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I'm the guy who created this site, with help and advice from many others.

I've been working as a programmer since late 1998. Most of my work has been in Perl, which is what this site uses.

I've been an animal activist since 1997 or so, and I'm one of the co-founders of Compassionate Action for Animals. I'm still involved with CAA today, as a board member, fundraiser, and event planner.

When I'm not doing work or volunteer work, I like eating delicious vegan food (especially chocolate), reading (mostly SF/F), playing video games, and other geeky pursuits. I also like spending time with my wife, but she says that she's really my third wife, after my computer and video game consoles.

When it comes to ratings, I do tend to prefer all-veg places, or places with a large, clearly labeled veg selection. I don't care too much about decor, but I don't like bad service. My food preferences tend toward strongly flavored foods of all sort, and I'm not much into light health food. I'm a snob when it comes to Chinese food, and I can't stand Americanized Chinese crap. I also don't like entrees dominated by sweet flavors. Big bonus points for delicious vegan chocolate desserts.

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