it up, they also had a vegan lemon cheesecake available for purchase by the slice, so I'm sure I'll be going to there again in the future.

Mysore Cafe in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Oct 11 07

rating star

When I wrote my original review, I was still on the fence about this place. Now I'm downgrading my rating to a 4, based on more recent experiences.

The past 3-4 times I've been there, the food has been consistently bland, which is a sin for all cuisines, but twice the sin for Indian food. And it's really pricey, and the host/server gave us a really weird attitude when we were there last time.

Go to The Vegetarian, which is consistently fantastic. I won't be going back to Mysore.

Namaste Cafe in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jun 12 06

rating star

I have liked everything I've had here quite a bit. They have a great selection of chais, and they can make them with (organic) soy milk. They seem kind of expensive ($3 each) but they come in a huge glass, so it's not a bad deal.

The service is very friendly, and I really like the decor. It's a house converted to be a restaurant, so it's a change from the usual restaurant interior.

Noodle Bowl Restaurant in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Aug 9 09

rating star

This is one of the most veg-friendly Vietnamese places in the Twin Cities area (along with the Lotus just outside downtown).

I really like the food here. It's more creative than your average Vietnamese restaurant, and they have a good selection of veg choices.

Their spring rolls are excellent, and really stand out from other places. Besides the usual bean sprouts, noodles, and lettuce, they also have a sheet or nori seaweed and chives, giving them a really interesting flavor.

I also love the Bean Sprouts and Chives with Tofu. It's pretty much what it sounds like, and it tastes great. Their five spice tofu is a lightly breaded tofu dish with five spice powder. They also have a really good curry noodle salad with mock duck or tofu.

I'm looking forward to trying more of their dishes, including their pho.

Pad Thai Grand Cafe in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Mar 26 03

rating star

The food here isn't bad, but it tends to be on the sweet side. I think Royal Orchid is better, and given a choice between the two I'd head there. This one is in a cooler location, though.

Peninsula in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Mar 6 06

rating star

Although I had a good experience on my first visit, my second visit was a disaster.

On the first trip, our waiter was very helpful in determining what was vegan, which was great.

On the second, we had a different waiter who when told we don't eat animal products, said that all Malaysian food used chicken broth as its base, and he didn't know what we could get. He said he would ask them to make the dishes vegan, but that if there was something not vegan in it we should tell him and he would have them re-make it. I appreciated his earnestness, but the thought that what we got might have random meat or seafood products in it was not reassuring.

And once again, like my first visit, they were unable to keep my water glass filled at all. In addition, my wife ordered a drink on the second visit that didn't come until after all our food was finished.

At this point, I don't think I'd go back any time soon.

The Red Sea Nightclub, Bar, and Restaurant in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Oct 6 08

rating star

I've been there twice over the past couple years, and my conclusion is that it's ok but not great. I prefer Kilimanjaro next door, which I think has better tasting food.

Both the Red Sea and Kilimanjaro suffer from the giant TV, but I guess that's typical of a place that's also a bar.

Rice Paper in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Sep 4 03

rating star

I'd give this place a higher rating if they were cheaper, but as it is they have only a few vegan items which aren't that much different in quality from what I could get at Jasmine Deli for much less. Basically the only difference is that at Rice Paper they come artistically arranged on the plate.

This place wants to be August Moon, but the difference is that at August Moon the food is more interesting, and worth the extra money.

Royal Orchid in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Feb 6 04

rating star

In my original review, I said that this was the best Thai in the Twin Cities, but I think that designation now belongs to True Thai. Most Thai food in the area seems to be too oily and too sweet. Royal Orchid has neither problem, and instead the food is rich without being overpowering, and full of flavors and spices. However, the quality of the food is not always consistent, and some visits have been better than others.

Sawatdee in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jul 15 05

rating star

Every time I've eaten here I've felt a bit ill within one to two hours because the food is so incredibly oily. I swore off returning quite a while back.

Sen Yai Sen Lek in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Nov 12 10

rating star

Sen Yai Sen Lek is one of the few Thai restaurants in the Twin Cities area that doesn't make disgustingly sweet and oily food. However, it's better than "not bad", it's really quite excellent.

First of all, they offer vegan Thai curries. It's awfully hard to find vegan Thai curry, since most places seem to pre-mix their curries using fish sauce and/or shrimp paste. I've had both the red and green curry here, and they're both delicious.

They also offer an amazing tofu satay appetizer that comes with some of the best peanut sauce I've ever had. Most Thai restaurants in the area have pretty boring appetizer options (spring rolls with sugar sauce), so this is a great find.

I've also tried some of their other dishes, including their noodle soup, and everything I've tasted was really good.

As others have mentioned, they can be a bit slow, but I've never found them to be ridiculously slow, just not all that fast.

The owners are really friendly, and the interior of the restaurant is nicely decorated.

What's not to like?

Shega Foods in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Aug 7 12

rating star

The $0.50 sambusas are a ridiculously good deal. You can get a couple as a light snack. The sambusas have a nice spicy lentil filling.

I also had a sort of ethiopian donut or something from there today. It was donut shaped fried bread, but not sweet. It was plain but filling.

The guy who's worked the counter when I've been there seems to know what vegan is, and is quite friendly.

I'd like to go back and try the other food there.

Shuang Cheng in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Mar 7 05

rating star

This is bog standard Americanized Chinese. It could be worse, but it could be better. If you can, go to Evergreen Chinese on Nicollet instead, as that is the best veg-friendly Chinese in town by a very, very wide margin.

Sindbad's Cafe and Market in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Mar 7 03

rating star

The grape leaves, hummus, rice dishes, and soups are standouts in my memory. Also make sure to try some zater bread if you're there for the lunch buffet.

The vegan bakery items I've tried have all been good, and there are several to choose from. The owners are very nice and helpful in determining what is vegan.

Singapore Restaurant in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Nov 12 10

rating star

Update: The food here has really gone downhill. I used to love it, but the last few times I went the food was really terrible. Flavorless, undercooked, and overall gross.

It's shame, since it used to be amazing.

Now that they've moved and consolidated to one restaurant, I think the food has gotten even better. The Captain's Curry is the best curry dish I've ever had, and I also love their Mee Goreng, Singapore Rice Noodles, and their spring rolls.

The owner is usually the one taking orders, and she knows what can be made vegan.

Singapore! in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Mar 1 03

rating star

This is one of my favorites in the area. The food here is consistently amazing and flavorful. The combination of Malaysian and Ethiopian flavors produces some really amazing tastes, and I'd highly recommend asking them to prepare you a vegan version of the Asian/Ethio Spicy Lamb.

Also, for the record, I've seen the kitchen, and it's nice and clean.

Sole Cafe in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Oct 1 14

rating star

The online menu suggests their menu is vegan-friendly, but the service suggests otherwise. Last time I went I was brought something with animal products in it and the waitress tried repeatedly to convince me to eat it. When I refused she told me they'd charge me for it if I wanted something else (though she eventually backed down).

The other staff are much better, but between the horribly rude waitress and their general cluelessness about what veg food is, I wouldn't recommend coming here.

St. Martin's Table in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Mar 7 03

rating star

The food is always simple but good, and the atmosphere is always pleasant. Even better, when you eat there, you're supporting a good community establishment, and worthwhile charities around the world.

Szechuan Spice in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Nov 12 10

rating star

The food here is pretty good, but not quite as good as Little Szechuan in Saint Paul, so I find myself still going to LS, despite the distance.

That said, I'd certainly eat here again. Their Ma Po Tofu is quite tasty, and they have pea tips on the menu. They also deliver to my house, so I'm sure I'll take advantage of that at some point.

