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360 Gourmet in MSP - Minneapolis / St. Paul, Airports
May 28 08

rating star

For airport food, 360 is a godsend. Although MSP now has French Meadow, 360 is still a great place to get a quick lunch or dinner when you have a layover in Minneapolis.

Claire's Corner Copia in New Haven Area, Connecticut
Jun 6 06

rating star

Almost everything has cheese in it, and most items without cheese don't taste good. They will only make vegan desserts if you request them the day before, as "vegan desserts don't keep well." For better vegan food in New Haven, visit one of the many ethnic restaurants or just about anywhere else. This place only promotes the notion that being vegan is a sacrifice.

Elaine's Healthy Choice in New Haven Area, Connecticut
Apr 17 09

I am happy that a reasonably priced all-vegan place opened in New Haven, and the people working here are really friendly. However, the food needs some work. The BBQ mock chicken appeared to be fried TVP (or something similar) in tomato sauce; the "steak" was some sort of very mushy mock meat; and the pasta was seriously overcooked. With all of the great mock meats out there, they could do much better. The Uptown Juice Bar on 125th in NYC is a great example of this sort of restaurant done right. I do hope that they work out the menu and are successful.

Govinda indiai vegetáriánus étterem in Budapest, Hungary
Aug 21 04

When I last visited Govinda, they were still at their location on the bank of the Danube. At the time they had no vegan options (everything had ghee in it), and their menu consisted of 2 fixed dishes. Apparently they have since reopened in the location of another vegetarian Indian restaurant, Ghandi's, and have significantly expanded their menu.

Evergreen Chinese Restaurant in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Mar 19 03

rating star

This place has great chinese food at very reasonable prices. If you ask, they will make basically anything on their menu vegan. When I went, everyone seemed very satisfied with their meal, and the staff was quite friendly.

Falafel King in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Mar 18 03

rating star

Overall the food I have had here has been pretty marginal. Everything was fairly bland and lacked the flavor that one expects in middle eastern food. The hummus needed garlic and lemon. The baba ganouj was hardly recognizable. The tabouli was a boring mixture of bulgar and parsley, completely devoid of any color or flavor.

One would hope with a name like "Falafel King", at least the falafels would be decent. Unfortunately, these too left much to be desired. Oh, and the pita bread was dry and tasted like it had been sitting in the back for far too many days.

On the other hand, if you want middle eastern food made in such a way that even the British would find palatable, you will probably love this place.

Hard Times Cafe in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Mar 19 03

rating star

You have to love Hard Times. It has good food at a fairly reasonable price, and it caters to a crowd often overlooked elsewhere. The bicycling culture that is drawn here is unequaled in the Twin Cities. Depending on your perspective, the loud music, the strange people, and smokey atmosphere may be enough to scare you away or draw you in. Rarely is a stop here uneventful.

Izzy's Ice Cream Cafe in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Mar 22 03

rating star

While Izzy's does have nondairy icecream, the selection of such that is available on any particular day is quite sparse. What they do have generally has a good texture and flavor. Unfortunately their waffle cones are not vegan, so a vegan is restricted to having the ice cream in a dish or a sugar cone.

Village Wok in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Apr 17 04

rating star

After trying a large number of dishes at the Village Wok, I must say that I am less than impressed. The food is medicore overall and tends to be bland. The best dish I had was the sweet and sour fried tofu, but it's pretty hard to mess up a dish whose flavor comes primarily from the sweet and sour sauce that they undoubtably buy in bulk.

Each time I have been to the Wok, the service has been very quick and fairly reliable. The only problem that I have had with the service is that they are slow at replenishing the tea on the table.

Also, I have been told that vegans and vegetarians should be sure to tell them not to add fish sauce, oyster sauce, or chicken broth to the dishes.

Candle Cafe in Manhattan, New York City
Nov 5 07

rating star

I was quite disappointed with Candle Cafe. The Porcini Crusted Seitan, although edible, was fairly tasteless beyond the marinated mushroom on top. The Spinach Pie was bland, lacking both salt and spices, and was accompanied with a poorly made gravy and squash puree, which was actually decent. As disappointing as the entrees were, however, it was no comparison to how bad the dessert was. I had the "Decadent Chocolate Cake," which was anything but decadent. It was denser than a brownie, but it was so dry that it made an Oreo look moist. Even if one could put aside the horrible texture, the flavor was quite lacking. I could barely take a few bites of it.

Although, especially given all the positive reviews, I shouldn't generalize from this one experience, I won't be going here again unless someone else is paying and I most certainly would not bring a non-vegan here.

Dalo’s Kitchen in Portland, Oregon
Oct 29 07

rating star

I love Ethiopian food, but I found the food at Dalo's to be mediocre and inauthentic. The injera was rubbery. The yater alitcha tasted like bland American split pea soup. The miser wot was again bland and very mushy, lacking any defining feature. The tikel gomen (the cabbage dish) was very, very oily and otherwise tasteless. And the iceberg-lettuce salad added nothing.

However, the price was great. One large platter for $9 was more than enough to serve the two of us (with one extra injera for $1). Unfortunately, it also is the best Ethiopian I have had in Portland.

Vegetarian House in Portland, Oregon
Apr 4 10

rating star

Decent food, although it is overly heavy and not very fresh.

Voodoo Doughnut in Portland, Oregon
May 30 09

rating star

Voodoo Doughnuts now carries vegan raised donuts, making their vegan selection comparable to their non-vegan options.

Sunset Grill in Nashville, Tennessee
Mar 13 06

rating star

For vegan dinner options, they only had one pasta dish and one vegetable stir fry. Despite costing $14, the pasta was just a bowl of overcooked noodles with olive oil and a sparse few vegetables on top. This place is very meat and alcohol centered, and everything else on the menu seems to be just an afterthought.

However, the server was quite friendly, knew what vegan meant, and was happy to check to see if the pasta had eggs in them.

Addis Ababa in District of Columbia, USA
Jul 14 07

rating star

The food was decent but fairly bland and overpriced.

Harmony Café in District of Columbia, USA
Jun 21 07

rating star

Avoid the mock meats. The chicken and the beef, at least, were just bland, tasteless chunks of TVP. The only redeeming point of our dinner was the shiitake mushroom appetizer.

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