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I'm vegan
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Renee's Organic Oven in Tucson, Arizona
Sep 4 12

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Expensive!!! Would have been better to have purchased a Tofurky pizza, much larger and better. I would not recommend this place.

House of Vege in Los Angeles, California
Sep 16 07

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House of Vege is one of my favorite places to eat, love the orange chicken. I have seen a change in staff 3 times since my first visit there in 2003, could never match the first. Not long ago I visited and thought that I would never go there again, the food was awful, has since gotten better. Prices are great for the food. Worth a visit.

Au Lac in Orange County, California
Jun 21 08

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I use to love this place 2 years ago, but it has changed. My order has been wrong several times, they did correct it and gave me something extra and apologized. The food is not as good, was informed that Vietnamese food is very salty, I do not like salt. Menue has changed. Will not go there again. Took a friend there when she came to town, she hated it.

Ocean Thai Cuisine - Mission Ave in San Diego County, California
Jul 8 07

rating star

visited this place yesterday based on rating on this site. I did not like the food, ordered vegetable fried rice, what could go wrong with that, the rice was burned, tried to eat it, it smelled burned and tasted burned. I got a replacement, it did not have the vegetables that the first one had, greasy, not good. The servers were very nice. I will never go back there.

Tupelo Honey Cafe in Greenville, South Carolina
Jul 4 16

The only vegan option I was informed of was a veggie plate, not really for vegan, my family ate there, was informed that the food was not good, small amount, very pricey.

Whole Foods Market in Greenville, South Carolina
Dec 8 16

rating star

I love all of the other Whole Foods Markets that I have visited,was thrilled when I saw that this one was being built in the place where I have a home, but to my surprise and disappointment, this one turned out to be an extension of the other local markets. Only on rare occasions are there foods prepared for vegetarians, and if they are they are right next to the meats, so you may get some of the drippings. I love other Whole Foods, guess when I am on the East Coast, I will have to go to Atlanta to get the good experience. The people here are very nice.

Update: I have been vegan since 2008, still happy to have a "whole foods" near,but just as before, even worse, the meat is mixed with the vegan, why can't it be separate.

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