Taco Morelos in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Mar 10 03

rating star

The food here isn't amazing, but it's good, and the restaurant is about as veg-friendly as most Mexican places. I'd particularly recommend trying the taquitos, deep fried soft taco shells filled with spiced mashed potatoes, and the horchata, a mexican rice milk drink.

Tea Garden in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jul 20 05

rating star

I love their teas, but I'd give it a higher rating if it was quieter. On the weekends, they often have a DJ, and it is so freaking loud that if I go their with friends I have to scream at them. As a consequence, I no longer go there on weekends.

Tea House Restaurant in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Oct 31 04

rating star

Pretty good, though most of the vegetarian items are on the Americanized menu, which means you have to hunt a bit for more interesting items.

I'd still recommend going to Evergreen, which is more authentic (if you order the right things) and has many more vegetarian options.

Tea House Restaurant in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Nov 3 15

rating star

This has quickly become one of my favorite Chinese restaurants in the Twin Cities. They have a great selection of vegan options and they are happy to answer questions about what's in the food. Some of my favorite dishes include the Scalded Chili Noodles, the Pea Tips, Triple Vegetables, and Tofu with Pickled Pepper.

The service is excellent. On a recent visit, they accidentally served us Ma Po Tofu with pork in it (our porkless one went to another table). The server checked when we asked, then the manager came over, apologized, and comped us the dish and a dessert. I really appreciated their dedication to customer service.

ThanhDo in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Mar 20 03

rating star

I've found this place to be generally good, but there have been occasional flops. My wife once ordered the Singapore fried rice noodles and they were incredibly sweet and borderline inedible. However, almost everything else I've had there has been from good to excellent.

Tibet's Corner in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Feb 4 04

rating star

I went with a large group and we ordered one of everything vegan on the menu. Everything was good, though the tofu entrees and the momos were my favorite.

The lemon tea is not too exciting, as it is just Lipton with some lemon juice.

Triple Rock Social Club in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Oct 31 02

rating star

If you're a veg*n longing for bar/diner food, then this is for you. They have a lot of good sandwiches, including a veg*n Louisiana Po' Boy, as well as an Italian style "meatball" sub. Consider ordering the cook's revenge, which can often be surprisingly good. The breakfasts (weekends only) also offer a number of good veg*n options, my favorite being vegan pigs in a blanket.

True Thai in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Aug 1 03

rating star

The veggie spring rolls were dull, with not much to recommend them, but all was magic once the entrees arrived.

We ordered drunkard's noodles and green curry, and both dishes were fantastic, complexly flavored, with a wonderful balance of ingredients. I will definitely be going back.

Tum Rup Thai in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jun 12 06

rating star

The food is good, though not great. The service is pretty good, and they're good about telling you what is and is not vegan.

Udupi Cafe in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Apr 17 03

rating star

Udupi is not the greatest Indian restaurant in the world, but it's definitely the best in the Twin Cities area. I've been there many, many times and the food is consistently rich and flavorful, but not too greasy. The service is always attentive, though it sometimes veers towards pushy.

United Noodles in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Nov 17 03

rating star

I've been to most of the Asian groceries in the Twin Cities area, and United Noodles is definitely the best. They have a huge selection of vegan food, and the quality is pretty consistent. The fresh vegetables can sometimes stay out a little long, however. I've never gotten anything there that was not actually usable, but sometimes I've had to throw out a small but signficant portion of a bag of vegetables.

It's hard to blame them for this, since a lot of these products are probably not available locally, and they almost certainly don't sell a high enough volume to justify fresh shipments daily.

The Vegetarian in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Dec 12 06

rating star

The food I've had here was all pretty fantastic, and the service was quite good as well. The onion bhaji, which is basically Indian onion rings, was excellent. This is one of my favorite Indian dishes, though I've mostly seen it on the east coast. The samosas were also excellent, as was the pindi chana and aloo dum.

The service is pretty amazing. On my last visit I suggested that they get soy milk so they could make soy mango lassis. The waiter walked across the street to the Chinese restaurant, bought a few cans of soy milk, and made us lassis! And it was really cold that night too.

Village Wok in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Apr 17 04

rating star

This is just low quality food. The only dish I really like is the five spice tofu. Everything else ranges from mediocre to downright awful. On one occasion, we were served some water spinach that was somehow cooked in a way that made it completely black and inedible. Gross! I haven't been back since.

Vo's Vietnamese in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Sep 13 13

rating star

Vo's is back and it's as good as it ever was. I've eaten there several times since their September 8 opening and everything has been excellent. My favorites are the spring rolls, special spicy tofu, stir fried potatoes w/ mock duck, and the black bean sauce.

The Wedge Co-op in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Sep 4 03

rating star

The Wedge, while still vegan-friendly, has been getting progressively less so over the past couple years. In recent months, this seems to have accelerated. The deli now contains very few items, hot or cold, that are vegan. The few items that are vegan are generally not very good. The bakery too seems to have reduced its number of vegan options. The muffins and scones are still good, but most of the cakes, except the tofu cheesecake, range from mediocre to downright bad.

If the Wedge wants to become a yuppie paradise and ignore it's vegan customers, I see no reason that vegans shouldn't head over to Whole Foods, which only seems to be getting more vegan-friendly while the Wedge becomes less so.

Whole Foods Market in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Sep 4 03

rating star

I hate to say it, but Whole Foods now has better vegan deli and bakery items than the Wedge. The bakery has fewer items, but the ones I've tried have been much better, particularly the German chocolate and strawberry cakes. The deli, while not as good as Whole Foods that I've been to in other states, is still pretty good, plus there's a nice soup and salad bar.

Yard House in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Apr 8 15

rating star

Atmosphere: 1; Food: 3.5

This place is loud. Really, really loud. Extremely loud. A lot of noise. Much sound, wow.

Have I mentioned that it's super loud? It's also dark and there are TVs everywhere. The TVs would be more annoying if I could hear each one individually, but it all blends together into a lot of noise, so hey, at least it's just really loud.

The food was decent, but nothing to write home about. I had the Gardein chicken avocado sandwich. It was a chunk of grilled Gardein chicken breast with avocado, lettuce, and tomato. They don't have vegan cheese or mayo, so it was a bit bland. The fries that it came with would have been excellent if they'd been hot, but they were lukewarm. My wife ordered a Gardein chicken stir fry, which was decent.

We also had the Gardein "wings", which are basically deep fried nuggets. Unfortunately, the buffalo sauce has butter (say what?) and the firecracker sauce has honey. We got the jerk rub, which had very little flavor. The jerk rub comes with some sweet and bland barbecue sauce. The wings themselves were great, though, crispy on the outside and moist inside. They tasted decent with some ketchup and mustard.

I probably wouldn't go back here because of the atmosphere unless someone else dragged me, but if you like loud bars, you should definitely check it out.

Esti's Besty's Vegetarian Restaurant in Cherry Hill Area, New Jersey
Aug 2 12

rating star

I really liked the food I had here. I tried the spinach and potato bourekas, both of which were delicious. These are sort of a phyllo dough knish. I also tried the kasha and bowties, which is a very simply but tasty dish.

The people who work there are really friendly and were helpful in finding vegan options.

My big criticism is that they serve all the food on disposables.

Green House Vegetarian in Cherry Hill Area, New Jersey
Oct 3 11

rating star

I don't know how long this place will be here. Vegetarian Chinese in New Jersey?

Visit it while you can, because the food is excellent. I loved the Mashed BBQ Tofu on Nori. This is a thin piece of tofu cooked on top of a sheet of nori, and topped with a tangy sweet sauce. Note that this is not American BBQ sauce, though it's vaguely similar.

The fried veggie balls were also delicious. We tried a number of entries. The Sha Cha Potato was a highlight, as was the Fried Tofu with Scallion and Ginger. The Golden Rings sounded really exciting, but were a disappointment. They weren't crispy, as you'd expect from the description, and they were drowned in gloopy sweet sauce.

I hope this place sticks around, as it's the best Chinese I've had in the part of New Jersey, and I'd love to go back again.

Healthy Garden Cafe in Cherry Hill Area, New Jersey
Aug 10 11

rating star

This is a suprisingly vegan-friendly restaurant in suburban New Jersey. They offer a lot of vegan options, including vegan pizza and stromboli. The first time I went (about 8 months ago) they used Teese, not Daiya, though the other ingredients were good. They also have a tasty split pea soup.

I recently tried their veggie "burger" wrap. The burger is more like a paste of beans and rice. It's good, but not a burger. The wrap had some good veggies like red pepper and cabbage, not just boring lettuce and tomato.

This place is a few blocks from my parents' house, so it's extremely convenient. I wouldn't necessarily go way out of my way to eat here, however.

Rajbhog Sweets and Snacks in Cherry Hill Area, New Jersey
Jul 28 06

rating star

The food here is delicious and incredibly cheap. They have a great selection of interesting appetizers. I really enjoyed the veggie puff and the samosas, and pretty much everything else I tried.

Green Medley in Moorestown, New Jersey
Nov 21 13

rating star

I went with my parents and we tried a number of the options they had. The soup of the day was fantastic. It was a light chickpea veggie soup with basil. The soup had a great fresh flavor and was quite delicious. I ordered the (vegan) veggie meatball parm sub which was kind of a flop. The veggie meatballs were incredibly dense and dry. They needed more oil or broth or something. The marinara sauce on the sub was good though.

My parents both ordered the vegan seitan reuben, which was *way* better than the meatball parm. If I go again I'll probably get that.

I also had a vegan chocolate brownie for dessert. This was one of the best vegan brownies I've ever had. It was rich, moist, and fudgy.

Lagusta's Luscious in Poughkeepsie, New York
Mar 23 15

rating star

I ordered a selection of chocolates from Lagusta's and was extremely impressed.

The highlight of my order was the toffee. It's hands down the best vegan toffee I've ever had. I also enjoyed the caramels, which were all excellent, though I think I most loved the salty chocolate caramel (where the caramel itself was chocolate flavored in addition to the outside). The English cream eggs were really interesting too. Very nostalgic.

The chocolate was all high quality, and everything is beautifully packaged and presented, so they'd make great gifts.

Angelica Kitchen in Manhattan, New York City
Mar 5 03

rating star

The food here is pretty good, and I had one of the best vegan desserts I've ever tasted here, peanut butter tofu "cheesecake".

Blossom in Manhattan, New York City
Jul 23 06

rating star

The food at Blossom is really excellent, and the service was pretty good. I really enjoyed the Black-eyed Pea Cake appetizer, it was the best of the things we ordered. The Seitan Medallions were also excellent.

There were a couple things that kept them from getting a 10 from me. First, the dessert was good, but not great. I ordered the Chocolate Ganache Torte. The ganache itself was perfect, but the cake underneath it was too dry. It came with a scoop of chocolate ice cream, but the ice cream was mostly ice crystals. It tasted good but the texture was completely wrong.

Second, they pulled the old "would you like sparkling or flat water" trick, which seems to be a New York thing. No, I do not want a $7 bottle of water, I want some tap water, and keep it coming. The "keeping it coming" thing is the third flaw, which is that our server only filled our water glasses when asked.

In another city, Blossom would be the best vegan restaurant by far, but in Manhattan if you're looking for a gourmet vegan meal I'd recommend Counter or Candle 79 over Blossom.

Candle 79 in Manhattan, New York City
Dec 21 04

rating star

I just ate here for the first time today and it was great. I had the black bean soup, seitan piccata with creamed spinach and mashed potatos, and the mexican chocolate cake for dessert.

The soup was very tasty, but the highlights were the seitan and the cake. The seitan was lightly fried and served with a delicious lemon-caper white sauce which was rich and tasty.

The cake was fantastic, served with chocolate ganache on top and a light coconut milk broth. The cake itself was perfectly moist, and very rich, with a strong cocoa flavor and a hint of cinnamon. The ganache was also very rich, but the coconut broth was light and not too sweet, which made for a nice contrast.

The service was excellent, attentive and friendly. I also liked the decor, and even though they played some Christmas music, it was Louis Armstrong, so it was ok.

Chennai Garden in Manhattan, New York City
May 19 05

rating star

I went for the lunch buffet. I can't complain too much for $5.95, but the food wasn't terribly flavorful, and only one of the three curries they had was vegan. It was okay, but given the number of vegetarian Indian places in the neighborhood, I'd be inclined to try a different one next time.

Cho Dang Gol in Manhattan, New York City
Aug 21 03

rating star

inah is right, the Ya Chae Cham Doo Boo is amazing. The tofu is really rich and creamy, quite unlike any other tofu I've had. We also got the leek pancake, which contains scallions, leeks, red pepper, and zucchini.

Counter in Manhattan, New York City
May 19 05

rating star

The food I had here was uniformly fantastic, particularly the spinach and shallot strudel appetizer, which was a roll of flaky phyllo-like dough around a center of sauteed spinach and shallots, served with a sweet chutney.

However, the most amazing part of the meal was the chocolate torte I had for dessert, which may be the single best vegan dessert I've ever had, even better than the chocolate almond midnight cake at Millenium.

Update: I went back just recently in May of 2005, and it was still fantastic. I had the paella as my entree, and it was great. I saw they had ramps on the menu in another dish, and asked if I could have some on the side, and they included them at no extra charge. They were also happy to let me sit and read for fifteen minutes before I ordered dessert, even though they were quite busy that night. I appreciated the lack of pressure to free up the table.

Counter is a really great restaurant, both in food and service, and I'm looking forward to returning.

Franchia Tea House & Restaurant in Manhattan, New York City
May 19 05

rating star

The food here was quite delicious, though the main dish portion was a bit on the small side. This was okay, since I ordered several other items, but it all ended up being quite expensive.

I tried the combination pancakes, the spinach porridge, and tofu stone bowl rice (bi bim bop). All of the dishes were excellent, and the food was quite similar to what I've had at Hangawi, which is owned by the same people. The atmosphere was quite pleasant, and the service was very good, quite attentive.

Hangawi in Manhattan, New York City
Feb 28 03

rating star

Hangawi is a great place to go to in New York. It's a great contrast to the hectic pace of Manhattan, and the food is delicious.

Everything I've had there has been good, but I'd strongly recommend the porridge appetizers, as well as the mung bean pancakes.

Kate's Joint in Manhattan, New York City
Jul 18 04

rating star

The disco fries (aka poutine) were really delicious, and their various burgers, like the pizza and chili cheese burgers, are vegan junk food delights.

You might consider skipping the desserts, however. They're not bad, but there are better ones to be had nearby at Counter or Teany.

Lan Cafe in Manhattan, New York City
Dec 27 08

rating star

I was here recently with my wife. We shared summer rolls, tofu with mixed vegetables, and the seitan with basil and water spinach.

The summer rolls were great. They had some interesting filling, including thick rice noodles, potato, and toasted rice powder. The sauce they come with is a nice peanut sauce, although we also added some soy and hot sauce to the mix. Very tasty and fresh, with lots of mint.

The tofu with mixed vegetables was not too exciting. The sauce was a little drab, basically soy with some hint of peanut. It wasn't bad, just dull.

However, the seitan with basil and water spinach (#37) was amazing. I highly recommend this dish. I've never had water spinach prepared like this, but it was a great combo. The sauce was a spicy soy-based sauce, and I think it also had lemon grass in it. Combined with basil and onions it was amazingly delicious. I also really liked the seitan they used, which was very tender, quite different from typical seitan. The whole dish had a very fresh, lively taste.

One thing that annoyed both of us was the ridiculously small amount of rice they served. They gave us two tiny bowls, and each bowl was barely half-full. Seriously, it was maybe a quarter cup of rice! That's ridiculous when you order a stir-fry dish at a Vietnamese place. The rice was good (jasmine), though.

I'd definitely go back, because based on the seitan dish, I'm sure they have some other gems to order.

Red Bamboo in Manhattan, New York City
Jul 26 05

rating star

I tried the chicken parmigiana and it was pretty tasty. There were a number of other interesting looking items on the menu too, but I was there by myself for lunch. Oh well, next time.

Stogo in Manhattan, New York City
Dec 27 08

rating star

I'd like to rate this place as excellent, but it's got a few things to fix before I do that.

First, the ice cream they make is excellent. I tried the chocolate, chocolate chip cookie, and coconut milk vanilla. All of them were excellent, and the chocolate in particular stood out. It was very rich and cocoa-y. All of the ice creams had a great texture.

There are a few downsides. First, they don't yet have any wet toppings, so no hot fudge sauce or whipped cream. It's not really a proper ice cream parlor without the option of having a gooey sundae.

Also, it's very expensive for relatively small portions. The largest size is really pretty small. They don't have a scoop (more of a trowel), but it was about the equivalent of 2 scoops for $6.25! That's crazy expensive, even for NYC.

Second, the eating-in space is minimal and has these very uncomfortable stool chairs. Finally, if you eat in, they still serve everything in disposable contianers.

I think if they fixed some of those things I'd give them 5 stars. They're still relatively new, and did say that they are planning to offer more toppings later. I'll definitely come back next time I'm in NYC, because the ice cream itself is very good, and worth the trip, even if it's obscenely expensive.

Teany in Manhattan, New York City
Aug 18 03

rating star

The strawberry shortcake was delicious, as it well should be for $6 a slice. But I guess New Yorkers think this is reasonable.

The prices are a bit on the high side in my opinion, but the food is quite good and the tea I had was excellent. It wouldn't hurt them to turn the music down a bit. Yes, it's hip, but it's a small space and doesn't need to be quite so loud.

Tre Pomodori in Manhattan, New York City
May 22 05

rating star

They don't have a huge vegan selection, but the dishes that are vegan are quite tasty. I also enjoyed the spreads they offer for the bread (a hummus-y spread and a red pepper ajvar-like spread), along with a nice selection of olives.

Vegetarian Dim Sum House in Manhattan, New York City
Aug 21 03

rating star

Wow, this place rocks. The dim sum are really wonderful, and they also have a full menu of entrees. The turnip cakes are the best I've ever had, and everything we tried there was delicious.

Whole Earth Bakery & Kitchen in Manhattan, New York City
May 23 05

rating star

I tried an apple turnover and the almond biscotti. They were both good.

I went back for a second trip and got a number of other items, including the vegan cheesecake. The cheesecake was pretty mediocre, not very creamy, and too sweet. I also had a brownie which was decent. But overall I think the biscotti was the best thing I tried.

New Bodai in Queens, New York City
Aug 18 03

rating star

If you're in Manhattan, I wouldn't recommend running out to Flushing just to eat here, but if you're nearby, it's definitely worth the trip. The BBQ mock pork was pretty good, as was the mushroom, tofu, and basil special.

Chai Pani in Asheville, North Carolina
Jul 6 11

rating star

Lots of great vegan options, and a very helpful staff. I ate there twice, and I think my favorite items were the fried tomato pakora (that's *real* South Indian ;) and the Vada Pav.

The thali I had on my second visit was good, but the dishes could've used a little more spice (not heat, just spices). Still, it was pretty good and I'd definitely return next time I'm in Asheville.

Doc Chey's Noodle House in Asheville, North Carolina
Jul 6 11

rating star

They seemed to get what vegan was and were helpful in making sure our food was vegan. We had the spicy lettuce wraps, which were delicious, and the black bean and tomato ginger noodles.

They had to sub the udon noodles in the tomato ginger for what they called "chow fun", but which were more like the broad long rice noodles typically used in pad thai. Americans apparently don't know what chow fun is.

The noodle dishes were fine but not exciting. The portions were ridiculously large, you certainly get your money's worth.

I'd go back, but Asheville had more exciting vegan options.

Earth Fare Healthy Market and Cafe in Asheville, North Carolina
Jul 6 11

rating star

Great super market (basically like a Whole Foods) with a fantastic salad bar and hot deli. They had vegan biscuits!

Firestorm Cafe & Books in Asheville, North Carolina
Jul 6 11

rating star

Firestorm is a great little shop with super-friendly staff and tasty food. I had two different sandwiches there, and they were both excellent (Maple BBQ Panini and a "pulled" tofu special).

Also tried the brownie sundae. The ice cream, from Ultimate Ice Cream Company, was good, and the brownie was excellent, with a crisp top and rich, moist interior. I also tried some of their muffins and cupcakes, which ranged from good to fantastic.

The French Broad Chocolate Lounge in Asheville, North Carolina
Jul 6 11

rating star

This place does a great job of marking all the vegan options. We had a bunch of truffles, the chocolate cake, and a coconut milk chocolate cake.

Everything was excellent, and the chocolate cake was a thing of beauty. It was incredibly rich and flavorful, and the icing was the best chocolate icing I've ever had.

If you like chocolate, you must visit this place.

The Green Light Cafe in Asheville, North Carolina
Jul 3 11

rating star

This place is good, but not great. My favorite part of the meal was the appetizers. I shared spring rolls and vegan nachos with a group of people, and both of these were quite good. The nachos could've used a little more salsa, but they were quite tasty. The spring rolls were excellent.

The entrees were a little less exciting. I ordered Enchilada with Mole. The mole sauce was really tasty, but there wasn't enough of it. The description said "saucy beans and greens" but there really wasn't any sauce in the enchilada, and the beans were a bit undercooked for my tastes. Also, the enchilada really needed some salt. My wife ordered the crepe, which I liked better, but it also needed salt.

Overall, the food here seems to lean towards the health food side of veg food, which isn't my favorite thing.

I'd be willing to back again, but I feel like Asheville has better vegan options elsewhere.

The Hop in Asheville, North Carolina
Jul 6 11

rating star

You know you're spoiled for choice when you can complain about the vegan ice cream. It was ok, but the flavors were a bit dull. I'd head to Ultimate Ice Cream Company instead.

Laughing Seed in Asheville, North Carolina
Jul 6 11

rating star

We ate here three times, and everything was great. I had a Cuban Tempeh sandwich for lunch, the risotto for dinner, and the blue plate special for brunch. I particularly enjoyed the sandwich, the crispy wonton appetizer, and the jalapeno onion fries.

We also tried the Mayan Chocolate Poundcake, which was good, but the chocolate cake at French Broad Chocolate Lounge a few blocks away was better.

Nine Mile in Asheville, North Carolina
Jul 6 11

rating star

I went here three times while I was in Asheville and I loved the food. About half of the menu can be made vegan, and the servers are really helpful.

I tried several different pasta dishes on my trips here, and every one was great. I also loved the spicy garlic bread and tahini-garlic salad dressing they offer. Ask for the Raggy Road with tofu instead of fish, it's great.

The service was very friendly, though things can get slow when they get busy.

Rosetta's Kitchen in Asheville, North Carolina
Jul 6 11

rating star

This is a really nice place with a casual vibe. We went for brunch and loved the pancakes and biscuits with gravy. The lunch options were also good, although the vegan queso on the nachos was surprisingly bland.

The only criticism I had is that their vegan cheesecake was the old school kind made entirely of tofu, rather than using vegan cream cheese. This makes for an all-too-wholesome taste. It wasn't bad, but it doesn't compare to the amazing vegan cheesecakes made by Horizons or Vegan Treats.

Ultimate Ice Cream Company in Asheville, North Carolina
Jul 3 11

rating star

They have some pretty good vegan ice cream, and vegan chocolate sauce for ice cream. I'd love to see them offer a lot more vegan flavors at once (they had two when I was there).

The ice cream was pretty good, but not the best I've had.

Dragonfly Neo-V Cuisine in Columbus, Ohio
Jun 25 10

rating star

I ate here last night and had one of the best meals I've ever had. The food at Dragonfly is easily as good as other, perhaps better-known, upscale vegan places like Candle 79, Millenium, or Horizons.

There were a few glitches with the service. First, when I sat down, there was no napkin at my table, and I had to ask for one after they brought my food. Then, after I had my entree, they cleared my place seating, including my napkin, and neglected to bring one with dessert.

The service was very friendly, despite these glitches. They were quick to bring a napkin when I asked, and they did a good job of keeping my water glass filled. It was clear that they needed at least one more person out front that night. Just two people were taking care of at least 20 or so people, which really is not right for an upscale place like this.

I ordered the "charcuterie" appetizer, the curried tofu entree, and the fondue for dessert. The food took a *long* time to arrive. Normally, this would be a problem, but the restaurant actually handled this fairly well. Early on, they brought what they called a "shiso gordita", though it wasn't really a gordita. It was a small pastry shell topped with black beans, peppers, sauce, and a deep-fried shiso leaf. This was quite good, and a nice snack while I waited.

Then I waited some more. At this point, they brough out a small piece of amazingly delicious french bread and a small dollop of wonderfully garlicky hummus. So yes, the food was unreasonably slow, but they went out of their way to make sure I didn't try to eat the place setting or my book, so I really can't complain. After all, I got to taste several more delicious things than I'd ordered.

The charcuterie consisted of two types of vegan sausage on top of some creamy polenta with some lightly cooked chopped zucchini and other veggies, as well as some fresh sour berries, all topped with some light gravy. I don't know what these were, but they made a nice contrast. The two vegan sausages were both fantastic. One was (I think) seitan-based, and served in the form of half a sausage link. The other was a tempeh-based patty. The different flavors were all interesting, and the strong flavor of the sausages was a nice contrast with the milder polenta and veggies.

The curried tofu was also excellent, though not quite as mind-blowingly awesome as the charcuterie. Normally, I'm really not a big fan of large chunks of tofu that aren't fried or otherwise cooked in some interesting way. I'm not sure how Dragonfly prepared the tofu, maybe it was steamed. Somehow they managed to give it a great texture that differed from raw tofu, while also injecting some flavor into it. The tofu was topped with a nice curry sauce. Sometimes curry powder can add a sort of sharp bitterness, especially if it has too much tumeric. The curry sauce on this dish was perfect. Spicy and flavorful without being overpowering.

The tofu was served on top of a some nicely chewy rice with chickpeas in curry sauce. The menu called this risotto, but it wasn't really the creamy starchiness of risotto that I expected. It was still quite good. On top of the tofu there were two rings of preserved carmelized lemon and some roughly chopped greens (kale, I think). The different flavors were interesting, and it all worked well together.

Finally, the fondue dessert was absolutely amazing. It consisted of a small bowl of chocolate fondue, a couple strawberries, several cookie chunks, a small scoop of chocolate mousse. Everything but the fondue sat in a pool of condensed soy milk.

I was a little disappointed that the fondue was not actually hot, but it was a wonderfully rich sauce for the cookie and strawberries. The strawberries were nice and ripe, and perfect in the chocolate. The mousse was also very good, incredibly rich with a great texture. The condensed soy milk was a nice touch, although it was somewhat hard to eat, since it was just a thin layer on a large plate. It might be nice if they served this on the side in a small pitcher or something.

Finally, they brought half a strawberry dipped in chocolate with the bill.

Overall, I was incredibly impressed. While they didn't have their act together 100%, they also recognized that and took some steps to deal with the problem. It's easy to fall apart when things aren't going well. In a way, it's almost more impressive to handle mistakes gracefully as Dragonfly did.

The food at Dragonfly is absolutely first class. It's amazing to find a gem like this in a small midwest town like Columbus. I hope the residents here know just how lucky they are. Between, Dragonfly and other great vegan places like Pattycake and Hal & Al's, Columbus is a great vegan destination spot.

Hal & Al's in Columbus, Ohio
Jun 25 10

rating star

Yum, vegan junk food!

I went with a big group, and we tried a lot of stuff, including nachos, batterfried pickles, batter fried avocados, and french fries. See a theme there?

I also had a tofurky brat with sauerkraut and mustard. This was nothing special, but it's a good bar food item. Several folks I was with had the luna burgers and seemed to like them a lot.

All of the food was good, though the nachos would've been much better with Daiya. I talked to the bartender/waiter, and he said that they were actually planning to switch once they used up their existing stock.

I wasn't too thrilled with the fried pickles. It seemed like they just ended up soggy. Maybe they need to use thinner pickle slices? The fried avocado, on the other hand, was great, and so were the fries.

The service was friendly, and the folks I went with seemed to like the beer selection. The prices are also ridiculously cheap, with $1 happy hour specials for a basket of fries, and half price beers!

Even at regular price, the food is pretty cheap, and I imagine two people could easily eat there for under $15.

The interior is a little weird, as it's a building without any windows. It's a very laid back atmosphere, and I appreciated that the music wasn't crazy loud. If I ever come back to Columbus, I'll look forward to returning.

On the Fly in Columbus, Ohio
Jun 25 10

rating star

On the Fly is a "vegan street food" shop right next to Dragonfly. The food all comes from the Dragonfly kitchen, though the final prep steps are usually done in the shop. The food is excellent. Most items were gussied up variations on simple street foods.

I had an empanada and sesame roll the first day. The empanada was huge and tasty, with a great spicy bean filling. The sesame roll was a nori roll wrapped around rice and chunks of fried tofu, encrusted with toasted sesame seeds. The roll was served with a tasty sauce that seemed to contain sesame sauce, soy, and something spicy.

On a later visit, I tried the griddle cake and the mezze salad. The salad was lettuce and zucchini on top of some great hummus, served with three of the best falafel balls I've ever had. Hot, moist, and delicious.

The griddle cake was a thick chewy roll some sort of hand made bean burger (maybe with tempeh). The sandwich also some sort of aioli sauce and zucchini.

Everything was really, really good, and fairly cheap. I would've loved to try the chili at some point, as it looked fantastic. I did try a small piece of a friend's chocolate mousse pie, which was great.

I wish I could've eaten lunch here every day I was in Columbus.

Pattycake Vegan Bakery in Columbus, Ohio
Jun 25 10

rating star

Wow, Pattycake is amazing. I think the muffins they make may be the best muffins I've ever had. My favorites were the banana chocolate chip and blueberry. Both were incredibly moist, and the flavor was great.

I also tried a PB&J cupcake, which was really good. Peanut better icing and grape jelly filling. I would've preferred strawberry jelly, but it still worked.

I tried a couple kinds of whoopie pies. These were good, but the cake part was a little dry. Nothing unacceptable, but not quite as good as the amazing muffins and cupcakes.

I also bought a bunch of items that I shared with other people, and the reports back were that everything people sampled was pretty tasty.

We need a place like this in Minneapolis!

Fressen in Toronto, Ontario
Jul 2 05

rating star

Delicious. I had brunch here and went back later that night for dessert. Everything I had was great. The service could have been better. They were polite but not very attentive, and I went most of my brunch water-less.

Le Commensal in Toronto, Ontario
Jul 2 05

rating star

Le Commensal is a great option for a quick vegan meal, as long as you don't mind paying extra. I was attending a conference at 89 Chestnut, and this place was extremely close by, and made for a nice quick lunch option.

I tried quite a number of dishes, and everything ranged from good to excellent. I particularly liked the vegan leek quiche and the seitan bourguignon. I wish they had more vegan desserts, though the "soya cake" (tofu cheesecake) and carrot cake were both good.

Lotus Garden in Toronto, Ontario
Jul 2 05

rating star

I was excited to go here since I really love Vietnamese food, but there are so many places which are not vegan-friendly, and usually one's options are severely limited. I had one of the varieties of spring rolls, and the Vietnamese style crepe.

Both were well made but a bit bland. From what I could taste, they do not use garlic or onions, which is common in many Buddhist restaurants, but was a bit disappointing. The food was nice, but not exciting.

The fried banana dessert was quite good.

Vegetarian Haven in Toronto, Ontario
Jul 2 05

rating star

I'd actually like to give this place two ratings. For the dessert, I'd give them a 9 or 10. The chocolate fudge cake is easily one of the best vegan cakes I've had, and the apple fritters and vanilla "cheesecake" that others ordered were also quite excellent.

The rest of the food ranged from mediocre to good, but not exceptional. I went for two meals, and the Spicy Singapore Pasta I had on my second trip was particularly uninspired. Overcooked rice pasta with a sugary sweet sauce. The curry seitan I'd had the night before was definitely better. We tried most of the hot appetizers but none of them stood out, though none were bad either.

The service was good, and the food came fairly quickly.

Old Wives' Tales in Portland, Oregon
Jul 14 03

rating star

I ate here twice on a recent visit to Portland, once for dinner and once for breakfast. Both meals were tasty and filling, and I enjoyed the salad bar. The prices are a bit high for what you get, especially the dinner, but they're not outrageous.

Sweetpea Baking Company in Portland, Oregon
Jul 25 07

rating star

Holy crap, I had a whole bunch of Sweetpea baked goods at AR2007, and they all rock!

I tried the brownies, coffee cake, cookies 'n' cream cupcakes, and the double chocolate chip cookies. Everything was fantastic. The brownies are the best vegan brownies I've tried so far. I hadn't had coffee cake in the 10 years I've been vegan, so it was a nice treat, and it was also fantastic.

I really liked that their products were nice and moist. A lot of the time, store-bought baked goods are dried out, but these were perfect, even several days into the conference.

The only other store-made vegan baked goods I've had that compare was something I had from Vegan Treats.

Vege Thai in Portland, Oregon
Jul 31 04

rating star

I went here with a large group of ten and they gracefully accomodated us, despite the fact that we had no reservation. The service was good, and the food was all tasty, but nothing blew me away. In general, the food erred toward the sweet side, and I would've liked more emphasis on savory flavors.

Also, all dishes come with brown rice, though jasmine rice can be had for extra. I don't really like brown rice, and it's nutty flavor is intrusive in Thai food, especially the curries. They should offer a choice of jasmine or brown for no charge.

Vegan Treats in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Dec 27 08

rating star

The best vegan desserts I've ever had, period.

A friend of mine who lives in Bethlehem brought me a peanut butter bombe from Vegan Treats, and it was amazing. The mousse was lighter than other mousses I've had, and had a wonderful fluffy texture, with a very rich taste.

Since then, I've tried a number of other items they make, including brownies, cheesecake (best vegan cheesecake ever), cakes, and tiramisu. Every single thing they make is amazing. This is the best vegan bakery of all time.

I wish they'd publish a cookbook.

Gianna's Grille in Philadelphia Metro, Pennsylvania
Feb 11 04

rating star

Yum, vegan cheesesteak.

Basically, Gianna's is vegan junk food heaven. The Strawberry Paradise cake I tried had a wonderful light icing, and the cake was moist and rich. The Chocolate Cookie Dough Cake was also good, though the icing was a little too oily to be perfect.

The most annoying thing about the restaurant: no free water. The only drinks they have are for sale, so if you want water you have to buy a bottle. That's just weird. And I could've done without the radio tuned to a station that played Guns'n'Roses, though I guess there's a certain nostalgic "charm" there.

HipCityVeg in Philadelphia Metro, Pennsylvania
Aug 5 12

rating star

I had a classic burger, sweet potato fries, and a brownie. All of these were excellent, and I enjoyed the whole vegan fast food vibe.

However, the price for value equation is a little off. A burger and fries will run you $12, which is a lot for a place that doesn't do table service and has almost no seating.

That said, the place was packed, which means that their prices aren't too high for the market.

Horizons in Philadelphia Metro, Pennsylvania
Nov 27 06

rating star

Wow, Horizons has some really fantastic food. I went there with my wife, my parents, and my aunt, and we all were raving about the food we had. This is especially impressive, given that my parents and aunt are not vegan, and were a little wary of what the food might be like. Afterward they were all talking about what they'd order next time.

Everything I tasted was really good. The entree I ordered, the grilled seitan, was delicious. I also loved the hearts of palm "paella", which was grilled rice cakes, not traditional paella. The Jamaican BBQ seitan appetizer was also excellent.

For dessert, I had the chocolate mousse, which was wonderfully rich. I wish they'd had a chocolate cake dessert, but this was nothing to sneeze at.

A previous review suggests that the restaurant is not vegan, just vegetarian, but I'm pretty sure it's 100% vegan now. Maybe they used to be just vegetarian.

The inside of the restaurant is quite nice, and the tables are not too close together. The latter fact means that they don't have a lot of seating, so reservations are highly recommended. In particular, they can't handle many groups of more than four people, so plan ahead.

Mad Mex in Philadelphia Metro, Pennsylvania
Aug 14 07

rating star

I give this place points for being pretty vegan-friendly, but unfortunately the food just isn't that great. They have vegan soy cheese and soy sour cream, but neither one is very good. The soy cheese is some sort of store-bought non-melting slightly weird-tasting stuff. The soy sour cream is just whipped tofu with not much flavor.

The burrito I had was decent but not terribly flavorful. I also got vegan nachos which were ok, but the not-so-great soy cheese really brings them down. They'd be much better with some sort of nutritional yeast based sauce.

Mi Lah Vegetarian Restaurant in Philadelphia Metro, Pennsylvania
Dec 29 08

rating star

I'd really like to be able to give this place a higher rating, but it just doesn't live up to the expectations it sets. Mi Lah wants to be an upscale veg restaurant like Horizons, Candle 79, or Counter. Unfortunately, they aren't quite pulling it off (yet?). I do think there's potential here, and I will go back in the future and see if it's improved.

I went here for the prix fixe vegan brunch with my wife and parents. When you sit down they give you a plate of pastries and fruit, and take your drink order right away, which is nice. The pastries included scones and two kinds of mini-muffins.

The scones (poppy seed, I think) were fantastic, dry and rich the way they should be. There were two types of mini-muffins. One was some sort of apple spice with a crumble topping, and it was very good. The other, a blueberry muffin was pretty terrible. It was completely flavorless, and way too dense.

For the brunch itself, three of us ordered the seitan and waffles, and my mother ordered the tofu hollandaise, substituting tempeh bacon for home fries.

The seitan itself was very good, and I liked the batter. It also came with bits of batter-fried onion and parsley. However, some of the seitan chunks were much too large, and I didn't like the overall batter to seitan ratio.

Bizarrely, this dish came with no dipping sauce for the giant mountain of seitan. We asked for ketchup, and they also offered sriracha, but this sort of dish should come with a dipping sauce (or two).

The next mistake was how they served the dish. It all comes on one big plate with the seitan piled high on the waffle. It looks cool, but I ended up waiting til I finished the seitan to start on the waffle. That means the waffle sat there under the pile of (hot, fried) seitan for several minutes. Waffles are best eaten hot and fresh, when they're still crispy. By the time I got to it, it was a little past its prime. I think the waffle would be better if I could've eaten it first.

Yet another oddity was that the waffle was served without margarine, and a rather piddly amount of maple syrup. They did provide more syrup without charge when asked, but c'mon, no margarine? That's wack.

My mother's tofu hollandaise could have been much better. The sauce was really, really vinegary, and while it wasn't bad, it was just wrong. Hollandaise sauce should not taste like that. The tempeh bacon was decent, but would've benefitted from being pan fried in more oil so it could be a bit crispier.

Finally, the service was not up to fancy restaurant standards. No one offered to refill my father's coffee, nor did they provide additional hot water for tea. We had to ask for more water towards the end of the meal, even though there were plenty of servers for the number of diners.

Overall, my impression is that Mi Lah isn't quite there yet. I think there's good potential here, and I'd be interested in trying their non-brunch food. It's still a fairly new place. Hopefully they can work out the rough edges.

Rangoon Burmese Restaurant in Philadelphia Metro, Pennsylvania
Dec 29 08

rating star

This place has a good selection of vegan food, and some really tasty dishes. I particularly enjoyed all the appetizers we tried, the fried onion, lentil crisps, and the fried tofu, which is lightly battered with lentil flour and cooked so that the batter is crispy but the tofu is soft inside. Yum.

I've been there a few times since I first wrote my review, and it's always great. The chili tofu is really amazing, and all the other entries I've had ranged from good to amazing.

Vedge in Philadelphia Metro, Pennsylvania
Aug 5 12

rating star

I thought that Horizons was unbeatable, but I think the owners of Vedge have outdone their former restaurant.

The menu presentation is a bit too precious with its list of ingredients approach. Tell me how you cook the stuff too! Initially, I was skeptical of the "many small plates" approach too, but this actually works out really nicely. It lets you try a lot of different food, rather than giving you one giant plate of the same stuff. Basically, every meal is a tasting menu. Most of the dishes are easy to share, which is great for a group.

A few of the foods were presented in a way that made them harder to eat than necessary. I ordered the grilled sweet potato pate, which came on a wood board next to a cute little line of chopped nuts and a line of mustard, along with some bread. Trying to get each ingredient onto the bread was a challenge. This would be a lot easier if the nuts and mustard were in little cups, but it would be less cute.

Complaints about cuteness aside, this may be the best meal I've ever had. The aforementioned sweet potato pate was amazing, with the smokiness nicely balancing the sweetness. The spicy grilled tofu was delicious and nicely firm, and I loved the mustard sauce that accompanied it. We also shared some fingerling potatoes with creamy worcestershire sauce that may be the best potatoes I've ever eaten, and I've eaten a lot of potatoes.

The desserts were as amazing as the ones from Horizon. I had the chocolate pot du creme, which was rich and creamy. My wife got the caramel custard, which was also amazing.

If you want to have amazing vegan food, go to Vedge.

Veggie Lovers in Philadelphia Metro, Pennsylvania
Aug 10 11

rating star

This place has some really interesting dishes, and the preparations are all high quality. I really love the Sha Cha Potato with Onion, and the Chinese Kale (Chinese broccoli) with dried tofu is great too.

Some of the other dishes I tried weren't as exciting. The dumplings are good, but not great, and the fried potato balls were surprisingly dull.

I'd gladly come back here to try more dishes. The food here is much better than the other veg Chinese places in Chinatown, offering a greater selection of interesting, authentic dishes.

Kassab's Restaurant in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Mar 13 03

rating star

This place has good food, and given how cheap it is, it's a great value. Vegan options include the falafil, hummus, salads, delicious grape leaves, and a wonderful dish of sauteed spinach, black-eyed peas, and bulgur wheat I cannot remember the name of.

La Cucina Flegrea in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Mar 13 03

rating star

I miss this place so much. The food here is always excellent, flavorful, and perfectly prepared. The menu is relatively small, and there aren't a huge number of vegetarian selections, but they do have more than many Italian restaurants, and everything they have is just amazingly good.

This place is truly a Pittsburgh gem.

Lu Lu's Noodles / Yum Wok in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Mar 13 03

rating star

Bleah, large portions of Americanized, way-too-sweet, bland food. The scallion pancakes are okay, but everything else I ever had here ranged from bad to tolerable. It's always packed, but I have no idea why.

There are certainly better places in Pittsburgh. Check out the Spice Island Tea House instead.

Milky Way in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Mar 13 03

rating star

The food here isn't all that special, but I really have to give them high marks for fantastic service. On one visit we ordered vegan pizza and asked for spinach on it, not realizing that wasn't normally an option. One of the guys working there actually went to a nearby market and bought a bag of spinach to put some of it on our pizza!

And I've had similarly helpful experiences on other occasions. They also have french fries, for which I have a great weakness. French fries and vegan pizza, the dinner of champions!

New Dumpling House / Sushi House in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Mar 13 03

rating star

The vegetarian dishes here are quite good, especially the vegetarian yellow bird and vegetarian dumplings. I haven't been there in a while, so I haven't tried their newer mock meat items.

Spice Island Tea House in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Mar 11 03

rating star

I used to visit Pittsburgh quite often, and I always made multiple trips to this restaurant while I was there. The prices are very reasonable and the food was always good, plus there's a nice selection of vegan entrees.

Taipei in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Mar 13 03

rating star

Most of the food here is average, but I always thought their ma po tofu was excellent. Just make sure to specify that you do not want meat in it. They can also make vegan vegetable and tofu soup if you ask, and it is usually pretty good.

Tasty in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Mar 13 03

rating star

This place has some fantastic Cantonese food. I'd recommend staying away from the Americanized stuff, like the General Tso's Tofu (which is insanely sweet) and ordering something authentic like the Salty Tofu, which is deep fried tofu with bits of fried garlic and hot pepper. Yum!

They often have pea pod tips and water spinach, though these are both seasonal. Order the water spinach with tofu sauce, which is a pungent, fermented tofu paste. It sounds weird, but it tastes great.

Zenith in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Mar 11 03

rating star

The food here is good, though I often found myself adding salt to it. It is extremely vegan-friendly, and they always have vegan desserts. They also have a great selection of teas, and the Sunday brunch is worth a trip.

Chu Chai in Montréal, Quebec
Jun 22 03

rating star

I ate here several times when I was in Montreal two years ago. All the food I had here was quite good, and the selection was wonderful.

All Natural Vegetarian Restaurant in Tainan, Taiwan
Sep 6 04

rating star

Too much mock meat in the teppanyaki set meal we got, but the food was tasty. I particularly enjoyed the bean sprouts, which were cooked with lots of black pepper.

Hui Liu in Taipei, Taiwan
Sep 6 04

rating star

I've been here twice, once four years ago and once this past August (2004). I enjoyed it quite a bit both times. The food is creative and interesting, with a greater variety of flavors and spices than can be found in many Taiwanese vegetarian restaurants.

On my most recent visit, I had the "Ma Po Curry", a curry-flavored Ma Po Tofu dish. It was quite tasty.

The service was excellent, with many water refills. I also really enjoy the interior of the restaurant. It's almost all wood, and it's very relaxing, especially in contrast to the mostly concrete city of Taipei.

Thai Cafe in Taipei, Taiwan
Sep 6 04

rating star

Yum, vegetarian curries. I tried the Yellow Curry Chicken, which used a really tasty breaded mock chicken. The curry was quite good, with a variety of flavors. My wife's dish, a spicy coconut broth noodle soup, was quite good, but with way too much weird mock meat (a general problem in Taiwan).

I also didn't like the fact that all the dishes come with a fixed set of side dishes. I would've preferred to mix and match things myself.

Jenni's Noodles in Houston, Texas
Jun 24 07

rating star

The food was pretty good, and it came out very quickly. It's not the best Thai or Chinese I've ever heard by a long shot, but I do appreciate the clearly marked vegan options. It's near the University of Houston, which is convenient, and if you're in the area it's worth checking out.

It also worked well for my group, since I was the only vegan, and the others I was with wouldn't've wanted to go to an all-veg restaurant.

Sri Balaji Bhavan in Houston, Texas
Jun 26 07

rating star

This was some really delicious cheap food. I was very happy to see that the clientele was mostly Indian, always a good sign. I had chole bhature and it was very tasty.

Udon Dedesuke - Ebisu in Ebisu, Tokyo
Apr 5 06

rating star

The food I had was great, but I think this was mostly because we were lucky enough to go on a night when there was a waiter who was quite fluent in English, and he was extremely helpful in getting us vegan food. The yaki udon was delicious, but I doubt that it's normally vegan.

If you speak some Japanese, you can probably get some good vegan udon too, or if you're lucky someone there will speak English.

Nataraj in Ginza, Tokyo
Apr 5 06

rating star

Given the price, I think I would've expected even better and/or more food, but it's quite good. I think I'm spoiled by places in the US like Udupi, which costs half as much and is just as good.

The staff were very helpful in making sure everything in our set meal was vegan, which we really appreciated. This place is definitely worth a visit, but it quite pricey.

It's Vegetable in Kinshicho, Tokyo
Apr 5 06

rating star

I've been here twice so far, once for the lunch buffet and once for dinner. The lunch buffet was quite good, with a good selection of dishes and a great deal at 850 yen for all you can eat.

At dinner, we ordered a la carte, which was more expensive, but having the food freshly prepared was better. Everything we had was excellent. I'd definitely recommend trying the radish cakes, which are battered and fried deliciousness. The corn soup made with soymilk and mock ham was really good, but very rich.

The staff are very friendly, and the manager speaks a little English. Of course, if you speak Chinese, make sure to talk to the owner, who can recommend all sorts of good dishes.

J's Kitchen in Minato, Tokyo
Apr 6 07

rating star

Wow, a vegan restaurant in Tokyo. I've only been here once but I enjoyed the food quite a bit. I had the curry, which was Japanese curry with wheat gluten, potato, carrot, and lotus root. It was quite tasty, as was the salad it came with.

I also got the almond tofu cheesecake for dessert. It wasn't very almond-y, but it had a nice lemony flavor and a good texture. I've had better tofu cheesecake, but this was quite decent, and an incredibly rare thing to find in Tokyo.

Good Honest Grub in Shibuya, Tokyo
Apr 5 06

rating star

Very tasty food, and the staff speaks enough English to help gaijin like myself order. They know what vegan is, and sometimes have vegan desserts, but not the day I went, sadly.

The vegetable "burger" is not what you'd expect, as it has no patty, it's just grilled vegetables on a bun with your choice of spreads. However, it was very tasty so I wasn't disappointed.

Definitely recommended for vegans in Japan.

Pita the Great in Tameike Sannoh, Tokyo
Jun 12 06

rating star

Good cheap eats in Tokyo.

Woodland's Vegan Bistro in District of Columbia, USA
Aug 5 12

rating star

I tried the collards, mac'n'cheese, and the fried chicken sandwich, as well as a sticky bun.

The collards were the best collards I've ever had, bar none. I'm not sure exactly how they were prepared, but it was magic. I also loved the fried chicken sandwich. The chicken was a very thin slice, and the batter was amazing. This was fried to order so it was fresh and delicious.

The mac'n'cheese was okay, but I can make something better myself. The macaroni was a bit soft for my taste, and the sauce was a little bland.

The sticky bun was fantastic. It was soft, chewy, and just perfect.

Best of all, the food is ridiculously cheap. I went with two others and the total cost for our meal was $35, and we got a fairly large amount of food. You could easily eat a meal there for under $10.

The service was friendly, although a little confusing initially, mostly because their system of ordering and paying is a little different from most restaurants. Obviously, this is a one-time problem.

Next time I come to DC I will absolutely be coming here.

Araya's Vegetarian Place in Seattle, Washington
Feb 21 05

rating star

The food at Araya's is awesome. I had the vegetable cakes, which are rice flour pancakes/dumplings stuffed with chinese leeks (smaller than the typical grocery store ones) and pan-fried. I also tried the avocado curry, which is green curry with avocado, peppers, tofu, and mock meat.

Both of these dishes were delicious. Sometimes Asian vegetarian food has a strong Buddhist influence, and it's too light for my taste. This is especially disappointing with Thai food, since I love the strong flavors in it. Araya's doesn't go this route, instead just preparing vegan variations of familiar (and some less familiar) Thai dishes.

I'll look forward to my next trip here.

The Green Owl Cafe in Madison, Wisconsin
Jun 10 12

rating star

I've eaten at The Green Owl for dinner twice and brunch once. Everything I've had has ranged from good to excellent. The standouts for me are the desserts. The Chocolate Lava Cake is absolutely fantastic, and the cinnamon rolls they have at brunch are delicious. I've also tried their vegan cheesecake, which is one of the best I've had.

The schnitzel is good, but the menu describes it as coming with a creamy porcini mushroom sauce. In fact, what you get is a blob of chopped mushrooms held together in a tight ball by some sort of creamyish stuff. It's not really a sauce, though. The "fish fry" special was a similar breaded mock meat thing, but served with delicious tartar sauce.

For brunch, I had the biscuits and gravy, which were excellent, but the accompanying hash browns were not really hot for some reason. They were good, but they should've been warmer.

Overall, I definitely recommend this place. They have a good selection of vegan items, and their vegan desserts are all amazing.

Mother Fool's Coffee House in Madison, Wisconsin
Jun 10 12

rating star

This is a nice hippy/punk coffee shop with great vegan options. All the desserts are vegan, they have a decent selection of loose leaf tea, and there's no extra charge for soy milk in your drink.

They have a good mix of couches, arm chairs, and more standard tables, so it's a great place to hang out for a couple of hours.

Willalby's Cafe in Madison, Wisconsin
Jan 17 13

rating star

I ate here a couple times when I was in Madison this past summer. They have tasty greasy spoon breakfast food at very good prices. If you like that sort of thing I definitely recommend it.

I haven't had any of the non-breakfast food so I can't comment on it.

Willy Street Co-op in Madison, Wisconsin
Jun 10 12

rating star

This is an absolutely fantastic co-op. Their baker has a huge selection of vegan options, including cupcakes, donuts, muffins, and baked goods from the awesome East Side Ovens. I also love their deli and salad bar. They have hot vegan breakfast food in the morning, and great options the rest of the day.

For groceries, they have a good selection of the usual co-op stuff. I also appreciate the small eating area so I can eat my deli goodies on site.

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